Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Regress

I was wandering through the archives today- I do, every so often- and I stumbled upon one of my favorite posts. Though it is evident through this blog that I am completely in love with Alias as a whole- I think I might be slightly obsessed with season 3 and all the emotions and action it entails. I mean, really, the Sydney-Vaughn-Lauren triangle is enough to make 90210 look like an episode of the Tele-tubies. So, today I regress and have posted my fav old school article- just a few reminders as to why season 3 is- debatably- the best season EVA!

Cut the Tension with a Knife...
I am currently in the midst of re-watching season 3 on DVD, and somewhere between Syd returning from a 2 year loss, and the Korean mission in which Vaughn professes that there is only one love of his life, I realized what a hell of a season it was. I am in understanding that several fans had issues with season 3, mainly due to Vaughn’s nuptials with Covenant vixen, Lauren Reed, but in all actuality, it was that tension that made the season. Our beloved Mountaineer returns to CIA headquarters with a married ex-love, a father in prison, a friend in witness protection and a room mate doubled and killed. She fights her own feelings, she fights herself, kills herself and just as it seems Vaughn and Lauren’s marriage has seen its final days, Lauren goes and reels Vaughn back in by ousting her father, Senator Reed. There is tension between Syd and Lauren, Lauren and Vaughn, Vaughn and Syd, Jack and Vaughn, Syd and Sloane, tension is crawling all over the Rotunda and fueling each mission, sparking all-out cat fights and verbal blow-ups. Here are several of the intense moments from season 3. Please feel free to post your comments or other moments of passion.

-Syd speaks her mind when Vaughn checks in on her, leading to the “You wanna know how I am? I’m horrible…” speech. Heartbreaker!
-Lauren and Syd get into a heated discussion on whether or not releasing Sark is a profitable idea. Lauren finds her “arrogant” and is sick of feeling sorry for marrying the man she loves. Urgh!
-Vaughn grabs Jack by the shirt collar when he and Lauren are held hostage in Mexico in order for Jack to murder Javier, who knows the truth about Julia Thorne. *My vote as the most intense moment of the entire season. I have never seen two men so adamant about protecting the women they love.
-Jack confronts Vaughn about Sydney being his “mistress” and instructs him to be distant and cruel, because Vaughn’s kindness is killing her.
-Sydney lets loose with a right hook to Lauren’s jaw when Lauren insists that Sydney beat her up in order to convince Lindsey they were being held captive by the Covenant. I think we were all waiting for that moment and all felt a little satisfaction.
-Oh, don’t forget the moment Will kills Alison in honor of Francie. Intensity in 10 cities!
-All I gotta say- “I hate you, but I love Sydney more and that’s why you’re not going to die tonight.” WOW!

Ahh, season 3, how we miss you. Alas, I think with the new characters and plot that season 5 will bring, we can see very much of the same tension. Sydney will be butting-heads (and stomachs) with several new characters this season, and I am certain we will see her fighting an internal struggle. How can she protect herself and her baby if she ain't the one doing the butt-kicking? How is she going to raise this baby "without a father" (hypothetically speaking) and what is going to become of the her spy life, her whole life, once this baby is here? She made it through season 3 folks, she will make it through this season and no doubt come out on top again!


bristowVA said...

Aaahhh, nothing like a stroll down memory lane. GS, I too loved S3 and just got done rewatching the entire thing (for the billionth time)!

The love triangle between our beloved Syd and Vaughn and that covenant chick made the season that much more intense.

There are so many memorable moments to remember in addition to the ones you noted. However, I do agree that the angst felt between Syd and Vaughn during the korea mission was truly palpable. The "we'll always find each other" line just kills me every time I hear it. I miss my Alias!!!!

Kiki said...

Me too!! I love that scene. My favorite though is when the both turn and close their eyes and face the firing squad. Perfect moment- they think they are going to die together, and in that moment, its almost like a welcomed relief. Love it!!!

Page48 said...

Alias was in full flight in Season 3, like Ichiro legging out an infield hit (Seattle reference for you GS),

One of the hallmarks of Alias was rampant deceit, and deceit reigned supreme in Season 3. I couldn't begin to run down the entire list, but:

Sydney deceived everyone by pretending to be dead for 2 years, and then deceived herself by forgetting that period of her life.

Lauren deceived Vaughn until Vaughn got wise and then he deceived her.

Lauren deceived her father.

Lauren's mother deceived (and whacked) her father.

Sloane deceived Lindsey by pretending to arrange a hit on Syd, but in beauty Alias fashion, the hit was on Lindsey himself.

The list just goes on and on because there ain't nobody telling anybody the truth around here.

Is it any freaking wonder why I, too, miss my Alias?

bonkers for bristow said...

Does anyone watch Thursday night on NBC? I think the peacock was a fan of Alias.
In one of the last few weeks, Dwight on "The Office" talked about Sydney Bristow (I can't remember the exact reference) and last night on "30 Rock" Kenneth was sent on a spy mission. He said "I'll be like Sydney Bristow and use my sexuality as a weapon. Off to the wig shop!"
I love it! Maybe others are missing our favorite super spy.

Kiki said...

I know Bonkers, I saw both references! Hilarious! I love it! Maybe NBC will pick it up!!??? Wouldn't that be great? Put Alias back on the air with Medium and Crossing Jordan, it will be a kick ass ladies night!

dlove said...

page 48: There was a new poster for The Kingdom floating around. Unfortunately it has been removed from the website. JG was upfront in commando gear.

Angela said...

I've been watching season three every morning on my treadmill, and the other day something hit me as totally wrong (knowing how the rest of it pans out.)

It's when Sloane tells Judy Barnett that he thinks he might be Sidney's father. Given what we know now, when he had his one-time fling with Irina, Sydney should have been born already, right?

This made absolutely no sense to me, given that we now know Sloan was Nadia's father.

Maybe he was merely trying to manipulate Dr. Barnett--which would be like him. But his motivations remain murky . . .


srg-alias said...

yeah there were a lot of time inconsistencies like that Angie. Another one off the top of my head was that supposedly Vaughn's father saved Nadia, but if you calculate the time backwards from what we know, he would have been dead before she was born. Seasons 4 and 5 really messed up a lot of what had already been divulged through the first 3 seasons.

Page48 said...

Alright, I needed a new Google Account like I needed a knee to the groinal region. Imagine my distress this afternoon when I thought I had forgotten my password.

dlove, there is a "The Kingdom" poster at (along with numerous screen caps). That's the only poster I've seen. The official website is woefully underdeveloped at this time, only 2 pics and the trailer the last time I checked. With the official release pushed out until September, I guess there's no rush. Not sure why the release was postponed in the first place, unless it was to allow the adrenaline rush from "Catch and Release" to die down....okay, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED SEASON 3! HOWEVER...i hated the season finale with the hole mask pull off thing...let just say that they didn;t pull that off....i think somewhere in the middle of the season they just lost where they were lost steam...kinda after the mid season climax..