Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feeling a little "Lost?"

Just wanted to put in a little plug for you Lost fans that a recap for last night's whopper-of-a-finale is posted and ready for discussion! Check it out at


Page48 said...

Completely OT:

I gots to move my sorry butt to Hollyweird and the sooner the better. The nubile young ladies down there like their menfolk one way....OLD and wrinkly. Nowhere else in the free world do the chicks dig the old guys. Just down there in Hollyweird, Californ I.A..

The L.A. ladies skip right over guys old enough to be their fathers and are drawn straight to the grandfather-figures.

I watched "88 Minutes" last night. Starring Pacino. A 67 year old Pacino, I might add. And the young ladies love this guy. Alicia Witt, not bad looking by my standards, was all breast-heaving over Pacino, a dude 35 years older. In the end Pacino settled down with the easy-on-the-eyes Deborah Kara Unger, a woman more his age (only 23 years younger). This, of course, was after his divorce from his 24 years younger, lesbian wife "Judging Amy" Brenneman.

Whether it's Connery or Ford or Pacino or any of a host of Hollywood's geriatric leading men, the one thing they all have in common is that the firm young women of their granddaughter's generation cannot resist them.

If I sound resentful, it's because I am. As a mere mortal, young enough to be Pacino's son, not only would I not register as a potential mate with a young'n like Alicia Witt or anyone of her generation, but if she left a burning building knowing I was the only one left inside, I wonder if she would even pull the fire alarm.

This is why I need to relocate to the Beverly Hills area ASAP. As a resident of Hollyweird, I know that, with each passing decade, my chances of nailing some 30 year old eye candy will increase exponentially.

It must be true 'cause I seen it in the movies.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

Since we're OT...

My husband and I rented Catch and Release this weekened. Anyone else see it? There were some moments where I recognized the JG we all know and love but for the most part, I didn't get into it. In fact, the last half, my husband and I were discussing the shooting schedule as JG was starting to show a bit of a tummy and they were dressing her in loose fitting tops. I'm guessing they either filmed those scenes later or she started to show faster than they hoped.
I have to comment on JG's laugh. Besides Julia Roberts, I can't think of another actress who's on-screen laugh is so genuine. Perhaps that's why we love her so much.

uncle111 said...

I'm already working on a sequel to my Alias screenplay. I'm going for a trilogy. Maybe that will get JG interested.

Page48 said...

I missed the season finale of "Brothers & Sisters", but I couldn't help but wonder what it was like for Ron Rifkin to have his first totally meaningless season-ender in 6 years. No matter what happened in the finale, it couldn't amount to a hill of beans compared to an "Alias" cliffhanger.

What could possibly happen in B&S that would matter, that would have viewers gasping OMG out loud? Did Rifkin's character spill red wine on the sofa? Did Balthazar Getty's character show some improvement in his sperm count? Tune in next fall to find out. Give me a freaking break.

Victor Garber didn't even get to have a season ending thriller.

And Kevin Weisman?? Kevin who? How much must that guy miss "Alias"? Carl Lumbly made one frakkin' (God how I hate that word) appearance on "Battlestar G". No cliffhanger for Carl.

And the lovely JG? The last time I saw Jen, she was strolling on the beach with Vaughn and Dixon. Oh, I know she hit a few talk shows (Regis for one), but I don't want to watch "Alias" personnel on those shows. I'm not interested in what a sweetie Ben is around the house. That's got nothing to do with me. I just want to see Jen getting it done, whether it's on the tube or in the movies and so far, "The Kingdom" is the only thing she's done that sounds like it has a chance of filling the Bristow void (and that movie has been in the can for more than a year).

So, Uncle, if you can get JG interested in doing anything other than making Benny-babies and chick flicks, that would officially make you "The Man".

BTW, actually has 2 (count 'em), 2 new pictures up. This is Jen registering at the low end of the glamour-meter, BUT at least we should get to see her smoke some terrorist ass and I am all up for seeing that.

srg-alias said...

yeah I miss all of them too, I've yet again started watching my season 1 DVDs (for I think the 5th or 6th time). That first season had so much happening, action-wise, emotionally, you could tell they had it all planned least for the first 2-3 seasons. Maybe they didn't think it would last beyond that, who knows, anyway, it's good to see them all again. The Kingdom does look like we'll see some kick-ass JG again, but man does it look depressing...

Page48 said...

One observation re: "The Kingdom". Those damn sunglasses JG is wearing are NOT what Marshall (or anyone else) would call "super swank".

uncle111 said...

I started "watching" (mainly I listen while I work) the series DVD's again recently. I'm finishing S3 soon. I was surprised just how many of my memories of Alias are from S1. It really laid the foundation for the rest of the series.