Monday, April 17, 2006

Dum, dum, dum

My stomach aches with anticipation. The anxiety is killing me. The promos make me sweat and even the idea of sitting down and actually watching the 2 hour return gives me goose bumps. We are almost there. TWO DAYS- 2, dos dias! I am overwhelmed.

SO, here is the SOP for Wednesday:

All of you east coasters who will have the pleasure of viewing the return 3 hours before me- ya'll better keep your little mouths zipped for us west coasters. My episode recap article will more than likely be posted at 11pm PST- as soon as I get home from the view party and have time to process.

I will be blogging as I watch- as to make sure I catch as much information as possible. If I scratch notes during the show it's a bit hard for me to read what I wrote. Hehehe.

On Thursday morning, I imagine the blog will be in full swing, with tons of hits and tons of posters. Everyone remember to keep an open mind and respect all bloggers! I am sure you will! Between episodes I will write several articles pertaining to what questions have been answered by the episode and what we can possibly expect from the next episode. I am all ears and eyes for any ideas and comments. You got questions? Ask away!

Aside, here is our mega list of questions we want answered. Some I know will be answered for sure (as I have watched every sneak peek promo, every clip, read every spoiler and even called on a few contacts for info.). This is a long list and if you would like to add any...please comment here or e-mail me at

Happy Blogging!!

1.Who is the chosen one? (Syd, Irina, Baby-Bristow Vaughn)
2. Who the heck raised Syd? Who is this nanny?
3. Who is dead who is actually alive (basing that off the title “I see dead people”)?
4. Is anyone related to Rambaldi? Why is he so connected to this one family, if there is no blood line?
5. Nadia, the doctor and Elena/Bill Vaughn knowing she was the passenger, how did that play out?
6. Bill Vaughn? Alive, dead, what has he been up to?
7. Who is running P5?
8. What is Jack's endgame? I think he may have one too.
9. Will Syd leave the CIA?
10. Will Vaughn leave the CIA?
11. What happened to A.G. Doren/Evil Francie? Will Syd or Will kill her?
12. The 12 CIA officers that Irina killed, did she really kill them? Are they still alive? Are they running P5?
13. Has Irina seen Mt. Subasio?
14. What happened to Olivia Reed?
15. What is “Horizon”?
16. More about Rambaldi’s family and childhood history? Not only who he is but what made him who he is.
17. I would like more info on the numbers 47, 30 and 12. They keep coming up for various reasons.
18. Jacquelyn? I think there might be more to this story.
19. Will Weiss and Nadia get back together when she wakes up?
20. What is Carrie doing?
21. Where is Rachel’s storyline going, their must be something we are missing?Where has Chase been and why does she only show up in crucial times when she needs power?
22. Chase and Dixon, are they still dating?
23. Judy Barnett? Where did she go?
24. How did Gordon Dean get into APO? Did he have help? Who helped him?
25. What does Ivan Curtis know that Syd will not believe?
26. What is Kelly Peyton’s end game? Does she have goals or is she just a pawn trying to work her way up the terrorist ladder?
27. Why did they kill Vaughn? What were they afraid he knew or was about to find out? Did they make a mistake by “killing” him?
28. Who knew Vaughn was alive!?!
29. Where have Devlin and Kendall been?
30. What is Irina’s endgame?
31. What is Sloane’s hidden agenda?
32. Where is Katya? Who is she working for?
33. Who dies?
34. If Ana is back, how did she escape CIA custody from season 4?
35. What happened to McKenas Cole?
36. What happened to Olivia Reed?
37. What does Jack know about Grace? Who was Grace married to?
38. Where are Vaughn and Weiss and what are they doing?
39. Who is Renee and what have she and Vaughn been investigating about P5?
40. ????


srg-alias said...

sounds great, can't wait!! :)

birdietwoshoes said...

40) How many of these questions will actually be answered by the end of May? :)

I'm trying to keep an open mind, and yet not think too hard about all the questions I have. That way I won't be disappointed. Hopefully the things that matter most will be answered and wrapped up.

Oh, and by the way GS, that is one amazing list! ;)

Kiki said...

I know Birdie! I got several e-mails and comments with tons of great questions. I am so excited, but at the same time, I don't want to be disappointed either. I want to be okay with Alias ending, even if they don't answer all the questions.

uncle111 said...

I'm as nervous and excited about this as anyone, and I guess I really don't want them to answer all the mysteries. That would just close the book on Alias and who really wants that? It's kind of nice to always have a mystery to try to solve, isn't it?
First off, what is a horizon? It is the point along the earth that visually seperates the earth from the sky, or the heavens. P5 has been looking for Horizon for 30 years. Have they been looking for the thing that will tell them where earth stops and the heavens begin? Is it the key to their spiritual quest to understanding the "heavenly" mysteries of their prophet, Rambaldi?

Mel said...

These are great questions! I hope most of them, at least the big ones are answered. Great blog - I look forward to reading more, especially as the series (finally!) starts up again!

p.s. You asked "What happened Olivia Reed?" twice - #14 & 36 ;)

Kiki said...

Oh thanks Mel, I kinda got on a roll while I was writing the questions out. opps!

Sarafu said...

Its to bad you couldnt of sent this list to JJ before they wrote the episodes that way they could make sure to answer ALL of them. LOL!!
At the risk of sounding like an idiot, who is GRACE? I think I got all of them but that one.

Kiki said...

Thomas Grace, the new guy agent with the bad temper. In the opening episode we met him in the bar.

jenn256 said...

GS- can your computer handle the smoke that will be emitting from it on Wednesday night and Thursday morning??? :) You will be a blogging fool!! I think you should take the day off work Thurday to catch us all up and help answer questions!! :) J/K!

I hate it though, because I am an East Coaster and I know I will be DYING to talk to you all when it's over, but will have to wait until the next morning. Your 10pm when it's over is my 1AM!!

Who ever will I talk to about it until the next morning? URRRGH!!

Kiki said...

Jenn- I am going to be dying too! My bloggy buddies, you and SRG are east coasters!! No one understands like you guys!! I am going to be dying, dying I say!!! I will be all over the blog all day on Thursday, no worries. I actually plan to get up at 5am my time, 8am your time, so I will be up and at 'em to chat before work.

jenn256 said...

oh good, my daughter gets up at about 6:30am my time, so I will be ready and anticipating your posts!!!

Sarafu said...

Sorry, I feel like an idiot...I knew who Grace was, it took you saying Thomas Grace for me to realize that!
I gottta say that it SUCKS that you have to wait an extra 3 hour to see ALAIS. Thank God for central time. I will try to be on on Thursday morning to chat it up to but I dont get to sit on my computer much these days with a spy kid and spy baby. Such is life! :)