Wednesday, April 26, 2006

JJ and Jen- by SRG

Morning all, happy Alias Day. :) Normally we don't post random news on the people surrounding Alias, but I was pretty amused by the nods IMDB (the Internet Movie Database gave our fav Alias stars today. Evidently JJ's new project will be a Star Trek film. Personally, I'm not a Treky, but I was amused by the poll on their homepage about what JJ will bring to the new movie to "Abrams" -ize it. Check it out here, all Alias and Lost fans will probably get a kick out of some of the choices such as, "Send the Enterprise on a mysterious quest for the 'Rambaldi device'" and "Constantly refer to the Klingons as 'the Others'."

The IMDB news also features a short graph on Jen about the end of Alias:

Alias star Jennifer Garner is devastated her hit TV show is ending after five seasons, because the character is such an integral part of her life. Garner, who plays superspy Sydney Bristow, is happy the show is finishing its run while it's still on top. She explains, "It feels like it's time. To me, this show had a finite amount of stories that we could tell. (The writers) shove a ton of story into every episode. So we've told, in five years, what some people would do in seven seasons. We've done Sydney right, and now it's time for her to go off into the sunset. But that doesn't mean that my heart doesn't break, and I'm not going through a total identity crisis, because I am."

Also FYI, Alias Media has posted a couple pics from the Reprisal episode.


Kiki said...

Awesome SRG, thanks for posting!

srg-alias said...

no prob ;-)

Andrew said...

I voted in the poll, and I'm fairly certain Greg Grunberg will show up in the movie...

Gotta love Weiss.

srg-alias said...

yup I voted for Greg making a cameo too haha