Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Episode Titles

All right folks, we have all the titles for the remaining episodes. I request a moment of silence.

5.10 "S.O.S"
5.11 "Maternal Instinct"
5.12 "There is only one Sydney Bristow" (100th episode)
5.13 "30 Seconds"
5.14 "I see dead people"
5.15 "The Coming"
5.16 "No Hard Feelings"
5.17 "All the time in the world"

As previously posted, episode 5.10 and 5.11 will be aired together as the 2 hour return on April 19th, 8pm-10pm. Episodes 5.16 and 5.17 will be aired together as the 2 hour series finale, May 22nd (Monday) 8pm-10pm.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone... Just wanna say thanks for a great blog. Been reading all the articles for months now, but never posted before. I have a little question for all of you about the helix project. Maybe I missed something (don't know how considering I've been watching my dvd's obsessivly =) ), but I thought Sidney destroyed the protocoll. How could Irina then be doubled? I mean if they rebulid a new Helix, how come miss Dorian stays in the Francie- form? That just doesn't add up for me. And another thing... How did Nadia survive when she was attacked by the infected people in the subway? I mean they totally jumped and surrounded her... Just some things Ive been thinking about here in cold sweden. The only thing keeping me warm is the alias return... =) Can't wait for the eppis to start, but at the same time I don't want them to cause I know it's the beginnig of the end... =/ I wonder what conclusions people are gonna make with the eppi-titles. U are all the best brainstormers! Hugs and Love... Lotta

Kiki said...

Lotta, 2 great questions. One, I think Irina might have perhaps been doubled long before, when the protocal was still around. If not, then it is possible that Elena constructed a new program. As for Alison Doran, she's a pawn in the game, maybe she isn't "special" enough to be transformed back. I have been curious too about how Nadia escaped the infected people. We have to remember, she is a trained officer, she has moves we've never seen. She could have kicked her way out. Or perhaps she was infected by them, but it took a while for it to catch up to her? Not sure. Perhaps plan old plot holes, Alias has a few. Thanks for supporting the blog. Don't worry, the blog will stay up and running long after the finale.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the reply... I guess it's just some plotholes. But the thought of that Nadia getting infected (with a delay) is the most probable. Cause I don't think she'd get out of that without a scratch. But for the Alison thing, maybe she's not important enough to be changed back, but I'd still like to believe that it's a matter she would take in her own hands. It's kind of personal, and if I was as evil and unstoppable as she seems to be, I'd try to do something about it... But I guess I'm overanalyzing... =) But did the Helix thing have something to do with her ability to heal, or was there a whole other reason for that? (don't remember). But if she's "indestructable" cause of the helix thing, that could explain her not wanting to change back and loose that ability. But if that's the case, Irinas double should still be alive as well I guess... AAAhhh, now I'm all screwed up... =/

Anonymous said...

Lotta, I actually just re-watched the episode where Alison came back, and she told Syd that she's indestructible because of some formula that was on the Rambaldi manuscript that Sydney recovered. I don't think Project Helix had anything to do with her being able to heal so quickly. I think they were able to make another doubling devise, the only reason why Irina was doubled...and also I think I read a ***spoiler*** that said that Syd was doubled as well and she'd be battling herself. I'm not for sure, but I would think that if the spoiler is true, they'll probably show it on the 100th episode titled, "There is only one Sydney Bristow"...

Robetron said...

man I hate spoilers; I wish they would never release anything but the episode titles

Anonymous said...

AAh, ok thanx, that makes sense... They can double but not reverse it. Just gotta say IIIII LOOOVE ALIAS!!! And I love all of you!!!

Kiki said...

Anonymous- you gotta sign up and get yourself a screen name. There are so many Anonymous posters in here. It's free and really easy!

bristow_24 said...

"The Comming" is not an episode title. It was a fake posted on some message board. Episodes 10-14 you have correct, but the title for 15 is "No Hard Feelings".
The finale title is correct, but the episode 16 title has not yet been released.