Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Come and Gone

I check in periodically. I log in and read comments, look at previously posted articles, browse news sites for information on the former stars of Alias and the many writers, producers and directors behind the show. Yesterday I realized, I completely missed the anniversary of Alias’ demise- the series finale.

I have been chatting back and forth with Page and Uncle (see the post below), throwing out justification for season 4 or lack of justification. We have been discussing the changes in Alias from season 1 to season 4 and how the lack of Executive support, horrible writers and an obviously tired cast and crew caused Alias to cave in on itself in season 5. Aside from all this discussion, which might seem harsh and more like a verbal bashing- I love that I can still pop in the DVD’s and watch all that is good about the show. I can remember key lines and certain moments that have defined the characters we love, and enveloped us in their world.

I will admit- I still get angry. I get frustrated. It is so easy to watch a season 1 episode and curse the sky- “Why? Why TV Gods, did you have to take away such a genuine program. Sydney had her whole life ahead of her!” I know it seems rather ridiculous now, to get all bent out of shape because of a TV show that ended a year ago. Some ask why I still post, why Let’s Talk is still standing long after the final moments of its purpose have come and gone. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I just can’t let go. Not yet.

“We’ll find each other. We always find each other…”

She looks rather reluctant to say goodbye, doesn't she?


uncle111 said...

Message boards for 1960's spy series the Man From U.N.C.L.E. have been very active ever since such things came into cyberspace existence.

Re: the previous topic- I just counted 11 producers for the S3 season finale.

Anonymous said...

oh man -- thanks for the reprieve -- I read the title "come and gone" and thought that meant you were stopping the blog--gotta admit my heart stopped for a second---thanks for keeping it going GS!! It really makes my day and helps me hang on to my favorite show. Thanks again!!!

Page48 said...

Well, I think it will be hard to let go until the next big thing comes along. "Heroes" is decent, "Jericho" is okay, "Lost" is one I never miss, but none of these is the next big thing IMO.

I know it won't be a courtroom drama, it won't be a comedy or a family drama. Doctor show??? Not so much. Reality is out. "Idol" is a no-go. "24" was lame this year and may be on the cancellation watch list if it doesn't bounce back next season.

Seeing "Alias" actors appearing in new shows of their own is just a novelty for me and it wears off quickly. Do I want to see Will Tippin in "Kitchen Confidential" or Francie in "King of Queens" or Jack Bristow as a pompous lawyer in "Justice"? Not really. Do I enjoy seeing Arvin Sloane chanting "party, party, party" around the Walker's dining room table? Nope. Am I jacked about Michael Vaughn in a male bonding buddy show? No way. Do I care about Ana Espinoza in "Standoff"? Never watched it.

What I really need is more "Alias". The combination of a great cast and a great story well told (for the most part) may not come along again for a long time. Sydney knows that. You can see it in her face.Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end. ...but ABC had other plans.

I keep harping on this point, but as plans are made to roll out the 4th edition of "Indiana Jones", spanning a period of 26 years, I can't help but think that JG is a natural for this type of franchise action/adventure role, one that could accompany her for years, without interfering with whatever other projects she wants to pursue.

Better yet, turn "Alias" into a summer blockbuster franchise. Is there anyone in the free world who wouldn't go out and buy that on Blu-Ray?

uncle111 said...

Amen, page48!

Bonkers for Bristow said...

As much as I would love to see Alias continue in one way or the other, I don't think JG is emotionally connected anymore.

I read the last post about the writers and actors letting us down and I have to agree. They were not as interested in the continuity and intricacies of the story and characters as we were. It breaks my heart to admit it, but I think Alias meant much more to us that it did to them.

When I listen to commentaries, instead of hearing about how this scene was pivotal in the plot twist or how this reveal was such a shock to the audiance, I hear about how great everyone was to work with and how JJ is so phenominal and blah, blah, blah. It's a major love fest for each other and not for the series.

So, although I will be first in line for a film, or a new series, I am not holding my breath. JG seems to be content being a Mom and falling back on her chick flicks to bring in the cash. And that disappoints me.

Girlscout said...

I agree Bonkers. JG seems to have lost any sentimentality awhile ago. She has a baby now. And so does Sydney. 2 busy mom's with no time for each other. I do think however- as Vi gets older and Jennifer heads back into the studio and in front of the camera, she will remember her fondness for Sydney- miss her even. She is Sydney and Sydney is her and I think there will always be a part of her that wishes it all would have ended differently. For everyone.

Oh, and have you all seen the season 5 bloopers? JG and JJ do a little skit, kind of making fun of themselves- but they also kind of give excuses for why the show went down- JG getting preggo, and the stress and physical work of the show- which was more like a movie each week. Very interesting...

Page48 said...

Bonkers, you are absolutely right. "Alias" still matters more to us than it ever did to JJ, JG, and the rest of the cast.

To them it was about a paycheque and about padding the old resume and probably also about doing good work, while to us it was always about riding the best show ever. What they may not realize yet (and I'm convinced they will at some point), is that for some (most)of them, it was the high water mark of their acting careers and those people, at some point, will look back and understand that "Alias" had a kind of magic about it that they will never experience again and when that fact dawns on them, they will wish they hadn't been in such a rush to exit stage left.

There is nothing more pitiful than watching Loretta Swit and Jamie Farr flogging box sets of M*A*S*H, 25 years after it ended, knowing that neither of them has had a meaningful acting role since 1982.

srg-alias said...

speaking of the s5 extras, did any of you find Easter eggs? I also can't find where the s4 Easter egg is anymore, I know I've seen it before (the cast Christmas party...)

I too can't seem to let go of this blog. You guys got me through 10 months of a bad job where I was bored out of my mind and working in an office by myself. I've now moved on to a pretty good job and have been there over a year, yet I still visit this blog almost every day and love chatting with you. I guess it's always nice to know I'm not the only one out there who was completely taken in by a TV show. :)

Girlscout said...

Oh I know SRG! This blog keeps in sane sometimes. I get so nostalic and sad and I miss Alias and I come here and we can all chat about it and get through it. You guys are all keeping it alive.

Anonymous said...

I was watching E! the other night and said that Sark aka David Anders is in final talks to join the cast of Heroes! I like that show and now it will be even better. Oh, and have you seen the preview for Vartan's new show Big Shots? What'd ya think? Our boys are coming back--yeah!!

Page48 said...

Hey SRG, imagine a world where people used to work in crappy jobs, all by themselves, bored out of their minds and DIDN'T HAVE HI SPEED FREAKING INTERNET!

I can't wait till every office is equipped with virtual reality or maybe a Star-Trek-type holodeck so I can have a desk next to Sydney Bristow and get my tech support from Marshall, talk strategy with Jack, keep secrets from Dixon, plot Sloane's demise, order pizza with Weiss and Vaughn, and have a serious talk with Nadia about her father.

Until then, hi speed internet is better than nothing.

uncle111 said...

I NEED to know where the Easter eggs are. I've never looked. PLEASE tell me.

uncle111 said...

THAT would be my kind of office!!

Page48 said...

I see JG has signed on to flog Neutrogena products. Now, it's not exactly "Alias" but I suppose it helps pay for the personal trainer.

I personally don't want JG to become the Cheryl Tiegs (or Jennifer O'Neil or Christie Brinkley) of her generation. I don't want an airbrushed Jen in every magazine on the rack (Andie MacDowell needs the work). I don't want Jen asking me "how old do you think I am?". I don't want Jen telling me how to lose the age spots or laugh lines. I don't want to see her producing daytime drivel and I don't want to see my Jen doing infomercials at 1 o'clock in the morning.

I just want Jen to rock hard with a vengeance on the big (or little) screen. Is that so much to ask? C'mon JG, give an "Alias" fan a break!!!

Lisa said...

hey GS,
I had a thought...you always know what the cast is up to these days, what about the writers? I think we all agree the writing was what made the show so unique and complex, maybe if we followed the writers like we do the cast, we'd find another quality show. I know you have a few favorite writers, is there a way to find out what they are working on these days? I don't know....here's to hopin'. I guess I'm just tired of reality shows and "viewer discretion advised" being the only offerings these days. :(

Lisa said...

also....did you all see this? it has a nice shout out to all Alias fans....yay Sark!!!


Bonkers for Bristow said...

Whoo hoo!! I hope he's got the accent - he just won't be the same without it. :)

On another note...

Anyone wanna play six degrees of Alias? I recently read that Scott Foley (ex-Mr. Garner) married a cast member of Brothers and Sisters. Must have made some awkward moments with the old Alias cast meeting ole Scott after all this time.

In addition, I was at Blockbuster and on the shelf was the movie with Micheal Vartan and Jennifer Lopez. Seems a bit wrong somehow to have their ex's play lovers in a movie.

Just goes to show that Hollywood is crazy incestuous.

g said...

gs- did you see that david anders, a.k.a. our beloved sark, will be joining the cast of heroes?! i guess he and weiss will be castmates again!!

Page48 said...

I hope "Heroes" continues to make room for "Alias" alumni (a little Marshall Flinkman, anyone?). It's not "Alias", but it beats the hell out of "Brothers & Sisters".

I consider "Heroes" to be as close to must-see TV as there is right now. The season finale left Greg Grunberg looking a little vulnerable, but I'm sure he will make a miraculous Vaughn-like recovery. Sark will be a nice addition.

srg-alias said...

I've never seen Heroes and honestly wouldn't mind taking on a new TV show. Does anyone know if they're going to repeat the season over the summer? Now that my-boyfriend-though-he-doesn't-know-it David Anders is joining the cast it just gives me another reason to want to watch. ;-)

Robetron said...

SRG - The entire season of Heroes is available on i-Tunes... even if it is a little expensive. It's either that or wait until November for the DVDs.

I wanted to continue the comments re: what happened to the show. Season 3 had a huge, unrecovered plot-flaw right in the middle of all the wonderful complexity. First, the Irena-box had supposedly not been opened since the time of Rambaldi, and the keys could only be found by using a map, long hidden in the Saharra in the time of Stalin. Then, the next thing we know, Sloane claims to have made the Irena-box (the keys for which he was never able to collect), and waamo - the box contained the Diregno-Heart. This should have clued us in that the writers were struggling to know what to do next.
The next big plop, as has already been mentioned, was the Season 4 fizzel on the S-3 cliff-hanger. From that point on, we could have guessed that our show would become the target of ABC's cancel-ball, because the writers surely dropped all of thiers.

As far as Syd's sass for Sloane: I am in the middle of S-3 just now, and I loved the line so much I had to say it with her. Sloane was in a jail cell awaiting arrignment for supposedly betraying the terms of his pardon. Syd comes for a chat. He says, "Ah, Sydney. You're so beautiful. I've missed your smile."
She replies, "In two weeks, you will be exicuted for your crimes. [wait for it!] I'll smile then."

I literally said it aloud, followed by a maniacle laugh. She was never so "professional" that her hatred of the man ever sat on the back-burner. The real problem of her natural sass toward him was the fact that the baffoon-writers place Sloane back in a possition of authority within the CIA. He was a mass-murderer and a known terrorist. The idea that he might have been pardoned (brokered by Lauren, the Covenant-witch) was enough to swallow, but Sloane holding a possition of power within the government is beyond absurd.

Still, there were several great moments in Season 4 that I just would not want ot do without. I liked Liberty Village, quite frankly. Despite not having a central bad-guy, it could have been a look at the missions they had between the missions... if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I tyhink we can all agree that we could have, and would have put up with any of the doofus-driven writing flaws if they just hadn't mucked and muddled the end with purposelessness and then the complete character changes in of most of S-5.

uncle111 said...

I agree. But, the dropped S3 cliff hanger can be made into a really good plot twist. I'm working on it already and it has really cool potential. One of the problems they had was that the writers keep running out of ideas and so they changed many of the writers over the seasons. I'm sure each new one wanted to put his scent on the series, which disrrupted the continuity.

SRG- I highly recommend Heroes. I was having to watch it online because I kept forgetting it was on. Now I'm stuck because I can't get the last 2 episodes to play online.

Page48 said...

uncle, if you have unlimited bandwidth, go to a site like mininova.org and download the torrent , about 350mb per show. That's what I do when I'm stuck. Someone is guaranteed to have the episode up within a day or so after the airing date. I love the internet.

On the subject of downloads, I wonder to what extent this affects ratings.

Robetron said...

I don't have the fastest internet connection in the world, by far, and I was able to get the last episodes to start playing on NBC.com

SRG - You could watch all the episodes through NBC's streaming video online. The screen is a nice size, and if you have something a little faster than dial-up, it works nicely, if you give it a few minutes to download and unpause it when you see the shaded area indicating that it is downloaded and ready to play. (Or, if your connection is relatively quick, you won't have to worry with it at all.)

I liked Heroes too, but it has something of a slower pace that tends to strain my attention span.

Lisa said...

here's my question:
does Heroes have any comic relief? any relationship development between characters? I tried watching the first 2 episodes last fall, and it was too much gore and scary stuff for me (come on- the little girl in the closet? that was unbearable!)

I'd give it another shot if I knew that there was some more depth between characters, and maybe some fun in between the heroics (aka Marshall)

tell me more!

Page48 said...


Hiro and his buddy are the comic relief.

The show is definitely a plodder, much like "Lost". I think this is a product of having a lot of primary characters as well as not knowing how many seasons they have to drag the story out for. Some characters have weeks where they go unseen.

"Alias" rarely had a main character missing in any episode. Dixon missed at least 2 or 3 eppies in the entire series, but I don't think anyone else (recurring characters aside)was ever absent for a whole show, at least until Vaughn took his leave.

There's no doubt that Silar provided plenty of gore, but it's not the stuff nightmares are made of. Mostly just dripping blood, and besides, the recuperative powers among these folks makes the blood and guts nothing more than an inconvenience for most, like a speed bump when you're in a hurry, it just slows you down.

It's fantasy, it's good fun, it now sports 2 "Alias" faces (unfortunately, it's not "Alias"), and the girl in the closet, lisa....she's baaaaackkkk.

g said...

did you guys see that our very sexy brit bad boy, sark, or david anders will be added to the cast of heroes? he and greg grunberg will be reunited!!

Lisa said...

thanks for the entertaining and thoughtful synopsis. I'm almost inclined to give it another chance- even if its just to be able to make sense of Sark's re-entry into tvland in the fall. :)
I know Alias fans have high standards- thanks for your help!!

Girlscout said...

Lisa- I am on it. I would also love to see what the writers are up to. We know a few are over at Brothers & Sisters, which seems like a downgrade from the complexity of Alias. Also, some are over at Lost, of course. I will look into some of our favorite episodes and see who the writers are and where they are now.

And yes, I heard about Sark!! I can't want to see him again. I think everyone is back on the small screen- Merrin Dungey (Francie) is on the Grey's spin-off, Michael Vartan will be back on ABC's Big Shots, Victor Garber (Jack) will be on Eli Stone, another law show coming soon. Sark is back on Heroes with Greg Grunberg (Weiss). Ron Rifkin (Sloane) will be back on Brothers and Sisters with Balthazar Getty (Tom Grace) in the fall. We are just missing Marshall and Will. Where is Will?

Girlscout said...

Oh and of course, we are missing the one and only JG. I want her back most of all. COME ON JG!!

Girlscout said...

Oh and anyone seen the commercials for the Bionic Woman? Kind of excited for it. A little kick ass?? Yes please.

Page48 said...

Hey, GS, 3 posts in a row. I do that sometimes when I'm drinking.

I'm soooooo hoping that "Bionic Woman" will be the scratch that my itch has longed for since Syd opted to be a stay-at-the-beach-home Mom.

I've spent some time at the NBC Fall Preview site and I cannot get over the number of people who cling to the Lindsey Wagner version as if it was the greatest show ever produced (and they all want those damned sound effects back, too).

I wouldn't waste an hour on the old version, but I am primed and ready to see what Michelle Ryan and the Battlestar braintrust can do with BW. The more it looks like "Alias", the more I will love it.

Found a detailed review of the pilot at:


"Alias" connections to Bionic Woman, you ask? Well, Michelle Ryan just finished a movie called "Flick" with none other than Ariana Kane (Faye Dunaway) and she co-stars on BW with Will Yun Lee, who did a movie with Jen a few years back called "Elektra".

Girlscout said...

Nice Page, you are on top of it. Six degrees of Alias. Nice.

Page48 said...

One other connection, although a stretch: Carl (Dixon) Lumbly appeared in "Battlestar Galactica" earlier this season and of course, "Bionic Woman" comes to us from the creators of BSG. Wouldn't it be nice to see Dixon get an invite to show up on BW?