Friday, April 14, 2006


If you are like me, you’re watching my Alias countdown ticker, rocking back and forth slowly and squeezing your fists hoping the numbers will fly by faster and our favorite show will be here. If you are like me, you are constantly watching ABC- no matter the program, waiting to catch a promo- 15 seconds of Sydney and the action that will ensure next week. If you are like me, you don’t have the emotional strength to watch one more DVD- you can’t watch the beginning without thinking about the end. But at the same time, all other shows, even LOST, just don't seem to hold your attention or entertain you. You’re excited, but perhaps you’re heart feels a little heavy and a sense of loss seems to be following you around.

In 5 days, Alias- our fabulous, well-written, spectacular, action/drama packed standard of great TV, will be back on the air. I have fresh VRC tapes ready to go. I have my dinner plans mapped out for Wednesday evening and my lap top is charged and ready for blogging as I watch. Sydney, in her pregnant glory, will be back at it with Daddy Dearest, SpyMom and a gaggle of returning friends and foes. The promos and interviews, spoilers and such have been pumping us up for a hell of a farewell, some even saying it will be the best we have ever seen. So, what are we supposed to do with ourselves until Wednesday?

Okay, okay, we’ve done this 500 times it seems, but let’s do it again! Let’s get us a list of questions we want answered… I will start…

1.Who is Rambaldi? How are Sydney, Nadia, Irina and Sloane involved?
2.Who the heck is Renee and what exactly have she and Vaughn been investigating?
5.What does Jack know about Tom Grace? Who was Grace married to?
6.Where was Vaughn and Weiss and what were they doing?
10.If Ana Espinoza is back, how did she get out of CIA custody?
11.Will Syd leave the CIA?
12. What is Baby Bristow-Vaughn's name?
13.Okay, you’re turn….

I will compile all the questions and post them Monday. You can e-mail your questions ( or post them in the comments section. Now, can I get YAHOO, because we have 5 days!

PS. If you didn't know, I am a huge fan of Watch with Kristin on E!Online. She posted a great article today featuring an interview with Kevin Weisman (Marshall Flinkman). This article is why I love that TV Diva!! Check it out...


Andrew said...

Awesome interview with Kevin, and it's leaving me wanting more. I'm so hesitant to go looking for more promos or more interviews because it seems like every one is revealing just a little more. I don't want to be totally spoiled by the end.

As for questions:
Why was Jacquelyn even brought up if we never learned anything about her? That always kind of bugged me to bring up another daughter.

Also, I'm still curious as to the pasts of Grace and Renee. Who are their parents? Have we met their siblings? Any other past histories we should know about?

Where is Katya? Who does she really work for?

Other than these and the ones you mentioned, nothing else really nags at me.

I have a feeling I will be content with the ending. When it's all said and done and the final "ALIAS" flashes on the screen, we'll be satisfied.

RUDY said...

I posted this on a previous article, but here it is again: If the "horizon" is connected to SD-6, then why can't P5 just ask Sloane? Is it possible that Sloane didn't even know of SD-6 and the "horizon's" connection? And if the CIA has discovered the "horizon," why don't they get it or protect it? Is it possible that they don't know about it either? Please! Can someone help to fill in the blanks?

And then I added: If Vaughn new, why did they kill him? Would it not have been easier for P5 to go right to the source?

Now: Did P5 jump the gun? Did they kill Vaughn before they knew that they needed him? Well, it appears that that would be a NO because they have been looking for the "Horizon" for 30 years. But maybe...just maybe...they found out that Vaughn was connected to it after they killed him. Who knows!

lhaaheim said...

Here are my questions:

Who is the chosen one? (Syd, Irina, Baby-Bristow Vaughn)
Who the heck raised Syd? Who is this nanny?
Who is dead who is actually alive (basing that off the title “I see dead people”)?
Is anyone related to Rambaldi?
Why is he so connected to this one family, if there is no blood line?
Nadia, the doctor and Elena/Bill Vaughn knowing she was the passenger, how did that play out?
Bill Vaughn? Alive, dead, what has he been up to?
Who is running P5?
What is Jack's endgame? I think he may have one too.
Will Syd leave the CIA?
Will Vaughn leave the CIA?
What happened to A.G. Doren/Evil Francie? Will Syd or Will kill her?
The 12 CIA officers that Irina killed, did she really kill them? Are they still alive? Are they running P5?
Has Irina seen Mt. Subasio?
What happened to Olivia Reed?
What is “Horizon”?
More about Rambaldi’s family and childhood history? Not only who he is but what made him who he is.
I would like more info on the numbers 47, 30 and 12. They keep coming up for various reasons.
Jacquelyn? I think there might be more to this story.
Will Weiss and Nadia get back together when she wakes up?
What is Carrie doing?
Where is Rachel’s storyline going, their must be something we are missing?
Where has Chase been and why does she only show up in crucial times when she needs power?
Chase and Dixon, are they still dating?
Judy Barnett? Where did she go?
How did Gordon Dean get into APO? Did he have help? Who helped him?
What does Ivan Curtis know that Syd will not believe?
What is Kelly Peyton’s end game? Does she have goals or is she just a pawn trying to work her way up the terrorist ladder?
Why did they kill Vaughn? What were they afraid he knew or was about to find out? Did they make a mistake by “killing” him?
Who knew Vaughn was alive!?!
Where have Devlin and Kendall been?

I just hope the writers have enough time and space in which to answer our questions and bring closure to this amazing story. Unfortunately if they don’t it will probably be obvious to us all and once again ABC will have screwed Alias over. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

uncle111 said...

Just read the interview and I really, really, really hope they haven't over-hyped it.

I believe you have all put together a GREAT list of questions to be answered. Here are 3 that came to me while watching the S5 epi where we find out DiSantis is the one in the box:
1)-How did Renee find out about Prophet 5 and the Mueller Device and how was it that she knew about it years before the CIA did?
2)-Why did Renee think it was her father who was in the box, that being the reason she stole it from DSR (I wonder if she had to take a number or wait in line to get in and steal it?)
3)-DiSantis, speaking in the guise of her father, told Renee that when DiSantis kidnapped him they tortured him, but he never told them where she was. Why did they want her so badly that they spent 23 years trying to find her?

katybird27 said...

To add to the questions, who is/was connected to Project Christmas? Also, as Lauren (and the promos) allude to, for whom is Sydney (et. al.) truly working? And finally, if the promos are not leading us on and if Vaugn did not actually die, then what happened to him?

Sidewinder said...

That's the same thing I was wondering Katy.
I really want to know what Project S.A.B. 47 is

Anonymous said...

Another question i'd like answerd is: what is the connection between Nadia and Lazeray (Sarks Father). Nadia Santos <--> Saint Aidan (Lazeray's Code Name). This has always intreged me.

jess517 said...

Okay here is my question-

What did the clock maker mean when he told Sydney "Rambaldi never told me..." is Rambaldi alive, did he gain immortality somehow?

uncle111 said...

I think we are suppose to believe that the clock maker was centuries old, that he made a clock for Rambaldi when he was alive and that in payment for the clock Rambaldi made it so the clock maker would live for hundreds of years.

RUDY said...

I got that idea, too. Made me wonder how.

Kiki said...

I am soooooo EXCITED!! I saw an eppy on TBS today! I can't wait!!