Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Chance My Angels

Hi All,

I have decided to give you all weekend to turn in your season 5 Favorite picks. This is our last season, so let's get everyone to turn in their entries. Here are the categories once again...

Favorite Fight Sequence
Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget
Favorite Father/Daughter Moment
Favorite Song
Favorite Tear-jerker Scene
Favorite Villain
Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment
Favorite Line
Favorite Funny Moment
Favorite Sydney Alias
Favorite Mission (Solo or Group)
Favorite Sloane Scene
Favorite Jack Scene
Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger
Favorite Baby Moment
Favorite Sydney Dream Hallucination Scene
Favorite New Character
Favorite Call Back to Past Seasons

Of course, we will add bloopers and deleted scenes to this list once the DVD's come out. Remember, e-mail your picks at

Have a good weekend. Stay tuned Monday for the winners and a Scene Cap of the Week.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AHH, I feel like I'm gunna scream! I've been away for a few days, and just got back to discover news on both 'Alias' sets.
Buena Vista & ABC are jerks. The season 5 set has VERY FEW bonus features. It's complete crap!
Instead, the complete series set gets the finale reunion and everything else. The final season DVD has less than any other set.
I'm seriously so mad!

coup said...

I would get it just to see/hear that audio commentary of the finale with Abrams and Jen. How will they ever explain thaT?!

kellie said...

What is favorite call back to past seasons? Is it just a reference to past seasons or a resolution of a plot point from the past?


kellie said...

Never mind - I made and interpretation and am casting my vote!

kellie said...

K - just finished my picks and sent them off.

I scanned the second half of season 5 AGAIN today and I am liking the finale better with time.

One strange thing though. Why would Jack return to the underground bunker place with a bunch of explosives anyway? He wasn't really a Rambaldi believer, thought Sloane was dead, and was near death himself. What made him go back there?

I guess he just wanted to make 100%sure Sloane was dead and that it was over, or maybe he wanted to blow Sloane to smithereens dead or alive. Couldn't he have just tossed the C4 into the bunker and saved himself or doused himself in Rambaldi juice instead of dying? He pulled a Tom with the suicide. I know he was dying, but why did he go back there - thoughts?

Kiki said...

I'm at a loss for that one too Kellie. There are tons of things Jack could have done. But I think it was very symbolic of him to end the "life" of the man who brought his daughter into the business. I also think, he sacrificed his own life to make for the fact that it was indeed his fault the Sloane even knew Sydney. Jack has always done what is best for Sydney and never in the best way, this is just another example of that. He didn't need to ultimately kill himself, but that's just Jack. (No reference to the Will and Grace Jack hahaha)

uncle111 said...

He may have thought he wasn't going to live anyway and why not make sure he got Sloane.

lhaaheim said...

Oh! Pretty new banner! I love that one! Let's keep it for a while! It's great!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Sandi/juliansark1 said...

Like the new banner too..we get a nice glimpse of Sark. I think Jack knew the end was coming, and this would be the only way to get Sloan as well...he knew that if Sloan got out, it would never end for Sydney and her family. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

lhaaheim said...

I just love Jack!!! *sob* I want him and Alias back!!! Stupid network!

Anonymous said...

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