Thursday, June 22, 2006

The tube and the paperback

This evening I will be diving into the third disc of Season 3. We are edging up on Lauren learning about Sydney's role in the Lazarey murder. I love that scene when Sark appears in the back seat of Lauren's car. They are both working for the Covenant, but neither of them knows it. At that point, we don't even know that Lauren is a back-stabbing, two-faced, British beeyotch- but to have foresight makes the scene so much better! Then Sydney gets taken into custody by Director Lindsey and the boys have to do their thing and break her out! Love it! Can't wait!

Moving on- now that we have finished reading the first book, we will be moving on the the second. For your reading pleasure, we will be reading and discussing "A Secret Life" by Laura Peyton Roberts. My copy should be coming from Barnes & Noble today, so I will have plenty to read this weekend by the lake.

PS. Is it me or does that look nothing like JG? Kinda weird.


RUDY said...

I think it's her body looking to small for her head.

lhaaheim said...

I agree the picture is kind of funny lookin.