Friday, April 21, 2006

The Game of Operation

Let us recap Sydney's entire kidnapping-

1) Jack sends her to meet with Renee in order to confirm whether or not Vaughn documented any of their P5 investigation in his CIA files.
2) Dr. DiSantis and his gaggle of fools sweep into the square and toss preggo Syd in a van.
3) Sydney wakes in a small room, packed with medical equipment, drugs and a creepy doctor.
The doctor hypnotizes her and forces her to remember Vaughn- intimite moments, conversations, events.
4) We discover Irina is behind the glass wall- that she called for her own daughter's kidnapping and that with the knowledge from the SD-6 map her "associates will be satisfied."
5)Syd is able to escape- to discover she is on a ship and then it all becomes too much as she experience pains related to her pregnancy. She stubles upon a make-shift operating room and then passes out.
6)She wakes to find herself and her baby strapped to a gurney. Her doctor is there and the Amnio is not good.

What does it all mean? Well, it means P5 went through a lot of trouble to get something other than the location of the Horizon. I have a few questions:

Kelly and the gang couldn't predict that Sydney would suffer complications- so what did they really intend to do in the operation room?

Kelly told Sydney she wouldn't make it off the barge. But she did. They left her there once they saved her baby. Why? What is the purpose of the nursery in Hungary? Do they want the baby? Do they need the baby?


jenn256 said...

yes I was wondering about that also, but just figuered they had all of the medical stuff there just in case the hypnotization went wrong. But they did have her sonograms and chat info, were they just playing it safe?

I also wondered why they didn't just take Syd with them when they left teh boat. She was drugged, it would have been pretty easy to take her with them. Did Irina tell them to leave her there after finding out about the pregnancy complication?

And what aout the nursery in Hungary. It was never mentioned again after Jack and Renee found it. DiSantis had the address where the nursery was in his book several times and again on Syd's due date, so were they planning on taking her from the boat to Hungary to deliver the baby? I am lost on this one.

lily'smom said...

Do you think that they needed the baby's DNA for something and could they have gotten that from the amniotic fluid?

I think Irina is using P5 for her own end-game, whatever that is. Kelly had just enough doubt about Irina's loyalty to follow her to Vancouver to get the Horizon.

I have no idea about the nursery in Hungary, though.

Kiki said...

Good point lily's mom, Kelly did follow her. I should have more info after I watch again!

srg-alias said...

I think the only reason P5 left Syd on the boat is because they knew APO was coming for her. My impression was they found out APO was onto them and that's why they had to speed up their timetable for the surgery. They probably figured that if they left Syd on the boat for APO to find then they'd have a better chance of escaping w/o her.

Kiki said...

I still can't figure out why Irina just didn't ask Sydney as her mother first, instead of kidnapping her if they didn't have to or need something other than the info.

Robetron said...

Did anyone esle find Thomas Grace's being involved in the rescue mission, and his separation from Dixion on the ship somewhat odd?

Let's combine this blog article and the last together. Suppose Grace IS working for P5. He managed to find a contact (the guy who purportedly killed his wife), and then get a message to someone call-signed "The Cardinal." He informed the P5 'higher-ups' that APO had located Sydney, and that they wer eon thier way to rescue her. In turn, this information was sent to Kelly Payton, who promptly began making preparations for a swift departure. How do you secretly depart from a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean without being detected by the on-coming recon-force? You don't. You stay hidden on the ship. How do you do that when they will be scowering the deck looking for you? You have a lead-man working for you: Thomas Grace.

I was suspicious when he made it seem like Dixion's idea to separate, and my instincts really kicked in when it was supposedly Grace who "found" Sydney.

I think Grace knew just where to look, and just how to lead his men away from Payton's crew.

Any takers on my consperacy theory?


srg-alias said...

I haven't seriously considered Grace as the mole because it just seems to obvious since he's the new guy, but everything you said makes sense robby.

Robetron said...

Ahhh... my theory has a hole.

There is no way the CIA would let a ship that size float off by itself in the ocean when they had secured it. Payton's crew would have eventually been discovered. There would have to be a lot more underhandedness going to get free later.

Is it possible they just got away at the nick of time? Why would they just abandon Syd? Could APO really have blown up thier plans that badly by discoving Davenport?

I apologise for exploring the posibilities out loud. But you all are right. They HAD to have had something else in mind for Syd.

(What if it was all Irena's plan to kidnap Syd, provide a scenario whereby Syd could have the child and stay hidden from the rest of P5? - Irena: protecting her child and grandchild, while still being a "good agent.")

*scratches head*
Oh well, only a few more weeks left.

Kiki said...

Oh robby, I will have some good stuff for you after tonight.

uncle111 said...

I posted this just now under the Peter article, but it could fit here. It's someone else's idea:
What if the Cardinal is a cardinal of the Catholic Church. Someone
suggested that Rambaldi could still be alive and that the Catholic
Church, or at least a part of it had knowledge of his whereabouts and
the fact that he had never died.

That would mean that an agency of the Church was active in its
protection of Rambaldi. And maybe Tom Grace's previous work dealt with
this. Could the name "Grace" be a hint at this ? Could Jack's
knowledge of this be why he wanted Tom in the first place ?

Rambaldi may even have been kept in some kind of suspended animation until something from Syd's baby was available to wake him.

Robetron said...

That's not too bad, Unc.

As long as we are supposing, what if the Cardinal IS Rambaldi, kept in a safe 'alias' by the Roman Catholic Church? After all, the Cardinals are the highest level a Catholic priest can achieve short of Pope, and that is too high-profile to hide anyone.

Perhaps, the whole "alias" theme was not about Sydney's many faces, but about discovering a 500 year old secret alias of Rambaldi.

Thats a fun thought. If its not even close, its fun to think about, Uncle.


Eliza said...

okay....WHAT IF...
I think Peyton, Irina, and Jack have something going on. Sounds illogical, I know. too much shady business....with Jack and Irina's strange looks and...jack sending syd to meet renee...then she gets kidnapped...maybe irina and peyton are working for p5 in order to take it down and to protect syd. i know...then why nearly kill off peyton? maybe it was staged...? syd, as usual, in the dark about something. good grief, there has got to be an explanation...think about next week's title 'no hard feelings'

uncle111 said...

Ok, here's another idea:
I think it's possible that Syd's daughter is the Chosen One, that Irina and others were trying to make the prophecy come true using Irina and created a mess, the same way Sloane and Elena made a mess trying to force Rambaldi's endgame.
But, we should know for certain within 5 weeks now.

Robetron said...

I really do not think it was that suspicious that Jack sent Syd to meet Renee. Go back and watch the episode. He would have preferred that Syd stay home, but recognized her unwillingness to do so. He figured meeting with Renee should be safe enough, but he was not counting on the mole (possibly Davenport) that also informed P5 that APO was coming to rescue Syd.

Let's let this idea die, that Jack sent Syd to be kidnaped. He was clearly willing to torture and kill in order to get her back.