Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jack, Irina and Thomas Grace: Trifecta of Profecta?

Marcus Dixon, Marshall Flinkman, Rachel Gibson and Thomas Grace are tasked by acting APO Director Jack Bristow to break into CIA headquarters in Langley to pull a hard drive with information about Sydney's communication. Dixon, Marshall and Rachel head into the mission with fake ID's. Thomas Grace however, does not. Why?

How convenient was it for Thomas to be able to use his wife's death and his former affiliation with the agency to break in- not only to recover the information about Sydney, but to find information on Allan Korman- the man who was told (by who, we don't know) to kill Grace's wife.

If Kirman was placed in Witness Protection- it had to be because he defected or was granted immunity for Amanda Grace's death in return for information on his organization. Either way, Thomas Grace knew he could get a message to the Cardinal through Korman.
We do know that Thomas Grace's affiliation with the CIA was terminated- that he is, as everyone else in APO, is no longer "working" for the CIA. We know Jack had enough faith in Grace for him to use his real name. Why? Why risk being identified? Why risk using his real identity? Was there not another way for Grace to get access to a CIA computer? In connection to Grace contacting Kirman with a message for the Cardinal- Davenport's transport is sabotaged by Irina Derevko. Now, it could be a coincidence, but when has Alias ever been about coincidences?

At the same time Grace was gaining access to the Witness Protection files, Rachel was pulling the hard drive in the archives room. Jack was very adamant about Rachel retrieving the hard drive. He practically yelled at her- which was understandable considering his daughter and grandchild were missing. I believe he needed more information from that hard drive than Sydney's whereabouts. The drive gave them information on which members of the CIA have Alpha Black clearance- thus putting Jack in a room with 7 suspected moles. Bang- Davenport was the mole and Sydney was rescued.

Jack didn't seem surprised to hear from Sydney that Irina had appeared at her house. Jack went immediately to Sydney's and together the family devised a plan to retrieve the Horizon. I will admit that Irina did seem disappointed when Jack said they all would be going together. But the looks between Jack and Irina was almost a conversation without words. I think Jack and Irina had made a plan in which Irina would retrieve the the Horizon herself, but perhaps she deviated from the original plan. Jack found this suspicious and decided that he better accompany Irina to Vancouver.

As I have said before, I believe Jack and Irina have been working together. But I believe they have different agendas. Irina loves to use Jack and Sydney as resources. She loves to drag them into her plan, just to use them and run. I see this mission as no different. Jack and Sydney tend to be easy targets, only wanting to complete their family- looking for a connection with Irina, a connection they have wanted since her "death." Sydney wants a mother- especially now and Jack wants back the woman he knew as the loving wife and mother.

I have mentioned that I think the Cardinal is Katya Derevko, because I believe the Cardinal is connected to Irina. Which means, in turn, that Grace is connected to Irina through the Cardinal. Some have stated on the blog that they don't believe Katya is the Cardinal because she doesn't seem capable of being in charge or having a strong influence. But, why not? She's been lurking. Perhaps she has been gaining power underground. I didn't think Sark was strong enough to lead- but he was given the entire North American cell. (Okay, I take that back. he had super baddie Lauren doing most of the dirty work). Also, who said the Cardinal was in charge? Perhaps the Cardinal is just another agent, another player??

With the workings of Grace inside the CIA headquarters, I believe Jack and Grace have some alternative agenda as well. So, are all three in the middle of all this? Are they pulling the strings? Are these three connected to the happenings of P5? If yes, then how so? how is Grace's wife death connected?

PS. Let us keep in mind that Elena Derevko had access to Project Helix (to double Irina). She told Irina and Sloane in the season 4 finale, that she took every precaution to make sure her endgame would came to light. Though it would seem that the gang thwarted her plan- the Derevko's have a way of distracting you with one hand, while stirring the pot with the other. As much as I would dislike the return of Elena- I think her influence is more than we are to believe. She was the mastermind behind Nadia's illness and the brought utter distruction to Svogda. I don't think we can count her out- as long as Rambaldi and his endgame is still a mystery.

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srg-alias said...

man I wish I had some really insightful comment to make in response to this great article! Maybe it's cuz it's Monday morning and my brain isn't fully functional yet...I'll come back when I have something interesting to say. :)

birdietwoshoes said...

Yeah, my brain has nothing insightful to say either. But that could be because I'm working on another theory that might be interesting. I came up with it Friday afternoon, however, I didn't have time to watch all of my tape again before we had to go away for the weekend. So hopefully this afternoon, I will have an opportunity to rewatch, gather my thoughts and post my theory. I'm excited about it so I hope I don't find holes... There are probably always holes, but I guess we shall see! I will try and post something tonight or tomorrow morning.

srg-alias said...

man this blog is killing me today w/ tech issues, I just had a whole comment written and it errored when I tried to post, grr! Anyway, looking forward to seeing your theory birdie. I haven't had a chance to rewatch last week's eppies yet, and I don't think I'll be home this Wed. night so I'll have to rely on my good old VCR. If you don't see me on the blog at the end of the week it's cuz I haven't seen this week's eppy yet. :)

Starbucks Mom said...

GS....I still think there is something to our theory about The Cardinal being tied to one of the Derevko sistas. This late in the game it would be to weird to shoot Grace off in some other direction, not linked somehow to a past storyline. I don't know...what do you think?

Kiki said...

I agree StarbuxMom. I think it's too late in the game for the Cardinal to be a new character- and I think there are too many links between Irina, Jack and Grace. I really do think the Cardinal is someone we know.

I think we also need to keep in mind that Elena had access to Project Helix. And as she said in the season 4 finale- she took ever precausion to ensure that her plan would work.

srg-alias said...

wow, do you think the real Elena is still out there GS??

Kiki said...

I think she could be out there SRG. It's possible. And if Francie keeps coming back, then why not Elena?

srg-alias said...

good point, the villians never seem to truely die do they??

Eliza said...

didn't 'dead' amanda grace look a lot like Peyton....hmmm could she be involved in the conspiracy, too?
Also, in some pics it seems that Peyton and Syd are on good terms...yes, no...what do you think?
good could write the episodes!

Robetron said...

I agree with the person a while back who said Katya is probably not capable of being on top of the P5 foodchain. I think a return of Elena would be somewhat anticlimactic. (To be honest, I never really liked her character. It was underdeveloped and therefore over-acted.) I don't reject the idea altogether: Katya may be the Cardinal and Irena the Pope (or something) - anything, so long as Katya is not in charge. (I didn't care for her character either. She was too over sexualized, and she certainly doesn't have the looks to justify it.)

I still don't believe that Jack and Irena are working together. I might be able to buy Grace working with her. I could believe that Kelly Payton is his "descesed" wife and that they are working together for P5 (which would explain the attraction when he lit her cigarette, and how she knew Rachel was a "problem.")

I will be glad to be wrong, but I do not believe we will hear the name Rambaldi again, or if so, it may only be in passing. That path has ended with season 4.

APO needed access to a certain computer system in order to get into the security system. If that computer system happened to be the personel, then it is perfectly natural for Thomas Grace to use is real name. They keep pictures beside the personel info, and he would be recognized as a fraud if he pretended someone else looking for their paycheck. The story made sense and it worked. I think Grace just siezed an opportunity to get the information without permission from his P5 superior, Davenport.

It may be less intreguing, but I think that is what is happening. (They do seem to be making everything less complicated in order to appeal to the simpler minds of people who are not us.)


Kiki said...

Gosh Robby, any more of my ideas you want to shoot down?? Just kidding- it;s good we are talking over it and exploring every angle. Why is it not possible for Katya to be in charge of things? Anf who said that the Cardinal is in charge? The Cardinal could just be another pawn, right?

Anonymous said...

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