Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Headline: "Blogger Pieces Together Puzzle"

What I am about to post is why I LOVE this blog! Love it!

In relation to my article on Ana Espinoza- Blogger Robetron has quite possibly found the missing link we have all been desperately looking for. Are you ready?

I hate to keep hitting the same drum over and over, but this will nto be the first time someone in CIA custody has reappeared. A certain smooth-criminal claimed to be "the man in front of The Man" in S-3. At first, in S-2 his loyalty was to "The Man" whom we know to have been Irena. In S-3, he was the highest level of the Covenant to which Lauren and Sark were able to access. Elena, supposedly ran the Covenant as a Straw-man for the CIA while she was getting other secret things accomplished. She managed to get Jack to murder Irena's double.

I think the Covenant used to be Irena's organization and Elena usurped it from her (remember she captured Irena and tortured her for information).

Stay with me now... I have not deviated from your Blog article. Recall, for the moment, a little McKenas Cole-history. Where was he when betrayed by Arvin Sloane and was captured? That's right: Russia. He learned a lot of new tricks in Russia, didn't he? From whom do you suppose he learned them?

Let me continue: What nationality were the Derevko sisters? That's right: Russian. Did they have any ties to the Russian government? Yes, indeed! Now, a little reminder of our infamous "Cold-War baby." Born in (Communist) Cuba, and raised... where? That's right: Russia. She became a part of K-Directorate. What happened to them? They were taken over, and consumed by "The Man."

Did old Russia have any interest in the occult (15th century prophets, and the like)? Yes! Joseph Stalin had been in search of the third lens of the Rambaldi-scope thing that show a map of the under-sea-floor cave (where the keys were hidden). Clearly he passed on his interests to the next generation (which would be the Derevko sister's generation).

How about a summary. Irena has been involved with P5 since it's founding. She held influence over certain members of the highest level of CIA officials (Davenport and maybe others). She discovered that her trusted luetenant, McKenas Cole was stil alive and had him secretly released. Now, thanks to Thomas Grace looking into Witness Protection files, Irena is having her favorite former K-Directorate assassin go after Sydney's closest friend, Will. Boy, oh boy, is Syd going to be mad at Grace!

What do you think of this reasoning?


I have something to add- Remember in season 1 when Cole broke into SD-6? He had with him a British-Asian woman who was posing as his girlfriend. Actually, she was a British spy undercover. I believe she worked for MI-5. Was MI-5 not the agency that was suspected of having a mole a few episodes back, when Jack and Elizabeth (an MI-5 agent) were after Sark and a plasma bomb? Is it possible that Cole has other connections inside MI-5?

Also, Cole is privy to all that happened to Sydney during her two missing years. He was the one who had her stab Christopher Ryan while she was pretending to be Julia Thorne,-which later got her in trouble with bomber, Daniel Ryan.

Cole also has ties to Sloane. If Cole were still angry with Sloane about ditching him in enemy territory- then it would seem viable for Cole to torture Sloane with the cure for his daughter.


srg-alias said...

extremely fascinating! I will keep all this in mind w/ tonight's episode when I finally get to watch it. Will be back on the blog once I do, everyone enjoy! :)

faithschild said...
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faithschild said...

Fascinating indeed! I have also wondered if McKenas Cole would make an appearance in connection with Prophet 5 and the quest for the Horizon. I could see it happening. Can't wait to see if anything comes of him.

Dark Alias said...

with all this cole talk it seems like cole would make an appearance before the finale, but i havn't heard anthing. any one else?

Robetron said...

Great deatil, adding that about the Brittish intelligence agent.

A few episodes back it was MI-6, the French intelligence, but to be honest, I don't know what the difference is between MI-5 and MI-6, or if there is a distinction to be made. Do they work together as a European intelligence agency, rather than distinguished by national origin?

Either way, it was great point, especially in connection with the fact that Prophet 5 has its hooks in every major agency in the world. The Brittish agent that claimed she was working against Cole may well have been playing both sides.

Woo! This is a mind-bender!

I will be taping the episode and watching it when I get home tonight. (Can't wait to see if I'm right!) I won't be checking-in to the blog site until sometime after the Pacific Coast has probably already seen it. I'll catch up, though; I promise.


Robetron said...


Yeah, yeah, yeah...
How cool would it be if Cole were the Cardinal?

(GS is going to hit me with her shoe!)


Kiki said...

No Robby, I agree. I think Cole could very well be the Cardinal- I thought that is what you were getting at. I would by him as the Cardinal. He always seems to be in the know- fronting for everyone, playing all sides.

Robetron said...


I am so glad to be wrong about not hearing about Rambaldi again!

Its all there! Our ALIAS is all there! This was an episode worthy of the name.

I can't imagine that we will have enough time to talk about everything between now and next week. there was so much information; the 'call-backs' were near infinate! I'm gona burst!


Andrew said...

Watching the first part of the episode by myself, I was kinda disappointed, but by half-way through, I lost track of the number of times I said "callback" to myself. I was relieved to see that they beautifully wrote this episode to tie into the overall storyline. Most times when past characters return, they tend to do stand-alone episodes, but that was not the case with this one.

Who else loved it when Rachel was like:
You all believe this stuff, don't you?

Page 47 lives!!!! Will was in room 147! CIA babysitters (anyone else think Syd's nanny was CIA? It could definitely help foster Project Christmas)

Are P5 trying to create their own Chosen One? That's what it seemed like to me... Now, Anna can stay on the show, despite Gina Torres not. Cool plot device (and it WASN'T Project Helix).

I feel so excited but sad at the same time. Just 5 more episodes...

Ashley said...

Ahhh! At 8:45 as I was dropping a bandmate off at her house I realized I had completely forgotten to set my recorder up! Sigh...and my brother had a baseball game, so he couldn't save me this time. (This is not the first time I've forgotten...) I'm so glad this blog exists so I can find out pertinent information before next week's episode.

I cannot believe I forgot. I love my jazz band, but grr on a performance smack dab in the middle of the week.

jenn256 said...

I agree about Cole and the Cardinal. I think that would be a cool little twist. Cole dangling the life of his daughter over him and making him work for it.

And we all know what a huge fan of Alias Quintin Tarrintino is. And just because we haven't heard about him on set doesn't mean he's not there, rememebr how shocked we were to see Irina in the glass reflection? We hadn't heard about Lena Olin's return either. It could be possible.