Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lunch with Lads

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Busy working mom Jennifer Garner makes time for an Alias reunion with former costars Victor Garber and Michael Vartan over lunch at Beverly Hills eatery Orso on Wednesday.
So nice to know JG, VG and MV are still hanging out. I love that. We miss you guys!


Page48 said...

Hey, JG, VG, MV, I had lunch at Tim Horton's today. I had the chili. I waited for you but you didn't show up.

Kiki said...

Hahaha!! Oh, I know how you feel. I asked David Anders to dinner, no show. Rude!

uncle111 said...

So maybe they'd be open to doing an Alias movie?

Robetron said...

We can only hope, Uncle.

I also enjoy the idea that the three have remained friends, but froma human point of view, I am so sorry that my enjoyment in thier lives has led to them not being able to have a simple meal without being accosted by the media. I would so hate being famous.