Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still haven't recieved your CD's?

Well, I received a few of them back in the mail, not enough postage again. I'm sorry. They are going out tomorrow, again. Soooo, if you absolutely do not receive them by next Friday, e-mail me and let me know.

Colleen- you were in the batch of returns!! YOU DESERVE YOUR CD'S!! They are coming if I have to walk them to your house from Seattle!


bonkers for bristow said...

This has nothing to do with CDs but I had a revelation last night and had to share! I was watching episode 2.12 "The Getaway" when I figured out why Sloan is always wearing three rings on his left hand! I had thought at one time the second ring was Emily's and he started wearing it after she died but I never could figure out why there were three. Remember when he was made a full member of the Alliance and they injected him with a bug? This bug recorded his conversations, gave his whereabouts and measured his vital signs. The third ring is an "anti-bug" that he paid a techno-geek to make for him. It sends fake signals back to the Alliance which is why he was able to dissappear and live with Emily in their little beach hut. At least until the next evil scheme...
I was so excited to finally solve the puzzle!

kellie said...

Oh yeah! I never noticed that he wore three rings but I love that episode when he kills the techno guy. He is so awesomely cold-blooded.

Did we ever figure out why he is constantly drinking water? I guess it's just a Sloane-ism.

lhaaheim said...

I've thought about the water thing too! But I really don't know why, other then the idea that Sloane drinks water in an effort to purify himself for his wrong-doings.

When we have long breaks in blogging it would be nice to have a random topic where we could post things like this. For example:

Alias Media has a wonderful draft copy of the Alias pilot! It’s pretty neat! Will use to be called Clay!!! They also have a very funny video of Jen and Bradley goofing off while filming the 100th episode. Oh and they posted the following link which gives a full listing of the bonus material in the complete Alias series collection!


lhaaheim said...

PS: It is 8 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes until I reach college!!! So excited!!! After two years off it's finally here!!! Whoo! Is anyone in the Providence, RI area?

Kiki said...

Sloane drank the water because it was filled with enzymes that altered brain chemistry to make the world more harmonious and happy. If the Mueller device had been used for good, then people would have turned ultra happy and not into zombies. Sloane drank the water to be affected positively.