Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

This has got to be the sweetest moment of all Alias moments.
The fact that moments later, Sydney offers up a drawer at her apartment for Vaughn is just enough to make my heart melt time and time again!
PS. I have wireless internet!! I have been plugging into the cable connection for the last 4 months, the cord only stretching to the couch. Last night my room mate discovered that I have had wireless internet this whole time!! And I thought I was so computer sauvy! I guess not! So, now my dreams have come true- I can blog and watch Alias IN BED!!
PSS. I sound lazy and fat. I'm not...usually. I like to say- though I may not be physically active, I am mentally active. It's the same right?


Bluebird said...

I love this secene cap! For another one I was thinking from Season 4 the episode called "Welcome To Liberty Village." or "Crossings." from Season 3

lhaaheim said...

*sigh* Vaughn is so cute! :-)

That is such a lovely Alias moment!

Kiki said...

GAWD, I miss them!! It's moments like that that make me miss Alias the most. Look how happy they both look!!!

lhaaheim said...

I know GS! I want more Alias! I need more Syd and Vaughn!!!

RUDY said...

Truly a "love" love moment. What about the season 2 kiss in the debris of SD-6. That's another one.

uncle111 said...

We need to put together a DVD of Best Alias Scenes.

Tammy said...

Now that is a GREAT idea Uncle!! I think it would be a LONG DVD! :)

lhaaheim said...

So Alias is on TNT right now!!!

I usually just leave the TV on mute at night because it creates enough light for me to see but without disturbing my family. So I walk into the living room and all of a sudden I’m greeted by Marshall! So naturally I turn the TV on and I’m like Whoo! Surprise viewing of Alias, that’s great!!!

Oh contrary!!! I’ve mentioned before that I have not seen the entire pilot, only the last half and I’m totally putting off watching the rest. As I listen to Marshall ramble on I quickly realize, oh crap I haven’t seen this, the show goes on, I see a na├»ve sweet Syd, she shares her engagement news with Will. I thought I could do it but I found myself running for the remote!!! I just can’t do it! I refuse to give up the last little bit of unviewed Alias that I have left! Nope not happening!!!

I need season six, I need an Alias movie, I need more Vaughn!!!