Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks!

I just love the Thanksgiving episode. I love that Sydney helps Francie cook the turkey and that Will brings Jenny to dinner. I love that Sydney gets all dressed up and brings leftovers to her dad the next day.

Sydney sure does have a lot of the thankful for.

I wish you all the best this holiday weekend. Enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy turkey and mashed potatoes. Enjoy all the football too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




Bonkers for Bristow said...

I'm thankful to all of you for keeping this blog alive and for understanding and sharing my obsession with Alias.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - even the Canadians. :)

Girlscout said...

Me too Bonkers. So thankful for all the Alias fans. Thanks guys!

Page48 said...

In Canada, we like to get Thanksgiving out of the way early so we can start pumping Christmas Carols thru the malls before golf season is over (yes, the golf season ends in Canada). We like to call it the 90 Days of Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all. While you're pounding back the turkey, I'll be slogging thru the first significant snowfall of the year, on my way to work.....aaaaand, loving it! (that's my nod to that other iconic spy, Maxwell Smart).

BTW, what the heck is up with Blogger? My first attempt at signing in is always rejected the last week or so.

uncle111 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all, even those in Canada who are getting snow when we're not. I'm thankful for this blog, and GS who started it and keeps it going. I don't know what would have happened to we who really want to keep Alias alive if we didn't have this blog.

I suffered with terrible problems trying to log in when Google took over Blogger. It went on for months. They were telling eveyone who was having the problem to delete the temp. internet files and your cookies to be able to log in. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I would go for days without being able to log in. I've never had the problem on my laptop at home, but often have it at my store. It is much better now, but often when I try to log into anything Google I get the page cannot be displayed message, sometimes for hours, then all of a sudden everything is ok. I've given up trying to figure it out.

Robetron said...

We here in Michigan have about 1 -2 inches of snow. Thanks for sharing, Canada. Everyone else wishes they had some for the holiday... know, to make driving to Auntie's house for the family gathering twice as difficult and dangerous because a day with tripple the number of 75 year old drivers is not bad enough. (That sounded bitter. Did that sound bitter? It sounded bitter.)

I like the snow, really. Its good for the circulation. Oh, wait. That's not true. Uh, its good for the arthritis... nope, thats not true either. Um... its good for... well, its pretty and those people who can aford to buy snomobiles and go on skiing trips have a great deal of fun. At least until they break a bone. So, I guess... its just pretty... until it turns to slush and mixes with road grime. Okay... its just a part of life then. I give up.

On a lighter note, I finally have my mother watching ALIAS. She borrows my DVDs. She actually made a point to call me to tell me that she didn't believe me when I said, "If you loved season 1, it gets even better in season 2," but surely does now.

Merry Over-indulgence Day!


Robetron said...

Mother-report #2

Last night mom called, and the first thing she said was, "How can you have let this happen?!"

Naturally, I thought something was seriously wrong and implored her to explain. She exclaimed, "Vaughn got married?!" She has just finished season 2.

It's fun to watch noobies go through the same reactions we all had when the episodes first aired.


Page48 said...

The beauty of being an "Alias" newbie in 2007 is that a season-ending cliffhanger is resolved as soon as you can get that next DVD into the player. None of this waiting 6 months to find out how Syd went from a bedroom gun battle with the Francinator to waking up on a
sidewalk two years later and finding out Vaughn done got himself hitched.

On the other hand, wouldn't a 6 month cliffhanger go good now?