Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby On Board

More Alias babies in the mix folks! I didn't even know Merrin Dungey was in a relationship. Well, maybe she's not, but she's knocked up. Congrats Francie!

Like to give a shout out to Fu and Des, both are having the next round of spy babies here on Let's Talk! We have a Jack, a Sydney, and a Rachel- can we get a Sloane? Maybe a Marshall?? OOOHH, Vaughn, that's a fun name! I would settle for an Isabelle even!


srg-alias said...

hehe yes, congrats to Merrin! Funny enough a couple months ago my sister was trying to come up w/ a name for her then bun-in-the-oven and I was talking about names w/ my bf, who said he liked the name William. Without even thinking about it I was like "yeah, I like the name Will" and he laughed since he knows about my Alias obsession and was like "ok that would be fine, as long as he doesn't become a reporter..." :-P

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