Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Times a wastin'

T-minus 1.5 hours for us west coasters! I am dying!


slingshot said...

woo hoo.....
i cant wait....

im super dying...

DarkAlias4747 said...

I can't wait either, 1 hour and 12 minutes left!!

birdietwoshoes said...

Oh GS... I'm trying to wrap my mind around this whole thing!! I've been typing notes like crazy!!! You will NOT be disapointed, I promise!

uncle111 said...

Do you want my comments written while I watched.
Tell me no or I WILL publish!!

uncle111 said...

Don't read this if you haven't seen the show yet!!!!

SPOILER! SPOILER! BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! YOUR AGONY IS ON YOUR OWN HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally here! I am cooking a pizza and nervously waiting.

These are my thoughts and impressions real time, typed during commercials.

Oh my gosh!! I had it tuned to the wrong channel!

Wow! APO breaking into CIA to find Syd (and who at CIA is P5?) Alias is Back! At least for a few weeks :) :(

Jack is sooo good. And nice to have Weiss in a good position. Was Tom piggy backing the mission with a chance to investigate his wife's murder(er- who maybe in witness protection)?

Is Weiss P5?

Why do they want Syd's baby?

Jack is the man! He knows how to do it and risked everything to find Syd. It would have been cooler, though, if Devlin had been the guy.

Boy, is Syd's Dr. good or bad? If she's good, then so are the people who have Syd.

What were they doing with the baby? Did they put something in it, take something from it? Did Rachel tip them off?

Did they kidnap Syd to save the baby or was that just something they did because it came up while they had Syd?

Irina's killing P5 operative becuase he got identified. She was obviously his superior. So, Sloane told P5 where Irina could find him?

47 Norte. 47 again.

OK. What's Irina doing at Syd's safehouse before Syd even arrives? Ah, she knows Syd didn't give them the correct map info.

Nobody trusts nobody in this business. I'm pretty sure Jack suspects Irina. How long has Irina been with P5? Was she a founding member? Horizon is in a safety deposit box? must be relatively small. Is it something on paper or a device? What does it do or what does it say?

Peyton's there to intercept Horizon and kill Irina, and Syd goes into labor. All right before a commercial. That's good writing.

Oooh. Somebody need to take care of Peyton, slowly. This is a great episode.

Irina is bad, even if she helps Syd from time to time. She has used her from day one and still does to achieve her spy/Rambaldi goals.

oh! Jack knows beter than to leave a downed enemy without checking their pulse. Syd has a baby girl and Irina has Horizon.

We knew Vaughn was alive and that Jack and Syd knew. We were right

Jennifer said...

I just stumbled across this blog in my desperate search for info about the ending of tonight's Alias. I taped it and the end is cut off!! I'm pretty sure I know what happens, but somebody please PLEASE tell me what the Asian monk says (and to whom) after he says "My brother..." I watched all two hours while I should have been doing something else and then I went and missed the money shot!!

uncle111 said...

He tells Vaughn he has a daughter.

Mike1978 said...

Ah Jennifer read Uncle's comment above but your guess is probably right..."My have a daughter" (or something like that) and it cuts to a very alive Vaughn.

srg-alias said...

love the real time commentary uncle, I had so many of the same thoughts that you wrote! Can't wait for the blogging fun tomorrow, hopefully I'll have time to join in, work's been crazy busy this week! Hope all you west coasters are enjoying the Alias awesomeness! :)

Andrew said...

Uncle, you missed the part about Thomas talking in the foreign language to that guy. His real name is Peter...

That's so weird, my tape got cut off during the Vaughn scene, too. I heard him say he had a daughter, and they showed his face, but my tape ended there. UGH!

Robetron said...

Thats all there was, Andrew. Fret not.
All you missed was the splash-screen of "ALIAS"

I think I'll reserve comments for tomorrow.


lhaaheim said...

DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT OR HAVE NOT WATCHED ALIAS YET! This is a little bit of some real time commentary. I'm writing this mostly because I don't know anyone near me who likes Alias, so I'm watching it alone tonight. And my gosh I just have to get my thoughts out!!! Alias is so awesome!

Jack is so damn cool!!!! Busting in there like he owns the place! Damn he's good! Oh and Devlin better let him go! He was so right about the mole! What was that guys name, I don't remember, I'm having an Alias overload!

Who's the doctor? I don't remember her?

Grace is going to go and kill the guy that killed his wife. I think the guy made a deal and got put into witness protection and surely that upset Grace so now he's going to go handle it himself. Does anyone have a different theory about his actions?

Dear God what the heck is Thomas up to??? The Cardinal?

Dear God what is Irina up to?

Why is Devlin talking to Sloane about ethics???

By the way Dixon is so great! He's the world's greatest best friend!

Oh his name is Davenport!

Favorite funny moments so far: Dixon's waddle comment and Marshall freaking and tell everyone to run! There too funny!

Who does Irina think she is? How does she just get around like she does, just showing up at Syd's house. What the heck! ohh she just brought up the horizion! I hope Syd doesn't fall for it!

Ohh Marshall was funny again! I just love Marshall! I'm going to have to make a I heart Marshall shirt!!!

Be back later....

uncle111 said...

srg- Thanks.

Andrew- Something was going on with me during that. I may have been having trouble with my pizza or something, and then the setting I had my TV screen on was cutting off the subtitles. By the time I chenged the setting it was on to another scene. I'm going to be rewatching it tomorrow and plan to pay close attention to that part. I do remember thinking,"I didn't think Tom was that good with languages. What's the deal?"

RUDY said...

It felt like Tom had some past affliation with the wit protect guy, other than the fact that the man killed tom's wife. Suspicious, no? I mean he said he was ordered to do it, doesn't sound very CIA now does it?

And Irina was fustrating. Arrrr. I no longer think that she's in cohoots with Jack and Syd.

Andrew said...

I wanted to love Irina. I really did, but it was so dang hard!

At one point I yelled "Quit being a spy and be a flipping mother for once in your life!"

I got a little too carried away... haha.

I loved it when Marshall was a "co-conspirator" with Jack. Also, the code-cracking thing at Langley was classic. Irina calling Marshall was funny, too. Marshall literally makes that show worth watching.

And let it be known: Sydney Bristow does not waddle. :-)

lhaaheim said...

Part two of my comments... Again don't read if you have not watched the show!

I love it when Jack, Irina and Syd play normal loving family!

Oh my Grace is such a liar. That was a good story though but I don't think Rachel bought it. It was too good!

Damn it Irina, can't you just be good for once!

"Dad, Dad, the baby's coming"! That's a great line with great delivery!

Wow! Peyton is really good at what she does! My gosh!

This is such a great episode!

"I'll shoot her"!

Sloane you are so sneaky! Rachel you are so dumb to fall for it!

The truth takes time! Oh my! Yup Vaughn was always right about her, that is at least until the next plot twist in which we find out we like Irina again!

Yup no were supposed to love her again because she loves Syd and can admit her mistakes!!! Nope I'm not buying it!

"Watch me"! Syd is having a lot of great lines tonight!

Jack is one tough and talented soon to be Grandpa!!!

Oh my the ending made me cry! The whole plane scene and Vaugh hiding in Bhutan (great place to hide by the way)! And whoo! I was right Syd new he was alive all along! Now I seriously hope Jack doesn't die, he is such a great dad, father in-law and now grandpa. It would be too much if he died!

Next Week! Anna is back and I hope this time Syd finishes her off! Going after Will! How dare she! Plus they told us all of our questions will be answered, I doubt all of them, but it sounds like quite a few! Whoo! Alias is amazing! I'm so glad it's back!

steph_bristow said...

what???? only 5 more episodes?? how in sam hell are they gonna finish it all...i feel so! anyway, can't wait to get to chatting about tonite's two episodes!! YAY VAUGHN!!!

Vixen said...

Oh my God!@! I can barely speak! My mind is totally blown away---Alias is back and then they are cancelling it. Assholes!

katybird27 said...

Oh my god!! I was on the edge of my seat!! I must say I went away tonight with more questions than answers (Cardinal? Tom Grace? Irina? Sloane? What is going on?!?). But this was in a good way! The ALIAS of old is back. I can't wait until next week!

lhaaheim said...

Uncle, I love your comments, I wish mine were that good but I was far too excited while watching it to do more then "oh my gosh!" or "damn it Irina!". So here are my thoughts on some of the things you mentioned.

I still stand by what I said before, I don't think Weiss is P5.

Yup Sloane told P5 about Davenport so Irina could go and kill him.

Jack is the man but I'm glad it's not Devlin, I really like him. It would have been sad if it was, instead of "do it Jack, shoot him, shoot him". I never liked Davenport much anyway so I'm glad it was him.

47 once again! I actually getting tired of it. Rambaldi needs a new number!

Irina is just bad news, I don't think Syd and Vaughn will ever have peace until she is gone. I kind of hope Irina is the one that dies. Huh, doesn't the name Irina mean peace? How ironic.

Yup, we were right Vaughn is alive, Syd and Jack knew, Vaughn is still a hottie and oh by the way what is the baby's name?????????

lhaaheim said...

Andrew- "Quit being a spy and be a flipping mother for once in your life!"
I said that too!!!! At least she delivered the baby. Marshall does make the show worth watching! It certainly would not be the same without him. I also love the fact that Irina chose Marshall to call over Dixon or someone else, that was so funny. I actually disagree on the waddle, I'm with Dixon on the waddle thing, but it is a very sophisticated and spy worthy waddle.

What the heck is up with Grace? Peter? Cardinal? His wife? I'm going to have to watch those parts again!!! I have a feeling though he's not all bad, just a little shady.

Robetron- you have great self control. Don't know how you do it! :-)

lily'smom said...

Wow...can I just say that I love this blog? And those episodes were great. They definitely did not disappoint. I can't wait to figure out what Grace is up to...and I know she was horrible but I'm still holding out hope that Irina is not as bad as she seems.