Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wee Season 3

I just absolutely love that Sydney is so utterly disgusted by Sloane in season 3 that she can't even take his arm on a mission! Love it! He tells her she looks lovely and she says "Spare me." He asks her to dance and she replies, "Like hell!" Seriously, JG is amazing in season 3.

So, here I am- lying in bed, blogging, watching Alias. My life is complete. I am actually watching episode 3.7, which has one of my favorite scenes of all time between Jack and Vaughn. The NSC tasks Lauren and Vaughn to pick up Javier Perez in Mexico City. Jack is worried that Javier will spill the beans to Lauren about Sydney and the Lazarey murder.Vaughn takes offense and then Jack has them ambushed. Oh, love me some SpyDaddy strategy. So, Jack hops on down to Mexico and strings Javier up in his cell. Pobre Javier!

Vaughn figures Jack put the armed rebels on their trail and confronts him. Seriously- it's the greatest scene of all time! Vaughn gets right in Jack's face, grabbing him by the collar. Jack shoves him back and says "Perhaps finally you understand the moral sacrifices you are will to make when someone you love is in danger." Oh, the tension, anger and frustration! I am telling you, it is that scene that makes season 3 so damn good!

Okay, I think we established the fact that Sydney did not send Sloane a letter in the mail the day before she woke in Hong Kong. It had to have been forged by the Covenant in order to prompt Sydney to investigate her missing 2 years. The Covenant needed the location of the Rambaldi DNA, which Sydney hid. So, Sloane gives her back the letter with the code, which ends up being the location of Julia Thorne's apartment in Rome. Why in the sam hell would Sydney Bristow actually believe that she would have sent a letter to Arvin Sloane? COME ON! She hates the dude's guts! She wouldn't have sent him the key and location of her apartment. She had to have known right then that it was all a set up by the Covenant, by Sloane. But, perhaps she is so utterly desperate to find out what happened to her that she was going to take any lead, even if it came from the man that killed Danny and lied to her.

Also, if Sydney did decide to have her memory erased why would she leave herself clues? She didn't want to know what happened to her!!!

Oooh, Sark in the car with Lauren. Now, did we decide that as a member of the Covenant that Lauren must have already known who Lazarey's killer was? Or no? Because she acts really surprised in the car after she takes a peek at the pictures Sark gives her. So, then she gives A-hole Lindsey a call and Vaughn realizes what Lauren has just done- put Sydney in danger. Crap! Vaughn contacts Syd and takes her to Dover- to a flight anywhere. Sydney of course HAS to go to her penthouse apartment in Rome. Vaughn has just sacrificed his marriage and his position at the CIA to help save Sydney. "Why are you doing this?" she asks. He replies, "Even though some things change, some things don't. I'm not going to lose you twice." GAWD, melt my heart, are you kidding! PS. Vaughn is looking mighty fine in this episode. I mean, the sultry blue eyes are killin' me. No wonder Lhaaheim is so obsessed!

Lauren's pissed and spends the remainder of the episode with a scowl on her face. She wipes Dixon of his standing at the CIA- obstruction of justice my backside. Lauren instructs that the LA office is to be in lock down until Lindsey arrives. She's so frickin' smug the whole time. I just want to grab her by her chipmunk cheeks and skake the accent out of her!! Sorry, I took it a little far.

Back in the Rotunda (which I miss dearly) Jack realizes that Vaughn is the one who helped Sydney flee the country. Jack asks, "Tell me, what else are you willing to do to see Sydney through this?" Vaughn replies with a smirk, "What did you have in mind?" Ah, well, a little plan I like to call BREAKING INTO A HEAVILY GUARDED GOVERNMENT FACILITY. Sweet!

Sydney arrives in Rome and she flips on the lights like she's lived in that apartment for years. She sees the images from her dreams and then takes a trip to the toilet. While rummaging through Julia's medicine cabinet she is taken into custody by what I believe to be an NSC team. Pobre Sydney!

On to 3.8- Sydney in big bad NSC lockdown. Is it me or does Robert Lindsey have a bit of a speech impediment? HAHA! I love that Dixon makes an ass of him by turning over his badge without a fight. Gosh, Lauren even starts to look evil in this episode. She plays her little "ignorance is bliss" game. "Oh, Lindsey is letting me write the brief, blah, blah, blah..." She and Vaughn have a a lash of words and then she is off to "particpate in an orchestrated cover up."

Now, the boys are cooking up a sweet plan to get our girl out. This is sooo fun! I love all this behind the scenes stuff, making plans, evading the law. LOVE IT! Can I be a spy already? I am surprised the CIA hasn't contacted me. Jack is looping Sloane in on plan. SURPRISE! They are going to make the break out look like the work of the Covenant. Off to FEMA to get the blueprints of the facility and to play a little chess in the park with my man Brill... (cue black out) A L I A S

More to come later. YAHOO TGIF!


lhaaheim said...

I just can't help it, I love me some Vaughn! :-D

I miss season three I should go watch it!!!

Kiki said...

It's so good Liz. I miss it~

jenn256 said...

is it just me, or did S3 seem to have the most action packed storylines and best action of all the season? It seems to me like that was the season with the most juicy stories and the best villans ever,

Kiki said...

It was! Come on, Kazari Bomani? Best bad guy! McKenas Cole comes back, Sark, Lauren. We even get a little Kendall in there too!

It is a fast action, fast pace, mega mission season. Also, it doesn;t seem like that gang goes on a lot of actually CIA sanctioned missions- they all seem to be rogue and off books. That is fun too, like the days of double agenthood.

mrsvaughn said...

The first time I saw Season 3 (on DVDs; I came to Alias late), I hated it. It was very difficult for me to watch Vaughn and Lauren together. And when we knew Lauren was evil, I jumped up and yelled, "Yes, I knew it." Upon subsequent viewings (more numerous than I can count), I realized just how brilliant season 3 really was. Oh how I miss Alias.

Amy said...

I l-o-v-e season 3. How could anyone not?!

btw, I love how you left the article with a cliffhanger! Just like Alias!

uncle111 said...

Season 3 is always hard for me because of Lauren. But I LOVE breaking Syd out of Lindsay's custody and Sloane setting him up!

I think the letter from "Syd" to Syd with the key, etc. was definitely a Covenant (read Elena) set up to get her to tell them or lead them to DNA, via Lazaray's hand. There is no way Syd would have gone bac, found and buried the hand. There was no reason to. Elena must have come across it after finding the cave where the DNA had been and kept it in case she needed it to trick Syd into leading them to the DNA someday. This also means Sloane was probably working with Elena at this point too.

Kiki said...

I did leave a cliffhanger didn't I Amy? HAHA. I am going to watch the rest tonight while I pack for my weekend trip! Cabin, here I come!

D.Love said...

Definitely, at least the first half of the season, was JG's best work. Overall, I love how dark it was, in mood, cinematography, etc. Biggest complaint, the second half really moved away from the Sydney storyline.

I just discovered your blog. Can't wait to read some of your past posts.

lonzi21 said...

welcome I'm more of a lurker than a blogger. I have no complaints about season 3 because the acting was phenomenal and I liked the tension as well as the relationship between Jack and Sydney. However, the way the writers handled the season finale was rather disappointing :( I was expecting something a lot bigger to unfold.

Kiki said...

They should have told us what was at the dig site, they should have told us they were looking for the sphere of life, because it was just like they went looking for...a lost sock or something. said...

The writers lost a golden opportunity with S4. The final scene of S3 with Jack and Sydney in Wittenberg had the potential to be so much more than the "supposed killing of Irina".

That scene was so unlike any of the other 2 previous finales. Because we had no idea what was in the documents, what Jack did, or what was going to happen next.

I could only imagine what was actually in the documents. And it was so much better than Jack's CIA sanctioned killing of Irina. All of this could have (and should have) lead to more Jack and Sydney in S4.

The only important thing that came out of the dig scene for me was Katya trying to kill Syd, Lauren mouthing off about Irina, the bank, people knowing where Syd was during those missing years, etc.

Robetron said...

I'm back!

Down to business:

The code was not included with the envelope containing the key to the apartment. The code which Lindsey was trying tp presuade Syd to explain was found beneath the desk in the apartment.

Backing up... The people who arrested Sydney in the apartment apeared to be Italian police - probably the equivolent of our SWAT teams. The insturctions given to her as they were arresting her were in Italian (with an impressively gruff tone for such a fluid language).

When Lauren told Lindsey, he called the Italian authorities and had her picked up until he could clap the irons on her himself. This was not in harmony with the Covenant's designs. Lauren messed up by telling Lindsey everything. The covenant intended for Syd to find the code that led to Lazzarey's buried hand - not wind up in an off-book detention facility without hope of escape. So, they tasked Lauren to fix the problem, which she did by proceeding to help the fella's bust her out.

Does this clear it up a little? There were two things I never liked about that episode. 1.) It was a very obvious start of the self-contained episodes, though the story line began several episodes previous to it. 2.) Jack's way-uncharacteristic and way-over dramatic line at the end: "You made it, Sydney. You made it." No one really talks like that... unless TRYING to be over dramatic, which, Jack never would.

Anyway... Michigan is great. Safe and sound, my feet on the ground.

Peace & Chicken grease!

Kiki said...

Robby, I just watched the episode when Sloane gives Sydney the key. There is a code with it, it's the coordinates to Julia Thorne's apartment. Jack recognizes the code as one Irina used, be deciphers it.

Kiki said...

The code taped to the bottom of the desk in Julia's apartment are the coordinates to the Lazarey hand in the desert. Sydney gives the wrong coordinates to Lindsey and then once she is rescued, she and Jack follow the real coordinates to the location. Sydney gives Lindsey the coordinates to a bodega in LA somewhere. HAHAHA.

uncle111 said...

Yes. They knew Syd knew where the Rambaldi DNA was and used the key, the code and the hand to create a mystery that would motivate Syd to get on the trail to retrieving what she had hidden and had paid someone to make her forget.

uncle111 said...

Which begs the question- Who knew, how did they know, and who is the who? Was it Covenant/Elena, Sloane, or were those two working together on it?