Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burned Times 2

So, I pulled out my season 5 DVD’s last week and got to watching disc 3. I finished in one night, of course, and was ready to move on, when I noticed- disc 4 is missing. It’s MIA people and I am dying! I have to finish the season. I can’t watch just four episodes and not finish the season!! I searched the house high and low- nothing. It has simply vanished.

If you have season 5 on DVD and you would like to put this poor girl out of her misery- is it possible for me to get a burned copy from you?? I mean, it has all the extras on it! The bloopers, the commentary. HELP ME!!

You can contact me at Thanks!


uncle111 said...

Have you found your disc?

srg-alias said...

oh no GS, that sucks! Did you lend it out to someone or accidentally put it in another DVD case?? I wish I could help you but I'm sans a DVD burner. :(

dlove said...

Let me know if you still need it. I can burn a copy for you.

uncle111 said...

I have a cool announcement(not Alias). Time/Life is going to put out the 60's spy series, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in a 4 season set. This is the first time any DVD's have been produced. It has been a really long time coming and highly anticipated by fans.

I make some replica props from the show(gun parts, shoulder holsters, etc.) and I found out today they want to use my website (, photos, etc., in the bonus material for the set. This DVD set is goiong to be THE set, and anything that isn't in this set will never get into a Man From U.N.C.L.E set, and everything that does end up in the set will become part of the history of the series.

This series was my Alias from age 12 until Alias came along, and I just wanted to share the good news with you guys.

Page48 said...

Good work, Uncle. Maybe you can leverage your "insider" status and get that "Alias" trilogy off the ground someday. Foot in the door, as they say.

I remember TMFU being on TV when I was a kid but I never watched it. I've never seen it in reruns. As I recall, it was always in black and white (or was that just our TV?). All I can remember was the picture of David McCallum, in the opening credits (I think). I just did a quick IMDB on McCallum and I was surprised at how active he has been, and still is, in television.

Page48 said...

I'm coming to the realization that I love "Alias" characters more than I love "Alias" actors.

Last nite, I noticed a movie called "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" was on TV. Normally I wouldn't even slow down for a title like that, but I noticed it starred, among others, Bradley "Will Tippin" Cooper. So, I gave it 10 minutes of my life, and, although BC was in 9 1/2 of those 10 minutes, I just couldn't make it to the 11 minute mark. The guy looked like Will, sounded like Will, but dammit to hell, he wasn't Will Tippin, so how could I possibly care about him? Truth be told, I couldn't.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see him earning a paycheque, and he can buy me a beer anytime, but to me, BC is WT, and nothing less will do.

I had the same problem with VG in that crapper "Justice", RR, BG, PW in "B&S", and having watched the preview for MV's new buddy show, well, just pardon me while I barf.

And, although I realize promotion is part of the job, I really hate the way the actors so quickly dismissed the end of "Alias" and started pumping their new project as if "Alias" was merely a stepping stone to where they are today. God love VG, but I saw him on "The View" one day talking about "Justice", and I just wanted to grab him by the lapel and ask him if he couldn't understand that going from his outstanding portrayal of Jack Bristow to playing the slimey Ron Trott was like asking Babe Ruth to bunt.

I believe I could accept "Alias" actors in a different show if I felt it was an appropriate role, but that would rule out comedy, soap, and the Bruckheimer cookie cutter poop.

So what's left? Well, I have to say that Greg Grunberg is the only one of the APO crowd who has landed what I consider to be a good role in a good show, "Heroes".

I think I could watch JG in a TV series as someone other than Sydney, but I don't want her to settle for something trivial like many of her co-stars have. I don't want the shine to wear off of my JG. A return to series TV seems a long way off for JG, though.

These guys are between a rock and a hard place. Their best work is obviously behind them. If it hasn't dawned on them yet, it will, and unless lightning strikes twice, they are all just destined to spin their wheels, axle-deep in one forgettable TV series after another, until one day they find themselves on "Where are They Now?"

That, like Will Tippin doing comedy, is hard to accept.

Page48 said...

And, on the subject of "Alias" actors in other shows, it appears that Merrin Dungey has been unceremoniously dumped from "Private Practice" in favour of another actress. No love for Merrin.