Monday, December 18, 2006

The Next Sydney Bristow...

Here she is, the next Sydney Bristow. This is the lovely Rachel Madison, spy-daughter to Blogger Birdie. Look at those glasses! Supa swank!

Thanks Birdie for the special b-day picture. This is my second birthday here on the blog and man, this year has gone by so fast.

PS. I've been sniffing under the Christmas tree and I am fairly certain season 1 and 2 are under there. Yay mom and dad!


Page48 said...

The next Sydney Bristow, eh? Season 1 DVD's go on sale in 2036. I will be older than dirt....but I'll be there.

Page48 said...

I love so many things about Alias. I'm cruising thru Season 5 at warp speed. It's better that way. The hiatus is over in seconds instead of months. Dixon goes from normal Dixon hair to cornrows in a single mouse click.

I love Jack Bristow. I love Jack's strategy for finding out where the ship carrying Sydney is sailing. Lock yourself in a bulletproof room with 7 guys who have Alpha Black clearance, one of whom knows where Syd is, narrow it down to one dude, and pummel the poor bastard until he gives it up. I love it beyond words. I want to be Jack Bristow when I grow up.

I love the lengths these people go to to look after each other. Who doesn't long for that kind of loyalty and commitment in real life? Rules mean nothing, loyalty means everything. The sense of purpose,the dedication, the common goals, the teamwork, the closed ranks, the talent, the secrets, the complications, the struggles, the dangers, the ups, the downs, WOW!

I love so many things about Alias. The thing I hate most about Alias is that it's OVER! What is up with that? Who's idea was that? Does that guy still have a job???????

birdietwoshoes said...

I'll have to keep my eyes open for the special skills she will be exhibiting at a young age. You know, the ablity to put together crazy puzzles and stuff like that. ;)

jenn256 said...

OMG Birdie, she's soo cute.

Just be sure to watch out when she gets a little older. When you think she's talking to imaginary playmates, she's probably really talking into her earpiece to headquarters about her next mission to sneak a cookie from the kitchen!!!

srg-alias said...

so cute birdie!! :)

page48 I'm totally with ya. I just watched SOS last night and absolutely love all the sides of Jack we see in that episode. He's so ruthless in his tactics for finding Sydney. He shows no mercy with the P5 mole in the CIA and has no issues with shooting him multiple times in front of all his superiors in a government building no less. As long as he finds his daughter he doesn't care what happens to him. We see such an affectionate side of him at the end once Syd is rescued. I love how he calls her sweetheart, kisses her forehead and plays down the fact he's been arrested so she won't worry. Just makes it harder for me to accept them killing him in the end, but I'm not there yet so I won't think about it now. :)

Page48 said...

Okay, it's just wayyyy too quiet here. You'd think it was almost Christmas or something.

It's been several days since I spouted off about Alias but the dam is about to burst.

"Phase 1": I was sitting at work today watching Sydney and Dixon by the oil rigs in Phase 1. This is no doubt one of my top 2 or 3 Alias scenes of all freakin' time. It just smokes. I replay it over and over and over.

Look at Sydney. She's dressed for business. As soon as Dixon gets out of the car, she leaves her shades on the hood of the Jeep. Why does she do that? Did the sun suddenly go under a cloud? No way. Sydney knows she has to make a tough sale and she knows that eye contact is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting for her. She also has too much respect for Dixon to blow through this presentation hiding behind dark glasses. Also notice how she doesn't say a word to Dixon until he removes his shades as well. This is serious business and there is going to be some serious eye contact needed right here and now.

I can't recall if JG has a more intense scene in the whole series. She starts out quietly, waiting to see how Dixon reacts. See how clearly and deliberately she enunciates every word to Dixon. The only moment she takes her eyes away from Dixon's gaze is a few brief seconds that she needs to compose herself. She soon realizes she needs to step it up a notch if she hopes to get Dixon onside. Dixon starts to react with disbelief, raising his voice and turning away, but Syd won't get out of his face. She won't let Dixon get the upper hand. Dixon raises his voice and gets the hand gestures going, Sydney gets even more aggressive and gets a little hand action going herself. Her first "you have to listen to me" falls on deaf ears, so she absolutely screams it the second time. I think the second "you have to listen to me", with her hands flying in Dixon's face, is my favourite Sydney Bristow moment of the entire series. She knows she cannot lose this battle without losing her father to the evil Gaiger. Dixon reluctantly gives in and Syd, sensing that Dixon has accepted that she is telling the truth, gets quiet again, not enjoying screaming at Dixon, who she has the highest regard for. She is almost inaudible when she says "you need to hurry".

Hands up if you love Sydney Bristow. Hands up if you miss Alias like you would miss your left foot if it just fell off.

uncle111 said...

Check out my update on the previous topic. Alias flat out copied from The Pretender. I wonder who with Alias was the big Pretender fan.