Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!!

This coming Friday, September 29th marks three important milestones. One, our own original SpyBaby Syd turns two years old. Two years old people! TWO! Sydney (yes, her name is actually Sydney- Sydney Jane and I love her to bits) was born one year previous to the second important milestone- the premiere of the final season of 'Alias'- so appropriate, as her mother is the one who got me hooked in the first place.

Thirdly and perhaps amazingly enough- September 29th also marks the birth of my baby-
Let's Talk Alias! Can you believe it??? My blog is all grown up. Okay, I know I am still a newbie in the world of blogs, but man, has it really been a year?

To celebrate, I ask that you all send in a pick for your favorite article posted- by me or by a guest. Also, send in your favorite comments or perhaps a funny moment from the blog.

All in all, the last year has been amazing! I have met all of you, I learn something new everyday and I have had a blast hashing out the fabulousness that is my favorite show.
Viva Alias and Happy Birthday my little SpyBaby!!

PS. Are you just dying to get your hands on the season 5 DVD? I am dying! Hurry up already!


Dark Alias said...

wow, I think it's going to be really hard to pick a favorite article, but i'll try. Happy Bday Sydney...and yes, i can't wait till i get those DVDs. Please hurry!

dlove said...

Happy Bday to Sydney as well as Alias premiere date 5 years ago on Sat. Our beloved show first aired on Sept 30, 2001.
As for a fav article, It's going to be hard as I have only started reading the blog for a few months. But I will come up a pick.

Page48 said...

"Who..do you work for...you pretty..little girl?"

I just really love saying that.


srg-alias said...

aw, happy birthday baby Syd and our fab blog! Man I don't know if I can pick a favorite article, there have been so many good and funny ones, GS always kept me cracking up. :) I think what excited me the most was in the beginning when the blog started taking off and people really appreciated that there was a good place to discuss plots and episodes rather than dealing with the immaturity on the ABC boards. It was great being a part of the blog since the beginning, can't wait for the season 5 DVDs to come and the new articles to come!

lhaaheim said...


Oh I have lots of favorite moments on the blog and articles! This is going to be tough! :-D


lhaaheim said...

Lots of Vaughn in it! :-D

Kiki said...

Me too Shan! I loved the new-ness of everything- new ideas, new people, new opinions. It was so fresh and fun and still is. I remember being glued to my DVD's for 2 months after I started the blog- I had to go back and find all the things we had missed. It shows how fab the show was when I would come up with months and months of articles about one season!!

srg-alias said...

ok on my way to work today I was going over our blog in my head and remembered specifically how much I enjoyed the eppy recap of "Solo" and all the discussions that followed. That probably stands out for me since Solo was one of my favorite episodes from season 5, fun stuff! :)

sandi/juliansark1 said...

Happy everything!

I love the new banner...GREAT pic of Sark!

Tammy said...

Picking one article is tough. But, I really liked the article about Alice in Wonderland. I love all the references throughout Alias to Alice. It was fun to see them all in one spot!

Great new banner! Happy Birthday!