Monday, November 06, 2006


Ah, last night I was watching Brothers & Sisters, the new ABC family drama starring Alias alums Rob Rifkin (Sloane), Patty Wettig (Dr. Barnett) and Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace). The show is produced by Patty’s husband and former Alias director Ken Olin, who I adore.

Last night, as the final moment of the show came to a close, a familiar song and scene took place. The three brothers, Kevin, Tommy and Justin take a walk down a familiar path, in a park and the song- Ray Lamontagne’s 'Shelter' played, which also made an Alias appearance. The path is much like the path Syd and Vaughn take a walk on after Sydney confesses to knowing that Dixon faked his drug test. They finish their ice cream and walk with their arms around each other. The song playing during that scene was "You're All I Need to Get By" by Aretha Franklin. When I heard Ray I winced in sadness, but also smiled- perhaps it was a little hi and hello from our dear Alias producers and directors? Thanks Ken and keep up the good work. (I just love that I can feel and hear Alias in B&S, it's comforting. Not to mention to familiar faces. I heart you Ron!)

Here is a pic of Ken starring as a character on Alias. Remember, he was the computer programer that refused to give his work to SD-6. Will tracked him down when he heard SD-6 on the tape of Eloise Kurtz's death.


Page48 said...

I like the fact that Saul has at least as many secrets as Sloane, although he's having trouble holding onto them. Also like that he has maintained the ever-present Sloane stubble (unlike the Everwood dude). Now if only he had a more important role in the series. The writers might have included Saul in the wankfest down at the fertility clinic. I'm sure his boys can still swim. Although, technically, I guess he's not a Walker. Tom may have felt that Uncle Saul would water down the Walker soup.

Kiki said...

hahaha! Nice Page. I think we will be seeing a little more Saul since he has to find out about Rebecca and that Ken Olin is obsessed with his wife having on screen affairs with Ron Rifkin.

lhaaheim said...

I didn't know that was Ken! Great to put a face with the name! :-)