Thursday, June 07, 2007

Possible new spy thirst quencher?

Has anyone else heard of the new USA show called Burn Notice? I keep seeing ads for it, and it looks somewhat intriguing. It's about a spy (not sure if he's CIA) who is suddenly "fired" from his job while on a mission, but has no idea why and aims to find out. More info can be found on the USA website (FYI a trailer for the show w/ sound starts automatically on this page), first episode is 10pm EST on June 28th. Just thought I'd throw that out there if anyone else is craving some new spy fun. :)


Page48 said...


Danger, Will Robinson: If you are checking this link out at your place of bizness, where you are supposed to be "working for the man", watch out for the audio. It caught me by surprise as the sound ripped through my office, which was unusually quiet at the time. Had my volume a little high for some reason, too. I'm over it now, though.

Page48 said...

Since I'm pinning my girlie-hero hopes on "Bionic Woman" this fall, I was pleased to see the freshly minted fansite. This site is a replica of the oft-visited (by me at least) The same person (gertiebeth) is at the helm of both sites, so I'm sure it will feature gazillions of hi-res screen-caps, photos, and wallpaper.

Now, if only the show isn't cancelled by Christmas. Reading the many comments on the NBC Fall Preview site, I can't get over the number of people who think a new, serioused-up version of BW should fall back on the old slo-mo action accompanied by those gawd-awful sound effects of the short-lived original series.

TV series of the 70's and 80's don't age well. If you have a chance to watch them today, you'll wonder how you sat through them the first time around. Shows like "Rockford Files", "Simon & Simon", even the once beloved "Magnum P.I." wouldn't make it to air today, IMO.

Therefore, if you are remaking a 30 year old show, I see no reason to borrow anything from the original. If Val Kilmer's "Batman" punches some guy in the kisser, you don't expect to see "BLAM" on the screen at the moment of impact. Viewers demand more sophisticated television nowadays. So, put away the slo-mo and the cheesy sound effects and bring on a good show with an ass-kicking heroine I can cheer for.

I wonder how we'll look back at "Alias" 30 years down the road. Will it look dated and cheesy? Will someone pitch a pilot for a "re-imagining" of our "Alias"? Will it get picked up by a network (not ABC, please)? Will it have a 6 year run next time? Will we be offended if they take liberties with the original story of Sydney Bristow & Co.?

And the most important question of all....will I be able to watch it in the nursing home?

SRM said...

woops, sorry about that surprise page! I put a little disclaimer in the post in case anyone was checking it at work. :)

I've actually wondered the same thing, if Alias will ever start to look dated years down the road. That doesn't happen to everything though, I mean I still watch the first Jurassic Park movie and am amazed by those dinosaurs. Nothing about them looks cheesy to me even though it came out 14 years ago. Certain things from the show, such as clothing and hairstyles, might eventually date it, but I'm thinking Alias could be one of those shows that stands the test of time. Then again, I may be biased... :)