Friday, May 19, 2006

How It All Will End

We can speculate until the cows come home. We can map out ideas, piece together scenes and spoilers- but we have never been able to predict Alias and I doubt we will get any closer to how the show will sign off. Personally, I will be satisfied with whatever the writers give us. They have been kind to us, I have faith and I trust they will do right by the show. But, for fun, I thought it would be great to share ideas about how you think the show will end. What ending would "quell your fire?" What big twists or cliffhangers would you lead the season out with? If you were writing the season finale-how would you say goodbye?

Ready, set, GO!

PS. Thanks Lisa for the great idea!

PPS. SAY CHEESE!! Sarafu, you posted a great idea as well!! I think it would be great if ya'll took photos during your watch of the finale episode. During the commercials (of course), gather your Alias party people together and snap a few for memory's sake. Then, send them to me via e-mail ( and I will post a photo album of sorts, to help commemorate the ending of Alias! Great idea Sara!

PPPS. Amandalicious as finally posted a recap of Wednesday night's Lost episode on Let's Get LOST. Check it out!!

PPPPS. (Okay, I know, the PS is getting ridiculous) Alias-Media has posted a tear-jerker of an article about being an Alias fan. IT IS A MUST READ- it's called "Confessions of an Alias Addict."


birdietwoshoes said...

Hmm... Ok first of all, Sloane and Irina would be taking over the world with Syd, Jack and Vaughn trying to stop them. Then we would find out Jack and Irina have really been working together all this time and Irina would sacrifice herself to save Syd and co. (With of course, a touching Mother/Daughter goodbye-- Syd would know her mom really, truly loves her) Vaughn and Syd live happily ever after. And Sloane would have to die at the hands of Syd. Oh, and Peyton would end up being someone else. Don't care who, although I like the Lauren theory. So maybe she dies at the hands of Vaughn. Ooh, that would be good! :)

As much as I would hate to see it, I wonder if we're in for a huge shocker. Either Dixon being the mole, or SpyDaddy dying. I hope it's neither one of those. And I hope hope hope Irina isn't evil. Of all the things I hope for the end of Alias, is that Syd knows that her mother is not truly evil.

jenn256 said...

Ooh GS, I love this idea, we get to let our imaginations run wild!

well since we know that Sloane kidnaps Rachel and Marshall, I think a theory raised yesterday may be correct. I think TOm will go to save them and will die trying to save Rachel. He ends up saving her, even though he wasn't able to save his wife, so dies a hero after all.

Sloane and Irina have been working together with Sark, but Irina has been in it with her own agenda, so Sloane finds out and turns on her and kills her, so then Sydney or Jack pull a gun on Sloane and kill him. I'm hoping Spydaddy doesn't die, but I have a bad feeling about that one. Peyton is arrested and Sark is hired by APO to do freelance work in exchange for not going to jail for his crimes. Somewhere in this Evil Francie/Allison comes into play, but I'm not sure how yet, I have to think about that one.

Vaughn, Sydney and baby Isabelle will go off and live on the beach the wat they always wanted. Sydney becomes a teacher, and Vaughn returns to being a French professor.

suzieq said...

I'd love to have all our Rambaldi questions answered, but I'm skeptical that will happen. All I really care about, though, is seeing Vaughn, Syd, and baby on a beach in Santa Barbara, where they will live out their lives in peace!

carley said...

I don't know, but I'm willing to bet that SpyDaddy dies in the finale for the benefit of Syd of course, so she and Vaughn can have a chance at family life. I think he'll do it so Vaughn's life will be saved as well for the same reason. Kinda like the movie "Armageddon" where the Dad stays behind to detonate the nuke so that his daughter and soon to be son-in-law have a life figuring that he's done his work. I think it'll be noble of Jack though tears will be shed. I also believe that the hook-up thing that will happen will be between Rachel and Tom.

I guess we'll see. I've got to go make Choc Chip cookies with my son for his campout tonight with his Dad. Father-son camping = alone time with my only daughter (7 yrs) doing girlie things. We got a Barbie DVD to watch with some pudding an' stuff. And a bunch of foam crafts for making a princess crown purse, wand, and journal. Oh, it's going to be so fun!!! :D

carley said...


I figure that Vaughn and Jack will be around when Syd is doing whatever it is that she'll be doing. And Syd's life will be endangered and then Vaughn will attempt to "take a bullet" for Syd but then Jack will push Vaughn out of the way and "take a bullet" so they can have their life.

There, I wasn't sure that I made it clear. I don't know that it will happen but that is my theory.

Kiki said...

Funny that you mention Armeggedon Carley, as Bruce Willis was saving who else, but Syd's real life hubby, Ben. hahaha

alex said...

im not sure how its going to end but i have theory about something...

when syd was in her bed with vaughn and izzy she was holding her neck saying it was soar from the mission .. i think it has something more to do with that. when sloane grabed her neck he might of done something not quiet sure. Also in the page being burnt the circle of rambaldi was around her neck.

i got these ideas from seeing spoiler pics from the last epi on

do i sound crazy? lol

Robetron said...

We find out that Irena had gone through a similar programing as Sydney did (Project Christmas) when she was very young. Irena dies protecting Sydney, but there is still danger.

Sydney dies protecting Izzy and Vaughn is left alone to raise thier daughter. He is often away trying to make the world safer for his daughter's future. Seeing that things are not going to be better for Izzy, being the daughter of a super-spy, he gives her some early programing/training that she would be able to defend herself when she gets older.

One cycle ends, another begins.

Robetron said...
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Robetron said...

There's room for a spin-off right there with a new character playing Izzy.


I can see it now:
"Previously on Iz-lias..."

Vaughn and Syd laying on bed with baby between them.

Vaughn: "She's going to be just like you."
Sydney: "I hope not. I want her to be a teacher, or a lawyer or something normal..."

Robetron said...

Flash to a 19 year old girl with a red wig, dressed in revealing street-clothes, running full spead down an alley-way with bullets wizzing passed her head.

(Pinch me; I'm dreaming.)

Kiki said...

OOOHHH Robby, I LOVE IT!!! Perfect!! What a nice little package!!

lhaaheim said...

In effort to keep this short I will use a list:

Sloane, Sark and Irina are working together but Irina and Sark turn against Sloane and work with Syd.

Tom is somehow connected to all of this Rambaldi stuff or his wife is either Peyton, still alive, or was involved with P5. Rachel plays a big part in discovering this with Tom and more sparks fly between them.

Irina dies saving Syd's life (I would rather have her die then Jack, which is what I think will actually happen).

Syd kills Sloane (it needs to be done).

There is a little Bob and Lydia reunion and Sark is flirtatious as ever.

Vaughn almost kills Sark (he looks very scared in the preview and has a bloody nose, I think Vaughn would scare Sark, and then we see Vaughn with a gun pointed down at someone and Sark just happened to be on the floor in this shot).

Syd, Vaughn and Izzy live happily ever after near a beach and Syd and Vaughn finally go to Santa Barbara. They both become teachers.

Marshall is super funny and has a nice reunion with Vaughn. Marshall lives happily ever after and visits Syd, Vaughn and baby often. Marshall does stay in the CIA.

Jack lives!!!

Dixon is not a mole but the world’s greatest friend and he too visits Syd, Vaughn and Izzy often. However he does stay in the CIA.

Bill Vaughn is alive and has been working with Irina all along. He and Vaughn have a little reunion and Vaughn at least sort of understands BV's reasons.

Jack and Vaughn hug when they see each other for the first time since Vaughn “died”.

Evil Francie is back and is killed once and for all with a great line about Francie from Syd or Will.

Emily is not dead but has been in hiding and Sloane never knew and now regrets everything he did! But still dies.

WEISS IS EVIL! He’s been bad all along and instead of being the okay agent who never got his own fight scene, the huggable best friend who loves bowling, Weiss is the greatest double agent of all time and he fooled them all!!! (If Tom is an obvious mole for our lack of knowledge regarding his background and his shady dealings then Weiss could be the unobvious choice).

We find out what Rambaldi was really all about or we at least find out a little.

We are left with answers to most of the things we want to know about but are given a few more big questions!

Jack and Irina have a nice little moment before one of them or both of them dies. I really hope Jack doesn’t but I think one of them will have to.

[“I figure that Vaughn and Jack will be around when Syd is doing whatever it is that she'll be doing. And Syd's life will be endangered and then Vaughn will attempt to "take a bullet" for Syd but then Jack will push Vaughn out of the way and "take a bullet" so they can have their life.”]

Good theory Carley, I have a feeling that will happen too and I like the idea of Jack not only saving Syd but Vaughn too. That would be sweet but so very sad! I don’t want him to die!

Alex you don’t sound crazy because if you slow down the preview at the end of the eppy you will see that Syd has a bandage on her neck as she is running somewhere.

lhaaheim said...

Good spin-off idea Robby and I too have wondered if the end of Alias will jump ahead and we will see Izzy all grown up and following in her parents footsteps without their knowledge. However I think that can be done without Syd dying, it would be so horribly sad if she died.

lhaaheim said...

Oh I forgot little mousey Peyton is actually someone important or she plays a big role in the things to come. I really like the idea of her being Elena or Grace's wife.

lhaaheim said...

GS- thanks for letting us know about that article. It was really nice tough I bet if the author had visited the blog he would have never recovered from his Alias addiction. I'm really going to miss Alias and the liveliness of the blog. Let's start brainstorming ways to keep the blog alive and kicking. I think we should go back to season one and start watching Alias over again and each week blog about a particular episode. I think the ending will bring new insight to the old episodes.

lhaaheim said...

BTW- I like the banner change, the current one is very nice :-)

Robetron said...

Way to keep the Alias-blog going:

Some blogs could be strictly writen by a single author. Other stories could be a chain of bloggers with miniture ideas. Others yet, could be spin-off stories like what I created above.

It doesn't have to be awsome; it doesn't have to be professional; it doesn't even have to be connected to anything else; just so long as it is fun and Alias-related.

Just a suggestion. I think it would be fun.

Kiki said...

Nice idea Robby. Just so you all know, I plan to go back and rewatch all the seasons once we have all our answers. Then we can go back and pick up on what we missed, or what connects. Should be like wathching it for the first time all over again. Then we can look at the show in a whole new way. That will keep us going.

carley said...

Thanks guys for thinking that I may have something going with my theory. I guess we'll see on Monday. :)

lhaaheim said...

I was just randomly watching Alias on an old tape that I reused and I caught the scene were Vaughn is going to ask Jack if he could marry Syd and then Jack is mean and insults Vaughn. Anyway, Marshall interrupts Vaughn to sign a document before he goes in to speak with Jack; it's something regarding the death of Weiss's grandfather. Have we ever heard of his Grandfather before this or his parents? I'm seriously starting to wonder if something might be up with Weiss. Maybe my crazy he's evil theory isn't so far off.

steph_bristow said...

did you guys catch our jenny G on letterman just a little while ago? she's just too darn adorable! anyway she said people will die, people will come back that have been gone, there will be an appearance by somebody they've talked about since the beginning (could it be!) and then she said it will all be tied up with a big bow....YAY!! happy ending, hope sloane dies though.

lhaaheim said...

I just saw JG on letterman. It was a great interview, her story about her childhood friend and their little business was so cute and funny. Plus she really emphasized that all the loose ends would be tied up nicely.

lisa said...

these ideas are fun. like I told GS, I think a great ending would be if the last scene showed Vaughn and Syd (and Isabelle!) at Will's wedding... how great would that be...and then we see who Will is marrying (the painter) and it is Kelly Peyton!!! then the Alias stamp. ha! I do hope there is some kind of cliff hanger, though. its so old-school Alias.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Weiss is coming back, nor Will for that matter. I think they are done with the show, and the only reason they came back was because this was the last season. Kind of like getting the familiar faces back to say one final goodbye...just my 2 cents.

lhaaheim said...

Wow Lisa I love your wedding idea. That would be so shocking! Will marrying Peyton!?!

Anonymous- I have a bad feeling that they won't be back either, they are not listed in the episode credits. However it's possible that their part is so small and that they want to keep it a secret at least until the episode credits come on. Furthermore they could have shot the scene they will be in months ago.

uncle111 said...

I love the ideas of fan-fic blogging and commenting on an informed rewatch of the series! The fan-fic blog was one I had thought of when trying to find a way to deal with this ending. There are several ways to do it that would be fun and creative:
1- tag blogging- one person starts the story off with x number of words. The next person continues the story with the same number of words, etc, with a short time limit between blogs.
2- A longer specified time period to write a longer section of story, but only one author per story, several stories going on at once as different articles.

I too thought the sore neck comment was odd. It had the feel of something significant. The whole Sloane choking Syd scene was also odd, even at the time. Syd should have been able to get out of that in several ways rather easily. Defending against being chocked from the front is one of the first and easiest defense techniques you learn. I think that scene was there for Sloane to be able to implant something, or rub some substance on Syd's neck. If that is the case, then Sloane must have known that it was Syd and not Anna, and had no intention of killing her there.

uncle111 said...

Just saw this on a couple of sites:
I'm a mathematician and I just discovered something fantastic. It is related to "If there was never the one, there was ever the 12."

This is the list of Regular Primes.

3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 41, 43, 47...

The number one (1) is not a prime. [2 is not a Regular Prime.] Count how many regular primes there are prior to the 47. There are 12. Now what does this mean in terms of Rambaldi's end game?

lhaaheim said...

Great find uncle! I just love all the Alias number connections we keep finding. I have no idea how this all fits with Rambaldi but I find it fascinating. Hopefully we will get an answer on Monday that will explain 47, 30 and 12. What that explanation will be is beyond me???