Friday, June 02, 2006

Ready, set, READ

All right, the day has come! Today, Let's Talk Alias is starting it's Alias Summer Book Club! We are launching the club with Recruited: An Alias Prequel. I am picking up my copy at Barnes & Noble (my heaven!!) today on my lunch break! I hope to be finished with the book by Monday- but I will only review the first half of the book then, as not to rush all of you.

So, pick up your copy and get reading!!


Dark Alias said...

YAY!! I can't start to read. My book was supposed to have come today, but it didn't. so hopefully tomorrow.

Robetron said...

If anyone wants the entire series of prequill books, someone is selling it as a group:

Here's hoping that shows up.

Tammy said...

Mine is on the way! I should hopefully get it today or tomorrow so will be able to jump into discussions soon!