Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Alias Day

Alright! It is Alias Day and what better way to start off the day then with a few tips and trades for watching tonight’s episode. Tonight, while watching 5.14 “I See Dead People,” keep the following in mind:

The De-Tale of Two Syds
Tonight we will be getting a double dose of Sydney Bristow- well, sorta. Sydspinoza will be in full force tonight and I don’t want us having any confusion. As I have mentioned, Sydspinoza tends to do business with a scowl or glare-accented by heavier make-up. She will no doubt be awkward in conversation, especially with Vaughn, and will seem unsure of herself. There will be over acting, followed by strange glances. Of course, Alias will give us the classic looks of deceit and guilt- so it should be fairly easy to tell the two apart. Remember- we know there is a double, the characters don’t- the purpose of the double is for intrigue, not to confuse us.

Mole Material
With Sloane now full fledge bad guy, we can expect that he won’t be hanging around APO. So, that means P5 will have to get their APO intel from another source. Be looking for another mole- someone leaking information from inside APO.

The Dead
In relation to the episode title- I believe we will be seeing some long gone familiar faces this evening. Sloane will be haunted by visions from the past. How do these visions (characters) affect the story? Depending on who returns- what can their role in the past tell us about their role now? Why did they come back? Will it be Emily? Nadia? Elena? Francie even?

Vaughn, Renee and the Chip
VAUGHN RETURNS tonight!! Let's see if his love for Syd is blind or if he picks up on the double. I feel a Sydspinoza-Vaughn fight coming on! YAHOO!

Aside from Vaughn's love-hate relationship with Syd/Sydspinoza, there will be his relation to the mysterious chip. There has been much speculation on the blog about what the chip is and what it contains. We know it has some connection to Vaughn and that it might reveal information about his dealings with Renee. Grab on to any and all information regarding the chip. What was it for? Why was it implanted in Renee? What does it have to do with Vaughn?

All in all, I am very excited about this particular episode. Though doubles have been used before on Alias, they always add a little spice. Let’s see if we can’t gather enough information to finally put some of our questions to rest!

I will be posting my episode recap tonight at 10pm- that is, if I can concentrate- as I will be watching LOST tonight. Remember, the LOST blog is open and I am hoping SRG might be posting another recap for us. Also, remember- this post is not for running recaps as you watch the show. Keep comments small. We will have SpyChat tomorrow night at 6pm, so we can hash out the big stuff then.

Happy viewing and happy blogging!


-Alias Soundtracks: They are taking slightly longer than I expected. It takes about 20 minutes per CD and many of you ordered both CD's. No worries. I am chugging along on them and hope to have them sent soon.

-T-shirt Contest: Remember, the T-shirts must incorporate the name of the blog and what we do here. Drawings, graphics, pictures and quotes are allowed. Have your entries turned in by May 22nd. Good luck and have fun!


jenn256 said...

GS, if Sydspinosa tries to make a move on Vaughn, I think you and SRG and I could get together and pull out come sort of great Charlies Angel's move on her. I hope he realized it before he actually kisses her, yuck!!! I hope he doesn't miss her so much that he just goes after the first person to walk in and look like her. How cute will it be when the real Syd tells him about Isabelle and how cute she is!!!

And evil Sloane is back, the Sloane we have all waited years to see! YEAH! THis episode should be great, they seem to get better and better.

Kiki said...

I am with you Jenn. As long as I get to be Cameron Diaz. Hahaha.
I love bad Sloane. Oh and PS. Keep an eye on Peyton's (Amy Acker's) tummy- from the clips it looks like she's got a hidden baby bump.

Robetron said...

Interesting thought: If Nadia's cure was the same as the formular that brought Evil-Francie back to life, our hopes for a real prophesy resolution is not down the drain.

Sense of nostolgia: Sloane rejoins the Rambaldi-scavenger hunt after the "death" of a daughter (like Jaquelyn) to fill the void in his heart. He alies himself with a powerful world-wide terrorist group with 12 heads (like the Alianiance of 12). Feels like the Alias of Old, and the days of Yore, doesn't it?


Kiki said...

Ooh, nice connects Robby. Very interesting too, what you said about the cure. Yes, if the cure helped Nadia, then maybe she is a double? Okay, never mind. Too many doubles.

jenn256 said...

no but I like how Sloane's life is coming full circle. Interesting! I guess that's what it took for him to really go over to the bad side, loosing another daughter.

GS- you can be Cameron Diaz, I'll be Luzy Liu, my husband has a thing for her anyway, haha.

Kiki said...

Oh, and SRG strikes me as a Drew Barrymore. That worked out well then. HAHAHA Watch out Sydspinoza! You got the APO Angels after ya!

I am such a dork-

uncle111 said...

What if they finally got a baby using Syd's eggs and Rambaldi's DNA and implated it in Peyton?

Rambaldi wouldn't have made his DNA live this long and be found while Syd was alive without knowing it would be used.

srg-alias said...

LOL, I love it jenn, the three of us would make damn good Charlie's Angels! ;-) Guess I'm Drew then eh?

Great connections robby, nice to see you back!

Syd's eggs in Peyton...interesting but I'm wondering where that theory came from uncle, do you think Peyton's part of the crazy Rambaldi prophecy?

Angela said...

Okay--here's a thought. Remember the clockmaker from season one whom we were led to believe was 500 years old? He was shot dead in front of Syd (by Anna, I think). He was Milo's pal.

If the clockmaker could still be alive, why not Rambaldi? But where is he?

BTW, I checked out the Wikipedia articles on Alias/Milo Rambaldi. Amazing stuff! They must have had input from the actual Alias writers because there's no way all that stuff was in the episodes. (No spoilers in the information IF you are up to date on the series.)

So--have we seen any strange little old men tottering around on Syd's Alias adventures?


uncle111 said...

There is an interesting thread on ABC's board by someone called 47 TheMan. some are wondering if it is a writer for Alias.

srg-alias said...

hmm, I checked out the thread uncle (on the stories and plots forum). No spoilers on there but I'm not sure who that guy is. He says "I do not speak for anyone connected with the series. I am an independent person who actually knows more than they do about the realities they attempt to portray." which seems a bit odd, and he also spelled Syd's name wrong (Sidney), so I doubt his credibility a bit...

uncle111 said...

I would hate for Peyton to be part of the prophecy. I REALLY don't like her. Remember when Rachel stabbed her with the brush Marshall rigged for her? Peyton's responce in her mousey voice was, "You b****!" Now everytime my brother and I need a laugh we say that to each other in a mocking manner.

Angela said...

That's how I feel about Lauren, Uncle (and all). I watch Alias every morning on the treadmill, and I'm now on Season three (about my third time through). Anyway, I almost wanted to skip this entire season because I despise Lauren. Even if she weren't married to Vaughn, I don't think I'd like her.

She's one character who can STAY dead.

Have you noticed that the characters we like are particularly gifted in some way? Syd, Marshall, Vaughn--smart, multi-lingual, touches of genius. Ditto for Jack and even Irina. Even Sark and of course, Sloane. Lauren? Just scheming and petty. Peyton? Scheming and shrill and two-faced (as was Lauren). In that sense, they're both fairly one-dimensional. The writers didn't give us much to care about.


Kiki said...

Oh, Angie, Lauren was one of those character's I loved to hate. She really made season 3 for me. Her hidden evil at first, you just hated her for being married to vaughn. Then you hate her becasue she works for the Covenant. I just loved the triangle- she's a great actress that Melissa George. Her voice would change from being good and bad, her outfits even. She was soo good.

I will agree, Peyton is rather one dimensional. Boring. But man, I loved Lauren. She was a great baddie.

Angela said...

I guess you could truthfully say I loved to hate Lauren. :-)

I'm still glad she's gone.

I don't think they've had time to do a lot with Peyton. If the season hadn't been truncated, maybe the girl would have had a chance to develop her evil-ness. :-)


lhaaheim said...

Whoo! Vaughn is back!!! *Liz does a little dance*

I sincerely hope that Vaughn does not fall for Sydspinosa! I mean Syd is already planning on killing her but if Miss Double touches, hurts or kisses Vaughn she will be looking forward to rather painful death.

Nice to have you back Robby, great connection!

Mike1978 said...
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colleen said...

I can't wait for the CDs! You are amazing to do this for so many of us and raise money for Greg G's charity! *happy dance* I hope that you get an honorable mention for that!

lhaaheim said...


All I have to say is Vaughn is such an incredible man! I was hoping for a great Vaughn line, and I was so hoping he would figure things out after he kissed her, and boy did he!!! That was awesome!!! Plus he is so cute when injured, and the cane was very debonair. Added to the fact that it was very risky for him to just go with whoever was faking as Syd and let her cut him open! It takes a courageous man to do something like that! Other then that my favorite line was Marshall's reaction to Vaughn being alive; I just love Marshall!

Syd playing Sydspinosa is just plain great!!! BTW- Jennifer did a wonderful job in this eppy.

For the record Sloane is a dumbass! He's going to screw up his own prophecy by trying to kill Syd when he really wants to kill Sydspinosa. I'm so happy Nadia is haunting him. And whoo Sark is back! Sark and Vaughn back! Just the way it should be!

lhaaheim said...

P.S. I think it was Angela who thought of Vaughn having a chip just like Renee. Good call! You're such a smarty! :-)

lhaaheim said...

Oh I have questions, lots of questions!

Is Peyton trying to contact the Cardinal too, or did she do that inadvertently?

What did Peyton sacrifice?

What the heck did Sloane decode!?!

What's up with the LOST connections, one of the characters on LOST tonight was seeing dead people too, what's up with that!?! We've had two people die on both shows, the same name titles, major episodes on the same night. Is this just a coincidence or is JJ up to something? Have there been other similarities?

Nadia? I think she really is dead. Cut to the neck; blood everywhere, seeing her dead body. I think it's all there to remind us of Danny and Laruen. People we think are actually dead. So yes this is Alias so anything can happen but I think Nadia is dead. If she's not however, how could they do this?

Eliza said...

how did syd know annasyd and vaughn were in the bunker?
do you think sloane and sark are working to overthrow P5?
who is Tom working for?
How does Irina (she's awesome!) tie into all this?
people, help me! This episode totally threw me...great job Alias writers! They totally shot down our annasyd/Chosen One theory. lol. we must be predictable. :)

lhaaheim said...

Oh I have another question! Did Jack tell Marshall, Dixon, Rachel and Tom about Vaughn not only to get their help with everything but to also flush out any of them as moles? Now it's not Marshall and even though Dixon seemed hurt I'm sure he is not the mole. Is it possible that Jack might suspect Rachel and Tom? He has certainly been the obvious choice all along, and since Alias doesn't do obvious I doubt it's him. Are we so sure Rachel is who she says she is? Will they enlist Weiss’ help and tell him the truth, did he know already, and is he a mole?

lhaaheim said...

Good point freelancer! I was just so happy to see the real Syd I forgot, how the heck she got there. Did Vaughn say something about tracking her or signaling her? Is there a connection to the watch? Errr I love LOST but I want to re-watch Alias now and it's still on! Stupid commercials!

I don't think we are that predictable and what if Sydspinosa is not dead. Again this is Alias so anything could happen and people have recovered from gunshots. However they have not come back, so far, from a gunshot to the head. Either way I sure hope she is dead. Plus one of the blog members, I think it was Angela, predicted that Vaughn would have a chip too. I think we are pretty smart here and I’m still glad we have a few surprises. Plus anything we come up with can not be predictable, it's Alias, anything related to it is unconventional.

This was such a great episode!!! :-) What are we going to do without Alias!?! Only two more episodes! :-(

Eliza said...

oh, I didn't mean it in a bad way. It was just funny because we were all mostly leaning toward sydspin being the chosen one..they were setting us up! how clever on their end. I like it when the throw us for a loop...cuz I am so lost!
Yeah, you people are all pretty smart... I love these boards and spend way too much time reading them. lol

lhaaheim said...

freelancer- Oh I know you didn't mean it in a bad way, I just meant that we should not be hard on ourselves when our theories are wrong. You are one of the smart ones too!!! :-)

Starbucks Mom said...

I'm not totally convinced that Sloane is bad. Whenever he talks about Rambaldi, he talks about "the Greater Good" , as he did tonight when he talked with Nadia.
I loved tonights episode. GS and I have some theories, but she's going to blog about it, so I'll zip it.

lhaaheim said...

Oh no I had another thought! So I posted a while ago my analysis of last weeks preview when I watched it back in slow mo and I mentioned that Vaughn was wearing all black and that the man who has holding one of the Syds down was wearing blue jeans and a black blazer. I concluded that it could have been someone else that is until I saw Vaughn wearing that exact thing later on in the show. I seriously never would have guessed that he would have gone with her, knowing she was not the real Syd; I should have given Vaughn more credit then that, he is very ballsy, anyway. I'm starting to understand now how all this speculation could be spoilerish. I just wanted to throw that out there. Though it didn't actually spoil me that much since I was too slow to figure it out until Vaughn was already in the hidden room and it certainly didn't ruin his line and the setup he planted for Sydspinosa. So my conclusion, on with the speculation!!!! Okay I promise to try and shut up for a while.

lhaaheim said...

Regardless of Sloane being a little good or not, I still think Syd is going to kill him. I doubt she will be able to rest until she does. Getting to Sloane is the exact reason she gave Vaughn for going undercover, possibly for a long time, as Sydspinosa. She not she only gives up Vaughn for this, but Isabelle as well! What's going to happen to Isabelle is Jack going to stay with her or are the creepy babysitters staying around longer? Could she stay in hiding with Vaughn? Though Vaughn seemed to stay active in the preview? Did Syd and Vaughn even talk about her!?! I can’t remember! Okay time to go re-watch the eppy!

Desiree said...

DId anyone else know that JG is going to be in a movie called "The Kingdom" opposite Jamie Foxx? There is a little info about it on Just thought I would share.

Desiree said...

P.S. I get to be the arch nemesis to the "Angels". I like to be is fun. I will be Demi. She is hot.

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