Friday, April 21, 2006

Second Viewing Party

All right ya'll, lets get down to it! All together now! Tonight- unless you have other plans, Let's Talk Alias is going to hold a second viewing party. Pop in your tape, grab a notebook, Lemon Desani water and a frozen pizza (hahaha, Robby) and perhaps together we can figure out just exactly what Grace is up to!!

After the viewing, log on to MSN Messenger for Alias chat. Remember- invite me to your contacts list and I will in turn, invite you into the chat box.

Who is with me? I love Friday nights with nothing to do!


Robetron said...

So what time shall we begin? You guys didn't start without me, did you?


Kiki said...

I started, sorry Robby

Don't you have MSN Messenger? I wanna chat!

Robetron said...

Sorry, I don't have it. I use Yahoo! Messenger

Kiki said...

Robby, find me at