Friday, September 21, 2007

Syd and the Side

There is no denying that Sydney Bristow is a super agent- but she wouldn’t be half the agent without another half - her side-kicks. Over the years Sydney has launched many missions on her own, but it’s the missions with friends and family that really get our hearts pumping.

This topic has inspired this week’s poll question- Which is your favorite Sydney side-kick? Be sure to read the brief synopsessssss (hahaha) before casting your vote.

Marshall: Marshall has always been the brains behind the missions, but when he steps into the field- it can be pretty hilarious, as well as pretty frustrating for Sydney. Sydney often has to play babysitter, as Marshall doesn’t have a lot of field experience or training. Sure, he can hack into a super computer, but yelling Ewok at dudes with guns isn’t the best line of defense. But the man is funny!

Dixon: He is Sydney’s original side-kick. Partners from their days at SD-6, Syd and Dixon are like clock work. They often separate on missions in order to perform different tasks- but Dixon always has Sydney’s back and vice versa. They get the job done and they get the job done well.

Unborn Isabelle:
Okay, she’s not exactly an agent or field trained- but you have to admit that she helped mom out quite a bit. I think Sydney was able to get away with a lot more and remain unsuspecting when she was carting around little Izzie.

Jack: Daddio is a pretty good side-kick. He often has insight into something Sydney might not have see or think of. He’s experienced, he’s smart and his number one goal is always to protect Sydney- not bad traits for a side-kick.

Vaughn: Vaughn has the ahhhhh! factor. It’s definitely cute to watch these two flirt in high danger situations. They love to play off of each other, they love dressing up and being new and different people. Come on, they are pretty hot together!!

Nothing like a sister as a side-kick. Nadia and Sydney always seem to finish each other’s thoughts on missions or in bad situations. They are fun and girly, but kick-ass at the same time.

Aside from casting your vote- let’s talk about our favorite side-kicks!
1, 2, 3, GO!


Page48 said...

I gotta go with Dixon. Things were so complicated for Sydney when she was working with Dixon at SD6. She was really running two missions at the same time in those days and the tension/danger was outrageous at times.

Remember when Dixon got injured and Sydney called for a CIA airlift and Dixon eventually realized that she used the "wrong" call name? That's the kind of intricate story telling that made me an instant fan.

Then the time that Dixon brought the backup detonator and killed a bunch of the good guys while Syd stared in stunned disbelief?

And who can forget Phase 1, where Syd finally brings Dixon into the real world? "You have to listen to me".

Besides all those great moments, I just always felt that Syd was safe when Dixon had her back.

I think Syd and Dixon were born to work together.

uncle111 said...

My top three-

Dixon was good, professional, calm and cool. He and Syd were very good together- a good fit.

Vaughn was a little flakier, sometimes more hot-headed, emotional and distracted. But he and Syd were part of each other, so it was different watching them.

Jack could be emotional and distracted by his own demons. But no one was more cold and calculating or better at strategy. He knew everyone and everything. And he was sacrificial in his devotion to Syd.

In the end, I had to go with the one who I would want as my partner, the one I would most trust with my life and my family, the one no one wants to be on the bad side of- Spydaddy, Jack Bristow.

Robetron said...

I was torn between two. The efficency and precision Jack brings, as well as seeing in action what the spy world considered a legend, so on the serious side, I like him, but as far as entertainment value, I had to choose Marshal. He always brings the wit and humor, yes, but that is because he has no business being in the feild. He brings the element of uncertainty with the emotional attachment that we do not want anything bad to happen to him more than others who are trained to handle adverse situations. My vote for favorite sidekick would be Marshal.

Page48 said...

An interesting week lies ahead.

He used to be Julian Sark, tomorrow night he returns as Takezo Sensei. "Heroes" is back tomorrow night and Weiss is joined by Sark. Sorry, I mean Parkman is joined by Sensei.

Wednesday night, "Bionic Woman" is unleashed. Reviews are all over the's great, it's crap, it's great crap, take your pick. Some of the criticism is justified. The pilot ain't no "Truth be Told". They race through the setup at bionic speed. Jaime is bionic before you can twist the cap off your first beer and the dialogue improves after your eighth beer. But, they seem willing to throw a lot of money at this one, so I will afford NBC every opportunity to get their ducks in a row here.

And, on Friday, Sydney Bristow morphs into Janet Mayes and goes about whoopin' some terrorist ass, complete with some serious brawling, according to the interview I read the other day.

Should be a good week for those of us who like to sit on our butts and be entertained.

srg-alias said...

This was a tough call but I too went with Dixon. The two of them could improv w/o blinking an eye when they were working together and the mission wasn't going according to plan or they had to cover their tracks. Syd was right that Dixon was her anchor when she was dealing with her life as a double agent. She knew that she could always depend on him which meant the world when she felt like she couldn't trust anyone.

Thanks for the update on this week's attractions page. I forgot about the Bionic Woman premiere, I'll have to set my VCR for that (yes, VCR, I'm old-school).

Jenn256 said...

Hello all, sorry it's been so long.

I think my favorite sidekick(s) for Syd were when she went on the 2 misions w/Jack and Irina. How can we forget the great chemistry between Jack and Irina on that forst mission in the desert? They had almost 30 years of issues that needed to be put to the side to help Syd and the rest of the world from harm.

And then in the final season when they played the part of the happy family to gain access to the bank, and then Irina delivered Baby Isabelle, always great stuff when those 3 were on screen together!!!

Page48 said...

Ten minutes of interview and footage from "The Kingdom", including a chat with Jen.

Lots of stuff blowing up, etc...