Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

Doug and Phil, two very lucky grasshoppers.
This is one of my favorite scenes of all time. Aside from being shot beautifully on the roof of the ABC building, with a magnificent view of LA, Sydney and Vaughn share a little moment. I love how comfortable they are together, how Sydney can open up about her mother and her father. After this scene, Vaughn sets up a feed into Irina's hearing. She is being accused of betraying her agreement with the CIA by sending Sydney and Vaughn into a building wired to explode. Of course, we all know it was Daddy Jack who did the betraying. Later, Jack is tried in a hearing with Senator Douglas, after admitting he set up Irina. Jack gives an amazing speech, while Sydney watches from the Rotunda.
Here is the excerpt:
"Sydney Bristow, my daughter... has come to believe that when I look at her, I see the embodiment of all my flaws. And this afternoon when I learned that she may have been exposed to a life-threatening disease, I realized that she might die believing that. But nothing could be further from the truth. When I look at her, when I look at the little girl who raised herself to become one of the most extraordinary human beings and one of the finest agents I've ever had the privilege of knowing, I see only the promise of my own redemption. Turning myself in was the only way I could think of to make that clear to her, to prove that despite... my limited abilities as a father, I love her more than I could ever say."
I am bawling my eyes out! GAWD- you think about how alone Sydney felt as a child, without a mother, and seemingly, with a reclusive and cold father. And then, you picture her sitting there, listening to her father speak this way about her- HEARTBREAKING!! I love Jack Bristow, I love this show! I WANT IT BACK NOW!!
PS. This episode is 2.6 "Salvation" written by my favorite writers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.
PPS. I am off to the island tomorrow afternoon. I am toting with me my laptop, so that I can FINISH THE CD's! YES, musical friends, I am going to finish them even if it kills me. I SWEAR UP AND DOWN, on my Alias DVD's, that I WILL finish them THIS WEEKEND!! YAHOO!


lisa said...

this is also when JG/MV's chemistry on set was really good- you can see it in their faces. I love this season! it's interesting (and sometimes sad) to see how their chemistry changes throughout the series.

Kiki said...

I agree Lisa. Look how relaxed they are, how much much fun they are having. This is the season where JG was referring to Michael as her best friend and it shows. it's almost as if they aren't working from the script, it's so natural, like a regular conversation between friends.

I enjoyed their chemistry in season 3, but 4 and 5 did nothing for me, especially in the end.

RUDY said...

Jack's speech was too amazing. So heart felt, so great. And it being Jack, I'd think he knew Syd was watching...hmmm....

lhaaheim said...

That's one of my favorite pictures and scenes! It's so sweet and funny!

I was watching a season one episode yesterday night, can't remember which one, it was just on TNT when I happened to be flipping and it's right after Jack stands Syd up at the restaurant. She is very pissed and hurt about. Their relationship was so cold then, so painful but my gosh it grew into an amazing bond! It totally made me cry!!! I miss Jack *sob*!!!

PS: I wish my daddy would say things like that about me that was an amazing speech Jack gave. :-)

lhaaheim said...

I disagree about the chemistry; I enjoyed their relationship in season 4 and 5 and believed in it. They still care about each other and they are still friends and wonderful actors. I feel they pulled it off; the extra affection I have for season 2 and 3 is more about missing the good old days then anything. Plus it’s also a different time in their relationship it’s those begging stages and the rebuilding that are the most heartbreaking, fun and exciting.


Kiki said...

They had some moments in season 4; like Liberty Village, and a couple others, of the finale of season 4 and the proposal, it was like the old Vaughn and Syd. But season 5, we saw them together for like 4 minutes totally. Sydney hadn't seen Vaughn in a year when she saw him in that bunker and nothing, no emotion. Boring.

Dark Alias said...

i tottally love jacks little speech. rip jack bristow.

Amy said...

ugh one of my favorite scenes shot of all the chemistry between syd and vaughn especially in season 2.

so, i was surfing around my usual alias websites and found some wallpapers from around this episode..check em out theyre really good: (I had to put the links on two seperate lines)



srg-alias said...

yeah the scene where Syd is watching Jack's speech at his hearing always makes me tear up, I can't help it. It's the first time she really sees how much he loves her. A couple days ago I decided to start rewatching all the seasons, starting w/ the pilot of course. :) The only thing I don't like about watching the earlier seasons is how strained Syd and Jack's relationship is, I love how they get closer every season. One of my other fav moments is in The Box pt. 1 where Syd volunteers to go up in the ducts and as she's climbing through Jack reaches up and touches the duct. It's the first physical gesture of care and concern we see from him toward Syd, so sweet and fatherly. :)

kellie said...

I am rewatching from S1 too. I even love the strained moments in the seasons when Jack pulls away (like standing her up in the restaurant after hypnosis when he has that flash that she is going to find out that Laura was really Irina). Wow what a painful scene as Syd realizes that Jack doesn't want to get close to her, and one of the first times she and Vaughn are intimate right afterwards when she cries to him about being stood up and how she can't do this (double agent) anymore/doesn't know who she is. Love it!

Two things that strike me when I think about Syd's viewpiont of Jack. 1. She takes things at face value too much with practically everyone, especially Jack (Jack even comments on this in the restaurant episode). She does it time and time again in later episodes which is funny given that she is supposed to be so brilliant at seeing all the possibilities and angles of a situation. Maybe she is unable to think 3 dimentionally about her own personal life? And 2. off topic but 1 makes me think of 2, did you ever notice that Syd is a terrible shot in the series? She and the others cannot shoot anyone accurately! Made me laugh when watching the first Anna episodes in S1 when Syd borrows Dixon's gun to shoot the strap on the bag Anna is carrying up that ladder in the basement of the building (with the Sun glass thingy in it) and she has no problem releasing the messenger bag strap and one-upping Anna. Not a sign of the poor shooting to come in practically every other episode! LOL

Kiki said...

Well, if she had a good shot, all her foes would be dead (Ana, Sark, Lauren) it would make for a boring show. I also love how the CIA uses tranquilizer darts. My sister and I always laugh. You can tell by the sound of the gun when they are using tranqs. I always call them out, "Tranq gun." Too funny.

Anonymous said...

lhaaheim said: "I wish my daddy would say things like that about me that was an amazing speech Jack gave. :-)"

I think it's true that most of our real-life dads could benefit from a better team of writers. It definitely worked for Jack.

uncle111 said...

One thing my brother and I began commenting on was how when they had the chance to do in an enemy (Sark, Irina, Anna, whoever) and didn't do it, that person caused more grief later than anuyone should have to experience. But, they never learned. Time and time they left them alive, and unarrested, or turned their backs on them after only knocking them out, and the baddy would escape and return to almost kill them or ruin a plan later.
What we learned- once you have a bad guy, on the level of Alias bad, down you don't walk away until they are dead.

kellie said...

I know Uncle! Like in the episode where Jack, Irina and Syd went to Vancouver to recover The Horizon from the bank (Maternal Instincts?) and Jack took out Peyton, but didn't even check to make sure she was dead. That was out of character for him - after Syd was kidnapped and her life was made so difficult by Peyton, it seemed like Jack Bristow would spray her with bullets or something.

I guess though, the show would have ended a lot sooner if they did take out their enemies and were better shots. I hope the real CIA is more efficient, but I'm glad Alias went on as long as it did : )