Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Episode 5.15 "No Hard Feelings"

We are one step closer. The answers, all the answers are right there and tonight, well, it was a set up for all those answers.

Did ya catch it? Did you catch my shout out? In the car, SydAna and Peyton, musing over the previous mission and the death of Miss B. Sydney says something to the affect of, “It’s this body- I feel like I have to walk around like a girlscout." Starbucks Mom caught it first off! YAHOO! (PS. If you know the exact quote, let me know. I think I might make a T-shirt).

SydAna returns from her mission to retrieve the chip (which Kelly Peyton destroys in a glass of- no doubt crappy- champagne) and comes face to face with her enemy of all enemies, Sloane. She asks him to join her in celebratory drink- as Sydney Bristow is dead. *wink* Sydney so brilliantly coaxes and pets him to catch a flutter of regret or remorse. Sloane plays along, but we could all see the hurt in his eyes- the Chosen One, dead, Sydney Bristow, dead.

Help me- What exactly was the point of Ana retrieving the chip if Kelly was just going to destroy it in a glass of bubbly? I understand that the point of Ana looking like Syd was to fool the rose tattoo man into giving her the amulet. But, what was the chip for? Did I miss something?

Later, Sloane approaches SydAna about how exactly she offed the SuperSpy. Sydney says one of the most amazing things she has ever said on this show- “Sydney isn’t a martyr or a legend.” And she’s not. She’s merely a woman who wants to protect her family. BRAVO Syd for that one!

Back At Base Camp
Marshall, Jack, Vaughn and Dixon are busy keeping tabs on Syd. Um, can I say one thing- Marshall’s little sappy quips never get old! He announces to Vaughn that he cried at his funeral and Vaughn merely replies, “Yeah, sorry about that.” I died! Onward, Syd is tracked and Dixon pays a visit to the bunker- complete with a tiny portrait of the new girl in Vaughn’s life- Baby Iz. Hot socks I love having Vaughn back in action. Oooh, and the scruff, are you kidding! The man is beautiful. Sorry, boys, sorry- moving on.

We learn that it was in fact Jack’s plan to fake Vaughn’s death and what better, more successful way than sodium blah blah blah. I TOLD YOU THE CUP AND STRAW WERE IMPORTANT!! He drank the dead juice and slipped into a coma and then sat in the morgue waiting for the contact. Brill (as in the British slang for brilliant)! And it’s a good thing SpyDaddy is so morbid, because the P5 bunker was packed with information on mysterious death and murders of several people who were investigating P5. Now- if Billy V was investigating P5 and he has to die and it was in fact Irina that killed him- than maybe Irina has more to do with this than we thought.

Sark, Syd and the Slammer
SydAna is set to meet with a P5 contact, someone that will help her retrieve the final piece of the Rambaldi puzzle. Sloane said she would know him when she saw him and who should come swaggering into the bar- why, hello Sark! Yum. SydAna pays tribute to his betrayal with a few fists to the face, then they knock back a few and Sark dishes the dirt on this Rambaldi artifact. It’s in a prison- the very same prison that housed the heretic Rambaldi himself. Hmmm, interesting. So, Sark pulls a bomb from his pants (oh, did I just say that?) and he and SydAna take a trip to the clink.

One Old Dude
Okay, the old guy? Kinda creepish and I know about half of you were thinking, “This is it, this is the moment we have been waiting for- it’s Rambaldi!” Nope, sorry. Rambaldi is dead! Aside, the creepy man with the rose tattoo gives Sydney an amber amulet (say that 3 times fast). Imagine- this prophet comes to you and promises you eternal life- but you have to sit here and wait in jail for 500 years and then this girl, who I have drawn a picture of on the wall will come and you give her this. I’d say, “Yeah, right, I ain’t wasting this gift of long life in a jail cell.” Seriously!

The creepy old man did have some very interesting things to say, however. He mentioned something about stars falling from the sky and that by giving Sydney the amulet the circle would be complete. Any ideas on this one?

TomTom with a Bomb
Marshall intercepts a communication from Grace to Korman and brings it to Rachel’s attention. Rachel then plays spy (go figure) and follows Grace to his meet. Korman tells Grace he will give him the information on his wife’s death, if Grace retrieves Korman’s old car from impound. Rachel confronts Grace and Grace tells her he is investigation his wife’s death and Korman is the only person who knows who ordered the hit. Hand and hand, Rachel and Grace hotwire the car and deliver it to Korman. Korman digs around in the back seat and man, he doesn’t find change for a dollar, but a sack of ice baby!

Grace learns that the hit was meant for him. Korman waited, as Grace was suppose to be with his wife- but duty called and Grace was called away. Korman killed Grace’s wife because he thought it was Grace. Grace says goodbye to Korman and then blows him and that horrid car to bits. Bummer!

Now, wait- so Grace really was just trying to track down the story behind his wife’s death? Does the Cardinal really have nothing to do with P5 and all this Rambaldi mumbo jumbo? I am so confused! Why do we care? What is the point? There has to be one! I am thinking that Grace used this as an opportunity to contact the Cardinal and kill Korman at the same time- I think it was all a monkey, weasel, mulberry bush story. I think something else is up or at least I hope.

The Suffocation of Syd
I really hope I will never have to watch my fiancé be strangled by their sworn enemy in a maximum security prison. Sad! Sloane appears in SydAna’s cell after she has successfully retrieved the amulet. Sark is carted off by Peyton and Syd is left to fend for herself. Sloane, in thinking the woman before him is Ana, wraps his little liver spotted hands (sorry Ron, love ya) around her neck and begins choking her. When he can’t kill her he realizes that it is, in fact, Sydney. Vaughn comes to the rescue when a prison guard gets nightstick happy and the two rush home.

The Family Bristow-Vaughn
How absolutely adorable is the SpyFam? Nestled at home, in bed in Santa Monica, Vaughn spends some quality time with his kiddo. We never thought we would see this moment- complete peace, almost a harmonic stillness. But, it is short lived. Sydney receives a call a la season 2 and graduation day, from Sloane. He pulls out the one, two punch. He knows its her and he knows she will come after him.

That’s it. That was the lead in to the finale. A simple episode which brings us full circle, back to the beginning- Sydney looking to bring down Sloane and reunite with her love (or loves, plural, I should say, as I am sure Izzy B-V is included!!)

I wasn’t overly impressed with the eppy- I didn’t jump from my seat or scream. My friends and I were sure we would have an OH MY GAWD moment, but it never came. They are saving all the good stuff for the finale, I get it. So, bring it on! Let’s see it! I want the answers, I want the action and I want it 2 full hours on a Monday night! Goodnight, thank you very much, I'll be here all week and tip your waitresses!


lhaaheim said...

Good recap GS! And yes I did catch the girlscout comment. Syd is so clever! Also, I actually liked Peyton in this episode; she seemed very evil this time, very in control. I wonder what she is up to. Though I'm confused about the chip? Maybe P5 wanted it but Peyton didn't care about that so she tossed it??? Syd's line on the plane was great! So believable and not only did it bring up her desire to just be a woman, safe with her family, but it also brought up that Ana was nothing special since she died in that manner. Mostly I just love the fact that she fooled Sloane!

I LOVE MARSHALL! He's always so funny and sweet, and he is so sincere about it. No one ever knows how to respond to it and it never fazes him. I just love him!

Oh yes GS, scruffy Vaughn is back and lookin’ good! Seriously, I think Michael Vartan just might be the best looking man ever! Oops I went into silly girl mode again. Sorry can't help it when it comes to Vaughn! He's just too pretty! hehe!

How many times have they used the sodium morphate stuff? I would really like to know.

Oh yes Irina is super involved in all of this, she always has been and it looks like she will be back for the finale. I don't think she killed those men though, she has her own Rambaldi agenda and I think it differs from Sloane’s even though she might appear to work with him.

Why is Sark helping out? Is it really just about money to him? Why does he continue to be everyone’s gopher!?!

There is a short part were we see the old dude when Syd gets to the prison. I knew then that he was either Rambaldi, which was total wishful thinking or that he was connected somehow. His eyes were just so piercing and his presence so odd. I don't understand why he wouldn't tell Syd more; he seemed like a nice guy. The falling stars comment reminded me of Savogda when the gang jumped from the plane but other then that I have no idea what he meant. Is this whole Rambaldi thing really about the end of the world? Why would Sloane want it to end? So it can be reborn again or something?

Tom- There is more too it and I don't think Tom is done avenging his wife's death. I thought it was pretty obvious that a bomb was in the car but I'm still a little shocked that he did it. Towards the end of his explanations to Rachel I started to believe him but I'm back to doubt again. Something is up with him or something is up with Rachel and I think we will see more of them together on Monday.

"I really hope I will never have to watch my fiancé be strangled by her sworn enemy in a maximum security prison." That made me laugh so hard, I don't know why but it did. Maybe just the thought of such an insane thing happening in real life; wow the stuff that happens on Alias!

The family time was lovely, Vaughn is such a cute Dad and the whole scene was adorable and sweet until stupid son of a you know what Sloane had to call and ruin it. It was a nice call back though but I was hoping for a non-evil interrupted Syd-Vaughn-Izzy moment but it looks like we won't get one until the end.

I agree, they are saving everything for the finale which I think will be insane! However I liked this eppy, it felt like a regular season one/two eppy. Vaughn was playing handler again, they couldn't be together, and Sloane is evil and making mean phone calls. Sark is charming and getting beaten up and Dixon is our loyal best friend, Jack the over protective Dad and Marshall is funny as ever. Monday is going to shock us but I have a feeling that this eppy will be one that we go back to and watch scenes from or reminisce over. I think there will be major change on Monday and this eppy, and all its familiarity has just made us super comfortable.

lhaaheim said...

Final thought: BILL VAUGHN AND WEISS???

birdietwoshoes said...

My favorite moment last night, hands down, was when Syd, Vaughn and baby Isabelle were on the bed and he says, "I think she'd look cute in a wig" and the baby jerked in her sleep!!! What a moment!! I think the actors were taken by surprise and just went with that moment. Too too cute!!!

I also loved it when the big guy in the cell with Sark yelled out, "Help, the beautiful man is dying!" Ha!

Aside from the humor, it was a confusing episode to me in some ways. They've got a lot of 'splaining to do and I hope they can do it in the 2 hour time span. I'm hoping our jump up off the couch and scream moment comes next week, GS. I'm really hoping.

Sarafu said...

GS, I actually made a comment out loud when Peyton made a refrence to Girlscout! I knew you would Love that!! No refrences to Sarafu? hmmmm.....wonder why. :)
Just a couple things to say, I agree with you GS in wondering what the heck the cardinal has to do with this whole thing. They wouldnt have introduced a whole new story line, would they?
That Rose dude was creepy but I lOVED it!!!! It keeps me wondering.
Last but not adorable was that little family!!!! That pic of them all in the bed was SO cute!!!
4 more days.....

birdietwoshoes said...

Oh and I said, "Hey, that was for you, Girlscout!" When SydAna made that comment. :) Hee hee. Yay for getting mentioned!

(And Sara, I'm online... :) )

Joyce said...

I've been obsessed with Alias since the first episode in '01, and I love to read your comments daily, but this is my first time posting at any Alias site. The reason I can't keep silent is because of DIXON. I couldn't bear it if he was the mole, but there were a lot of strange looks last night from him, as well as a foreshadowing comment to Vaughn, "Better the enemy you know." He also was a little too curious how Jack faked Vaughn's death. Anybody else notice this, or am I just mole-crazy?!

spyfriend said...

I think the chip was just to get the location of the bunker and after that it really had no use. Though P5 didn't seem to care about the info the bunker contained.

mommer said...

Maybe the whole chip sequence was a test for Syd/Ana. I don't think P5 knew about the chip until it was found in Renée and on the chance that it was important they sent Syd/Ana to retrieve it. They can't afford to ignore anything that may be relevant to Rambaldi. And remember, when she gave the chip to Peyton, Kelly said, "If you can do this, the rest should be easy." So it seems like a test to see how Ana performed as Syd and if she could get away with looking like Syd out in the world.

mommer said...

When do you think Syd gave herself away to Sloane? I wondered when she gave the speech about Rambaldi and faith in a dead prophet from 500 years ago and then Sloane looked at her really strangely and said that he thought Ana had always been into Rambaldi. Syd covered by saying she was about Rambaldi when it suited her checkbook, but I think it started Sloane wondering.

jenn256 said...

yes, all in all a confusing episode, but I agree that we are being set up for answers next week. I'm just happy we were at least able to scratch a few questions from our list.

I wonder if in the beginning when Grace was intoduced his secret was supposed to be more indepth and juicy, but after cancellation they had to make it short and sweet to fit into the time restriction. They weren't going to just drop it and hope we would forget, they know we are smarter than that. It seems that maybe the Cardinal had no other purpose than rounding out Grace's storyline.

I also wondered about the chip, and why she went through all of that trouble to begin with. But then I was thinking maybe they wanted the chips and wanted them destroyed so no one would be able to find the bunker with their secrets, but then wouldn't they have sent someone to gather the info or destroy the bunker? All in all, very odd.

I know you all loved the SpyFamily in bed with Isabelle, I loved it too, but I think my favorite part was when Syd called Jack and asjed where he was and he said with Isabelle. Then when she laughed he said, "I guess she thinks I'm funny". How cute was Jack with his tough guy exterior dropped in a way only a granddaughter can do it.

I also noticed how odd Dixon was a few times, but I am just really hoping he was just so caught off guard at Vaughn being alove, and maybe a little upset about being left in the dark. I brought up the ides of Dixon being the mole to GS a few weeks ago, and we both decided we would be very upset if that was the case.

Monday night's eppie looks like a doozy with Irina back! Can't wait to see how all of the pieces fit together in the end.

faithschild said...

Spyfriend's right...the chips found in Renee and Vaughn were used to locate the bunker under the jewelry story in Episode 5.14. The chips apparently held no other purpose. But I do find it odd that P5 really had no interest in what the bunker held. I guess P5 was thinking the chip would lead them to Rambaldi, and when it didn't they figured it was of no more use to them. Thought...what if there's more to the bunker? Could the answer to stopping P5/Sloane/Rambaldi's endgame be there? Why go to all the trouble of locating it if it doesn't have more of a connection?

On Tom -- I really want to believe that his search for the Cardinal only has to do with his wife's murder...that it has nothing to do with P5/Rambaldi...but I still think he is hiding something more. I'm just not sure what. On the other hand, the writers could have just thrown the Cardinal in there to mess with our make us think Tom was connected to P5 when he's actually not. Hmmm...

As for Dixon...I thought his initial meeting with Vaughn was a bit odd. I consider the 2 men friends, but neither seemed all that happy to see the other. But I also think Dixon may have been hurt that Jack and Syd didn't let him in on what happened with Vaughn. No...I refuse to believe that Dixon is evil or a mole. He has seen too much...lost so much because of secrets and betrayal. He wouldn't willing act to hurt those he loves.

Sloane...I had a feeling he'd figure out that Sydney was Sydney. I just wondered how long it'd take him. His phone call at the end did take me back to Season 2. Will it never end?!

Sydney, Vaughh, and Isabelle...I absolutely loved the end scene! I rewatched it several times. Vaughn's "I think she'd look cute in a little pink wig." and "The snoring. It kills me." lines cracked me up. So adorable. Together again...finally!

I can't wait for Monday! So many many answers!

Tammy said...

Well - you have to know the writers threw in the Girlscout comment in homage to your blog GS! :0) Wouldn't that be great?! If they were smart, they definitely would be following this blog because there are some genius ideas floating around here! And they would get a good beat on what the true, rabid fans really want and wish for!

Absolutely my favorite line of the show was Marshall with Vaughn. It was a great scene. Closely followed by the Jack line about Isabelle - "guess she thinks I'm funny!" Loved it!

I have NO idea what Monday night will bring us, but whatever it is, I'm extremely sad (as the rest of you) to see this brilliant show end. There have been episodes that weren't as brilliant, but all in all, it's the best show around!! Thank goodness for DVD! (and iTunes - I was able to download the one show I missed this season to watch!!) Yay!


birdietwoshoes said...

Man... I don't like what I read for the preview on But the preview itself seemed classic Alias.

Did anyone else think Rachel's looks and actions with Grace seemed a bit odd? She told Marshall, "I KNOW he's not a bad guy." (Or something like that) And when Grace was telling the story about his wife... I don't know, she looked... Funny. Like she already knew or something.

Kiki said...

ooh, Birdie, I thought the same thing. She knows something. At first I thought she was in on it, but now I don't know. Something is up with the newbies.

birdietwoshoes said...

Hey, so I was looking at the final 2 episode titles and was a bit confused as to what exactly "Reprisal" meant. So I looked it up. Very interesting...

1) Retaliation for an injury with the intent of inflicting at least as much injury in return.
2) Forcible seizure of an enemy's goods or subjects in retaliation for injuries inflicted.
3) The practice of using political or military force without actually resorting to war.

Interesting?! Don't you agree?

lisa said...

my question: why did Sloane have to contact Sark so secretly 2 episodes ago, when Sark just ended up working with them all out in the open? Sloane was trying to keep Peyton from knowing he had deciphered the code already, but why? what else is going on?

Kiki said...

Good questions Lisa!! I am thinking we will soon find out.

PS. I think I know who dies.

Andrew said...

Methinks Sloane, Sark (and hopefully Irina) will turn on the rest of P5 and try to achieve their own endgame.

mommer said...

GS, who do you think dies??

jenn256 said...

GS- what do you mean you know who dies? I had an idea, but if you know then you'd better spill it! E-mail me so we don't spoil it for the spoil free people. I know I said I would be spoil free, but at this point I don't think it matters anymore.

jenn256 said...

Holy preview Batman, you all need to check out the aol clip, it's really good and not much of a spoiler, just a really great clip of what's to come.

Kiki said...

But if you watch the clip and have seen some released photos of the eppy, then you can piece together who dies- so be careful.

jenn256 said...

I haven't seen the photos, where did you see them alias-media?

katybird27 said...

Such a good episode (not stellar, but solid)-- my favorite part had to be the Syd and Vaugn call back to season one, standing next to each other and talking -- LOVED it!
I think Jenn makes a good observation about the season beginning with one idea in mind (a 22 episode season) and ending with much less time to tell the story completely. So either Tom's storyline will end, or it will wind up being central to events next week (which is possible). I just don't know how they'll fit everything into two hours!
The upside to the series ending is that we'll have the answers and can start all over with season one with a new vantage point. I can't wait to see what loose ends they tie up, and what they leave hanging!

Kiki said...

Good point KatyBird, once they give us the answers, its start over time- tie to go back to season 1 and watch with new eyes, catch the things we didn't and see a whole other side of the story. Ooohh, now I have goosebumps. Long live Alias!

Sarafu said...

Hey Birdie, I didnt see oyur comment about being online until just now. Sorry, I wasnt ignoring you....I emailed you though.

lhaaheim said...

Joyce- I think Dixon feels hurt because he was left out. Why didn’t they trust him enough and ask for his help? When Jack told him the truth his expression seemed pained. I think Dixon is taking this very personally. Though he did seem genuinely glad to see Vaughn, at least he did to me, and vice versa.

Jenn- Oh I loved the funny grandpa part too. That was so cute and I was very glad he went to go see her since mom and dad couldn’t. Oh and I think if any best friend is going to be a mole then it will be Weiss. We really don’t know that much about him!?!

I don’t think P5 knows what’s in the bunker. And if they knew I doubt they would have left it there for the CIA to grab up. Like someone else pointed out this appears to be just a test for Ana, one in which they were hoping she would kill Syd. So when SydAna came back and said she had, P5 didn’t care about the rest anymore. That is going to be a very big mistake on P5’s part. They are not very thorough.

Birdie/GS- I completely agree, Rachel and Tom are up to something and I don’t think they know just how the other is involved. I have a feeling their stories will come to a close together.

As always: BILL VAUGHN!?!

Kiki said...

Lhaaheim- Sorry to say, I don't think we will be seeing Bill Vaughn. I think he played is part- put the chip in Vaughn, investigating P5 and becoming a link between Syd and Vaughn (as it was Syd's mom who killed him). His part was down 20 years ago, there is no need for him now.

mommer said...

P5 might not even know about the bunker unless Ana told them. We weren't shown any communication between Ana & P5/Peyton between when she & Vaughn left Nepal via helicopter and when she called for extraction in Hamburg. Does P5 knows Vaughn is alive? They went to so much trouble to kill him, you'd think they would care if they knew he survived.

lhaaheim said...

girlscout- I see what your saying but he has been a part of this story all along and they have just now found his bunker. That puts his affects in the present. To me not having closure on Bill Vaughn, dead or alive, is like ending Alias without Irina. It would leave this big whole. I wonder if Alias might end with Bill Vaughn showing up right as the story comes to a close to discover that Irina and he had been behind a lot of this stuff. If he truly is dead then I think we need closure on that even if it were just Irina explaining things or something. As much as we need to know Rambaldi’s endgame, Sloane’s endgame and Irina’s I feel we need to know Bill Vaughn’s as well. Whatever the case is, there needs to be closure on him.

Mike1978 said...

Okay as regards the Tom Grace story, people pretty much have summed up what I thought. If that whole back story & Cardinal has nothing to do w/ P5, then why would the writers bother wasting time showing Tom & Rachel? I have a feeling that next week Rachel gets into trouble and maybe Tom saves her, but in the end costs him his life. That would be kind of a redemption for not being there for his wife.

How is Alias going to solve all the questions in 2 hours? My guess they won't - leave us hanging while answering others.

Eliza said...

okay, about Tommy's wife. I have hunch that everything will come back to P5, because it would be lame and pointless to bring in a new story. Hence, I think Peyton is Tom's wife! She must have changed her appearance however, because he saw her in person that one time in that one Anyway else think he was married to a traitor? And that this character is someone we already know? I'm betting on Peyton!
Also, did he really just drive off and leave Rachel in the dust, or did she know he was going to leave her there? He ditched her, right?

Kiki said...

Nope, she got in the car I thought.

Eliza said...

P5 knew the chip would lead to something that would hurt their, by destroying the chip...they destroy the chances of the CIA stopping them. (remember the bunker was full of info on P5, etc)
That was my take on it anyway.

Kiki said...

Oh right, so they didn't figure that Vaughn would be there, right! So they still don't know Vaughn is alive. Hmmm, interesting- I suppose that is why he got to come home.

mommer said...

How would/could P5 know what was on the chip? Unless someone in P5 knew about the chips and the info on them originally. They're not omniscient! No one knew about the chip until Renée's autopsy. That's why I thought they were retrieving the chip because they couldn't risk that there would be something on it that would hurt them because of course they know of Renée's dad's P5 connection. I still think it was a test of how Ana as Syd could pull off a mission. Remember how Peyton told her, "If you could do this, the rest will be easy."

Eliza said...

P5 knew that Vaughn's dad and Renee's dad were investigating them....they would naturally want to get rid of Vaughn/Renee because they were picking up on their parents work. when they heard that APO had found a chip in Renee (Sloane tapped the wires, remember?) they probably figured it was something that her dad implanted in her...something that would hurt P5's cause....the location of the bunker.
They did not know about Vaughn having the other chip, they thought he was dead, the didn't even know that the chip needed the other half to be activated. But they were trying to track down Renee since Dr. Disanti showed up again...because they knew she had/knew something.
so, my friends, I believe this is why Peyton just destroyed the chip. any thoughts?

Eliza said...

oops, P5 must have known about the chip needing another half...because they tapped APO and heard when Marshall found Vaughn's name on it.

Amy said...

When Tom said his wife was a teacher, I flashbacked to Irina. Wasn't her cover an english teacher, hence Syd's master's degree? Something must be up with Tom's wife, unless the writers decided to simplify his story for time purposes.

mommer said...

I think you're right freelancer, except I don't think they had any idea what was on the chip. I don't think they knew about the bunker. Only that Bill Vaughn & Renée's dad were against them & trying to bring them down & stay alive after breaking the Rambaldi code and seeing the others in their group being picked off one by one. I think they just had to retrieve it in case there was anything that would help APO & co. destroy them or their mission to complete Rambaldi's endgame. They rightly figured that if it was found in Renée it had to do with her dad's work, but I don't think they knew what was on it. If they knew about the bunker's existence wouldn't they have tracked down its location years ago?

mommer said...

good call re: P5 overhearing the call about Vaughn's name being on the chip. Maybe that's why they just destroyed it. They figured that Vaughn was dead and if they destroyed Renée's half the other half would be no good even if it was ever discovered. (they wouldn't know for sure that it was implanted in Vaughn)

Eliza said...

right on mommer.:)

Kiki said...

Nice Job Amy!! You found the link!! Teacher! Nice job! Very interesting!

uncle111 said...

P5 didn't really know about the chip until CIA discovered it, or what it was until Vaughn put the 2 chips together. P5 had been looking for Renee since she was little, probably suspecting she knew something. They apparently didn't know anything about Vaughn or his chip. Once they knew what the chips contained and that they were only good togehter, then destroying one of them made it's information useless. Destroy one chip and you destroy the location of the information that could stop them. After that they weren't worried about being found out.

I think Sloane and Sark were using P5 they way they have always used other groups- to get them closer to the endgame. They may let P5 know some things, but others they kept secret, like being double agents.

I don't think Sloane knew that Syd was not Anna until she head butted him and told him she was not that easy to kill, referring to their conversation on the plane when she was describing how she, as Anna, killed Syd.

I've felt funny about Dixon all season.

And yes. Why waste valuable time with Tom's storyline if it doesn't tie into the main one?

Guess we'll know the rest of the answers in less than 100 hours. How time flies!

Anonymous said...

I've never posted on any blog before, but I have a theory and as far as Alias is concerned this is the place to be. On last weeks episode Peyton makes a remark about the sacrifices she made-I know a lot of people were wondering what she meant by that. There have been suggestions that Peyton is really Elena or Tom's wife-and I agree, there is something about her. This is my theory. I have been watching Season 3 and toward the end when Sloane has Nadia strapped down and injecting her with the green fluid she starts getting used to it and Lauren suggests upping the dosage. Sloane doesn't want to because he is concerned for Nadia. Lauren says to him--We all chose this path, WE HAVE ALL MADE SACRIFICES. Later when Lauren and Sark are escaping, Lauren pulls out a weapon and destroys a truck--the same weapon Peyton used to destroy the helicopter! Could Peyton actually be Lauren????

Kiki said...

OOOOHHH, our new poster has a great theory!! WOW- I love me some Lauren!

mommer said...

The only thing about the Peyton is Lauren theory is that we saw Lauren dead in the morgue and usually when you actually see someone dead - open casket, etc. they're really dead like Nadia or Renée. Could be the dead Lauren wasn't really Lauren but another double, but then the doubling gets old and over the top.

Robetron said...

I think both theories are probably correct regarding the chip. P5 knew they needed to make a defensive move and recover the chip (which they had to suspect contained something damaging if Renee's father implanted it). They saw this as an opportunity to field-test their new weapon, Sydspinoza. If she could pull off this job, she should have no problems completing P5 design for her. Unfortunately for P5, they didn't count on Vaughn still being alive or his ability to detect a fake Syd. they couldn't detect the real one, after all. So, having obtained thier objective (secrecy and continued anonymity) by securing the chip (which, by the way, they could well have known of its existence from 30 years before, just not its whereabouts), the best thing to do with something that contains information about you - when you don't want information about you getting out - is simply destroy it. Sydspinoza (really, SydAnna), having proven herself, it was time to make their play to fool fate (or God, or Satan, or whatever it is that powers Rambaldi's prophesies) into allowing thier double to fulfill the role of the Chosen One (with which Sydney was strangely willing to go along, knowing what the original prophesy said about her). P5 still doesn't know about the bunker, they simply think they have covered all the bases already.

Other thoughts:

Lauren? Not impossible in the Alias-world, but unlikely. The times when Syd and Peyton had crossed paths would have been very different, and Lauren would not have as easily believed that Sydney was dead at the hands of Anna. She knew her too well.

I think someone nailed it dead-on when they said the whole thing with Tom and Rachel was a set-up for other things, and to combine it with someone else wanting "sparks" between them, I agree with the person who mentioned the notion that Grace sought redemption for not saving his wife. I think the whole storyline was designed to bring Rachel and Tom closer, and they will eventually (within 84 minutes of screen-time) become a couple.

My heart was sinking when Dixon and Vaughn were chatting in the bunker. I was so sure Dixon was going to try to finish the job that P5 started. I'm not sure if the writers incorperated the episode title into the show (as they have been doing cheesey things like that lately), but there is no other scene that I can think of right now that fits, unless it is that one. Dixon was disgruntled about being fooled and caused heart-ache, but he was coming around from his initial anger to an understanding why it had to be done.

Am I wrong about the episode title not fitting anywhere else? Does it fit with Sark and Anna, even though it was Syd? Or was it about "Anna" having killed someone Sloane "cared about?" Maybe it was supposed to fit the whole theme of the show: reconciling those with some enmity between them.



p.s. I know it was long, and I'm sorry, but at least there was some substance to it.

mommer said...

It also fits in an ironic sort of way the Grace/Korman "blow-up." Tom acted like he had "no hard feelings" toward Korman for killing his wife, but he proved otherwise. Also when Marshall told Vaughn he cried at his funeral and Vaughn said, "Sorry about that." It's like everyone at APO who was kept in the dark had to come to terms with that & realize that it was necessary and give up hard feelings for the greater good.

RUDY said...

Okay. I just watched the episode on and I have to tell you that I just loved the Syd, Is and Vaughn scene. Then Sloane's call was so enticing. I just can't wait until Monday.

** Thank you soooooo much Sarafu for the intel on ABC's episode replays.

lhaaheim said...

I really love everyone's theories about Tom's wife either being Peyton (who changed her appearance) or that her teaching job was just a cover like it was for Irina. When he said that was her job I too instantly thought of Irina.

Oh my! If Lauren was still alive! Wow that would be crazy! Though I have a feeling she is truly dead, but you never know this is Alias.

Don't apologize Robby, you always bring such good insight and help tie our theories together. And I don't think your wrong about the episode title not fitting as nicely as the others have. I think it's a combination of Dixon being upset because he was left out and the conflict between SydAnna and Sloane. Also, Syd and Sark were working together and Syd was really depending on him. She certainly had to put her feelings aside to do that. Maybe the meaning behind the title will become clearer when we see the finale since this episode mostly set everything up.

Robetron said...

Oh, I thought it fit just fine. I was just trying to decide if the title was supposed to draw attention to a scene, a series of scenes or a theme in the whole episode. I actually think Mommer got it quite nicely. It was about APO coming to terms with the return of Vaughn as they weaved their way through the central story/ stories.

Dark Alias said...

okay i don't belive that P5 knows about vaughn because if you watch the aol preview....
**************spoiler kinda***********

sloane see's vaughn in the cave thing and says something like "i see vaughn's back, leave and have a life." so he didn't know until then. you'd think P5 wouldn't have told him if they knew.

Dark Alias said...

another question: why are Rachel and Tom not doing anything? They are just there. doing nothing that involves Syd and Vaughn and Sloane. You'd think that Jack would have tasked them to help find sloane or help marshell crack into the prison or somthing like that. but no, they have to go blow up cars. they are apart of the APO team so why not do somthing productive? just my woundering.

lhaaheim said...

"They are apart of the APO team so why not do something productive?"

Good point DarkAlias but are they really part of the team like everyone else is? They certainly haven't built up personal relationships with everyone and the whole Sloane/Rambaldi storyline is not personal to them the way it is for Jack, Syd, Vaughn, Dixon and Marshall. They have always seemed a little excluded to me.

Dark Alias said...

I kind of agree with that, lhaaheim. But what about Rachels speak last week while talking to Tom. About how Sloane is just like Dean, they beatrayed her right in front of her face. If that was me i'd want to catch sloane for doing that to me.

lhaaheim said...

Darkalias, well of course she wants to catch Sloane, he's evil but he didn't kill Rachel's fiance, best friend and sister. The motivation is just different and more personal for everyone else. Plus not everyone can go and help Syd while she is undercover, and since Alias is ending Rachel and Tom's storylines needed to move forward. They probably did help out a bit and I'm sure they did their jobs as normal but there is simply not enough time to see that in an eppy. And it's not like Rachel and Tom's dislike for Sloane is so great that they would demand to help take him down.

lhaaheim said...

Alias needs more time! We need more shows! How are they going to wrap all of this up?

Dark Alias said...

thats true, lhaaheim. i think i'm just over reacting. its the time limit that alias has, its screwing with us. sorry if i'm getting to snappy, haha.

Eliza said...

I'm just glad that I don't have to wait as long to see it! Monday night, baby!
I'm gonna miss the discussions on here, when all is said and done...but then, could all ever be figured out with Alias? lol

mommer said...

Meanwhile, where's Irina? What is the Horizon and what does the Horizon have to do with everything else?

mommer said...

interesting too, how somethings with names are people and some are things:

Nadia =The Passenger
Sydney = The Chosen One
Old Guy = The Rose

Mystery package = The Horizon
anything else, anyone?

Eliza said...

no kidding! what the heck is the Horizon? Obviously, Irina is independent from P5, she betrayed them when she disappeared with the Horizon. that woman eludes me. please don't be evil!
what do ya'll think the Horizon is?

Sarafu said...

Rudy, I am So glad I could help and am So glad you actually got to SEE the eppy!! YAY!
All you west coasters are lucky for once, you get to have 2 extra hours of ALIAS. I mean, when ALias is over for good on the east coast, you guys are just beggining the end. Does that make any sense??

lagoon gnome said...

When they showed the Horizon at the bank, it looked like either a broken tile or a fragment of a document. I would assume from that and the nature of the artifacts they have always been after that it is a missing piece of either a Rambaldi document or device. We know it must have something to do the endgame. Sloane said he now has everything he needs (to bring about Rambaldi's final vision). If Horizon is part of that, then Irina gave it to him. If it is not part of what Sloane has/needs, then it may be something or part of something that will stop Sloane.
Anyone else?
I'm changing from uncle111 to lagoongnome to try and loosen up as my anxiety level increases with the ending of my show.

mommer said...

What do we know about the Horizon?
1. It fit in a safe deposit box
2. It was wrapped in fabric and tied just like the amulet Syd was given this week.
3. It was wired with some kind of explosive (dynamite?) When did that happen???
4. It doesn't appear to be heavy - Irina could hold it in one hand.
5. It seems to be rectangular and the size & shape of a small book or box.
6. I don't remember how the French guy that Dixon & Renée got the Vancouver info from got it

Anything else?

lhaaheim said...

sara- that's a good point, we west coasters will get more Alias time. Sorry :-( however you will get to see the finale before all of us so being in the east has its benefits too.

Okay so I just watched the finale of The OC, a show that I watch occasionally but have followed since the beginning. So I like it but it is nowhere near Alias in my heart. Anyway one of the characters died pretty dramatically and my gosh I cried so hard. What the heck am I/we going to do if Jack is killed? Dear God that will be so sad!

I need some cheering up. :-(


Dark Alias said...

anther show off topic post

if you watch medium i'm sad to say that it comes on the same time as alias (second hour) and i'm sad because i'm not sure if i'm gonna beable to watch medium. but i'll try.

Robetron said...
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Robetron said...

The Horizon was protected by an acid based mechanism. It is uncertain as to whether it is aggressive (spraying onto the invader) or defensive (destroying the Horizon).

If the acid was rigged to destroy the Horizon, then not only do we have a call-back to the first season when Syd met with Anna in the football field to get the rest of the "machine code" - but we also know something about what the Horizon is. It is quickly destroyable by acid, which rules out woods and metals that could be cleaned quickly without much damage. The Horizon is likely made of parchment, and is not terribly thick, Probably something like anchient vellum. Parchment is used for writing; therefore, we easily conclude that it is part or all of a manuscript of unknown origin.

Taking into consideration who is after the Horizon (only all the Rambaldi-nuts in the spy world), we can rightly conclude Rambaldi probably is its author.

What is its design? It is difficult to guess, but taking what we know - Rambaldi was fond of symbolic immagry. Naming the piece of work "The Horizon" must have some significance. A horizon, from a human perspective, is always a long way off, but it also represents something different or something new. Maybe, and I am only speculating, maybe it is the prophesy of what happens after that medalion has its effect upon the world. It may speak of a new beginning of some sort.

What say you, friends; do you think I am close?


mommer said...

The horizon is where one thing ends (land or water) and the sky begins. It's the edge, the defining point. It also appears different depending on where the observer is. It's where the sun rises and sets. And, we can never get there because as we move, the horizon moves.

Anonymous said...

guys, they had to know vaughn was alive. They sent Ana to impersonate Sydney and talk to/kill vaughn

mommer said...

no, they just sent Ana to retrieve the chip. They didn't know who the contact was. She was shocked to find out that Vaughn was alive when her driver met her thinking she was Syd and talked about how Vaughn had talked about Sydney.

lhaaheim said...

I think you're on to something Robby that was a good analysis. I really hope we get closure on what the heck the Horizon is and why it's so important. Maybe it’s the answer to everything.

coup said...

74 commentS! o_O I've forgotten the first comment now, so i apologise if i'm accidentally repeating something already posted.. Anyway, with the Horizon, if it is a document, could it be that P5 manuscript that i read about before? Maybe someone's already talked about this.

And if Peyton is Tom's wife, there seemed to be absolutely NO hint of it when he offers to light her cigarette in an earlier ep of this season.

I had that same vibe about Dixon [when i was watching it for the first time at 2am this morning +_+], and i have no idea why either.

lhaaheim said...

coup- The theory that Peyton is Tom's wife is based off the idea that she had her appearance drastically changed either through plastic surgery or by being doubled as someone else. Thus making it impossible for Tom to recognize her.

uncle111 said...

However, wouldn't she have recognized him?

lhaaheim said...

Certainly, but that doesn't mean we would see a reaction from her. I don’t know if Peyton and Tom are connected but it would be pretty shocking if that were the case!

coup said...

Yeh, what i meant was that there would be a reaction from her, but yes, we might as well speculate while we have the chance to still do so.