Monday, November 27, 2006

Box Set Special Extras

Hi All,

I found that has posted the extra features from the box set which include interviews, behind the scenes with cast and crew, a piece on all the villians of Alias and much more. Go check it out!

PS. I know I may have been a little harsh in judging season 5- the episodes, the bloopers, etc. It is merely because I love the show so much and there is a certain standard- an Alias standard- that I base much of my opinion on. We all know the ball was dropped. We all know it wasn't handled fairly- it wasn't given the send off it deserved. However, I am happy that there was even a season 5 to begin with. They could have simply left us with "My name is not Michael Vaughn..." but they didn't. They gave us Syd in all her pregnant glory and tried to tie up as many loose ends as possible. Maybe I still am a little bitter. Maybe I am still waiting for an apology of some sort. Or to wake up and find that really, all of this cancellation nonsense was all a bad a dream- a horrible bad dream. Now, go forth my friends and enjoy the last season- every last drop. Ever last spine-tingling, over the top moment.


uncle111 said...

I wish it was a dream. Please let me wake up!

I'm still a little bitter about it. Guess that's why I am writing. But, we, the really ardent fans, did deserve better. But, the combination of the network and writers not being the fanatics we are made it inevitible.

Page48 said...

Whaddya mean "over the top", GS? I thought this was based on a true story.

Nah, you weren't too harsh in judging Season 5. I'm slowly but surely re-watching the whole series. I'm currently mid-Season 4 and I'm already starting to have reservations about tackling Season 5. I'll do it, but it won't feel any better this time around.

This reviewing of the entire run has given me a whole different perspective on the self-contained episodes of Season 4. The hunger I once had for a weekly cliffhanger and the disappointment of having to do without them has given way to an appreciation of these episodes. I look at them now as being more like a series of Alias movies instead of one extended mission. These self-contained shows would be most welcome right about now, in light of the current void.

Watching Season 4 also re-affirms my contention that Alias could have carried on very effectively and at a high standard without the intensive Rambaldi treatment of previous seasons. Surely creative writers could have transitioned a great spy vehicle like Alias from a Rambaldi-quest to an equally exciting adventure with a more sustainable focus. Many here have mentioned their enjoyment of MI3 (which I have yet to see), and yet MI3 did not require Rambaldi to fuel the fun.

I enjoy the formula used on "24" where each season deals with a different threat to global security. This is a more sustainable model in my opinion. Self-contained seasons instead of self-contained episodes. When I compare these 2 shows, it seems to me that the fantasy aspect of Alias, where no threat is too outrageous and no solution too ambitious, should have allowed it to outlive "24".

At the end of the day, I think that the thing that pisses me off more than anything, is that we currently have a TV show called "Dancing with the Stars" but we don't have a TV show called "Alias".

Where have you gone, Sydney Bristow?

Kiki said...

Well said Page, well said! I completely agree. Bravo!

redterp said...

Wow - my first comment!

I agree about S5, in fact, I didn't watch any of the episodes after they killed Vaughn until he cam back and am still PO'd about that big time. But, I Tivo'd them and caught up recently. It just wasn't the same. Esp since Syd had no real personal relationships other than Spy Daddy. Why they KO'd Vaughn I will never understand, even if it was "faked."

Still loved the show, as should be apparent by the fact that it's been off the air for 6 months now and I'm still chacking this blog!

Eliza said...

hey all,
long time, now write.
Does anyone know the biggest differences between the UK and US editions of the rambaldi box set?

p.s. I miss watching a show and feeling smarter afterward...or challenged! Alias is in a class by itself..lately I have settled for Bones. Anyone like it?