Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming Up Daisies

Hello to my ever-so loyal bloggies! So sorry to have been MIA, but my basketball girls are #1 again this year and we are off to the finals tournament!! As you can imagine, this hasn't left much room for blogging, let alone watching my favorite show, but hey, I am still alive and so is my love for Alias.

It just so happens that I have met a few new friends who love Alias as much as me and we have scheduled a little day-long marathon. On top of that, last night, on the bus ride home from our last home game, I discovered that one of my players loves Alias too! YAY! So, even though I may not always be present in the blog world of Alias, Alias is always present in my life!

This little pic popped up on People Magazine this morning. Ain't that a pretty face?


Page48 said...

Mmmmmmm, that is a pretty face.

And, now that Blu-Ray has bitch-slapped HD-DVD, how long will it be before "Alias" hits the shelves in Blu-Ray? Sydney and her friends in stunning HD would be enough to get me to watch the whole thing all over again...and again.

Of course, before that happens, I'll have to buy some compatible equipment. Ah, just one more thing on my "bucket list".

srg-alias said...

yeah she's a cutie. :) Congrats on your #1 team GS! I'm in the midst of rewatching season 3, which I enjoy more every time. On Lost last night there was a little call-out to us Alias fans when Kate was sitting in Claire's house and Patsy Cline's "She's Got You" was playing in the background. The use of that song in eppy 3.3 is perfect as Syd walks into the Rotunda meeting room and sees Lauren and Vaughn together for the first time. I love the camera shot showing the perfect little triangle they make...

srg-alias said...

btw, our Lost blog has been pretty dead lately. If people are still interested in the weekly recaps please let me know, otherwise I'll prob stop. Hope to hear from ya! :)

Girlscout said...

Hi SRG! I have not heard any requests for Lost recaps, but I have also been disconnected from the world. HAHA!

I was actually going to solicit a few guest writers for this blog to get things up and running again. Let me know if you're interested in taking a stab at a new Alias angle- I mean, if we haven't talked about it yet! I think we've hit on everything, but you never know. Haha!

uncle111 said...

Blu-Ray is going to put another pinch on the budget, but I don't see how to avoid it. We have certain favoties that we cannot not get Blu-Ray for. Alias is at the top of my list.
I don't know if you have gone to a store and seen a full Blu-Ray demo, but it is incredible. There are times it looked 3D.

uncle111 said...

How about some musings about how holes in the storyline could be filled, or places it should go/storylines it should take up if it were to come back? Or what should an Alias movie/miniseries be about?

How about what we could do to get a few more episodes the way fans of Jericho got a few more?

Page48 said...

Working in "Jericho"'s favour was the fact that, unlike with "Alias", there was no hastily crafted finale, essentially jetisoning several years of unspent fuel in order to comply with the network's demand for a quick crash landing.

Add to that the fact that the "Jericho" faithful were all over CBS the second the cancellation was announced, and still only salvaged what in the old days would have been called a mini-series, and the chances of an "Alias" reboot look decidedly bleak.

I can't understand the shocking lack of taste among TV viewers, who clearly support the scummy "reality" shows that breed like bunnies.

Every network has 18 variations of the Survival/American Idol model, whether they are about dancing or cooking or shagging the bachelor. It's all crap and there's no end in sight, and all that worthless shit does is squeeze great shows like "Alias" off the air. The art of storytelling is being replaced by the art of carefully staged, phony voyeurism. The dumbing down of America is alive and kicking and nowhere is it more evident than your favourite network's primetime lineup.

It's really just getting to the point where I have to look for great movies to watch instead of weekly TV shows.

uncle111 said...

VERY well put!

Page48 said...

Holy flashback, Batman!

This season's "Stargate: Atlantis" sports an episode titled "Doppelganger". Where the heck have we seen that before?

Page48 said...

Rarely do we get the good stuff right up front, but tonight's Academy Awards reward the impatient viewer by introducing a stunning Jenny Garner as the very first presenter of the evening, and quickly followed by honouring JG with the very first commercial of the evening. The Oscars are all about Jen tonight, at least for me.

Now I can go back to watching "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End".

uncle111 said...

Well, rats! I was busy working and forgot to turn it on till later. They did show a couple of close ups of her sitting on the front row. She did look quite stunning, and still like a normal person.

uncle111 said...


Page48 said...

When was the last time you thought of Gary Busey?

Sydney would have neutralized this guy....or just plain neutered him.

uncle111 said...

Gary B. has been questionably sane for some time. I think he may just about be gone now.

Because she did such a good job on Alias, it is hard for us to realize that JG is not SB. JG is a glamorous girly girl who likes having babies and being a mom and who seems to be very comfortable in her own skin. Bravo for that on a personal level. Plays havoc with our SB fantasies, however.