Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Today is the day. We have arrived, my loyal Alias fans. April 19th is here and tonight, in the glow of our television screens, we will begin to piece together a five year puzzle. Expect massive amounts of information, fast pace plot lines, overwhelming scene changes and most of all- intrigue, tension and some butt-kicking! Airing tonight are episodes 5.10 “S.O.S.” and 5.11 “Maternal Instinct.” Here are some refresher tips for all you viewers looking to read between the lines…

1.THE RULE OF THREE: Clever writers draw attention to something or someone by mentioning it three or more times. So, keep an ear and eye out for people, places or things mentioned frequently.
2.CALL BACKS: Keep an eye and ear out for things mentioned that happened in past episodes (names, dates, missions, tech equipment, re-used themes, etc.). Sometimes those past episodes can hold a clue for the future.
3.RAMBALDI: This dude has played a large part in the mystery that is Alias. Gather all bits of intel having to do with this guy!
4.MOLE ALERT: We have a mole in either APO or the CIA, so be aware of anything suspicious activity. Remember though, writers might throw an obvious decoy into the mix to throw us off.
5.QUESTIONS: Mid-episode and you have a question? Write it down and bring it to the blog! I will be blogging like mad, before, during and after the episode.
6.HAVE FUN!! Note that theses tips are part of my over-analytical personality. As you know, I love to pick apart every last bit of information- but truly, I want you to enjoy tonight for the pure entertainment value. Enjoy all that is on the surface, just as much as what is underneath. Have fun picking apart the deep stuff, but also enjoy the funny quips and jokes, enjoy the sentimental moments. This is the beginning of the end my friends!

Again, I will be posting my recap of the episode tonight at 11pm PST. For you East coasters, I will be up bright and early tomorrow for an open MSN Messenger chat at 5am PST (8am EST). Tomorrow night at 6pm PST will be open chat for all West coasters. Everyone, east or west, is welcome to e-mail me any questions or comments and I will do my best to reply to all. My e-mail is Again, the MSN Messenger chat schedule is:

East coast: April 20th, 8am EST
West coast: April 20th, 6pm PST

THIS IS IT!! I have 12 hours on my end! It’s go time…

PS. There is a scheduled maintenance outage on Blogger today at 4pm PST. Sorry, but it will be back up for posting soon after!


Andrew said...

I can't wait! I've downloaded a bunch of Alias music and have been walking around campus today to the beat of the songs flowing through my head. It's great how the music can bring up memories of certain scenes.

8 hours and 45 minutes!
(I won't actually get to start it until 9:30 or 10, depending on if and when I can get to a friend's house with DVR)

I might have to get up bright and early for that chat at 8am. Depends on if I finish my papers late tonight and need to sleep in.

jess517 said...

So I was just on ABC's website and found a link on the main page saying that they are accepting fan videos to be included on the Season 5 DVD set!!! Check it out

I guess ABC is trying to make up with the fans...

jess517 said...

Crap the link didn't show up right.... lets try again...

I guess you have to copy and paste each line seperatly

birdietwoshoes said...

Oh GS, you should definitely do that video thing!! I'd love to see your answer to the "How Alias has affected your life." one. :) But seriously, you'd probably make it on the DVD!!!

birdietwoshoes said...

By the way, I only have 6 hours, 15 minutes to wait!! Woo hoo!

srg-alias said...

woopie, can't wait!!! :)

Robetron said...

I have just wasted a good hour following my lunch break. I'm so jazzed; who can work with this sort of excitment?!


Tammy said...

I can't stand the suspense! And come to find out - I'm not even going to get to watch tonight. My folks are in town and needed to stay at my house tonight of all nights. Oh well - I might be able to explain the dire necessity of watching this show! I'll be looking forward to recaps and comments even if I don't get to see it. I'm hopeful that my co-worker will be able to get it to tape for me - I don't even have that capability!! Sheesh!

have fun tonight everyone.

Lisa said...

I can't believe its the beginning of the end... I think that despite all of our good guesses and intelligent analysis, the final episodes are going to be shocking and amazing, truly Alias style! I can't wait! you know what I'm going to miss though??? this blog! I have loved reading it since the beginning, and knowing that there are so many fun, intelligent, and crazy obsessed Alias friends out there, just like me. I saw an interview with Jennifer Garner where she said that the day after it ends she's going to wake up and say, "but wait! I'm Sydney Bristow! doesn't anyone care??" and I say, YES, WE DO!

Kiki said...

Poor Tammie! Alias return trumps parents visit!!

Kiki said...

That's what I think is so cool. That these human beings we seen each episode aren't living, they were created on paper and yet we care so much about them, their families. We want to know they are going to be okay, even though they don't exist in reality.

Mike1978 said...

I can't wait! Still I won't get overly excited about the episodes tonight because I think they were shot before ABC canceled the show right? So I won't be suprised if certain subjects don't come up tonight. Next week's 100th episode with a certain familar face looks promising though.

Sidewinder said...

mike the episode tonight were shot after it got cancelled. They shot half of 10 before Jen's maternity leave and the last half after then they moved on to 11.

birdietwoshoes said...

My head is spinning and there's still 15 minutes left. This is absolutely crazy. I can't wait to discuss...

uncle111 said...

It's finally here! I am cooking a pizza and nervously waiting.

These are my thoughts and impressions real time, typed during commercials.

Oh my gosh!! I had it tuned to the wrong channel!

Wow! APO breaking into CIA to find Syd (and who at CIA is P5?) Alias is Back! At least for a few weeks :) :(

Jack is sooo good. And nice to have Weiss in a good position. Was Tom piggy backing the mission with a chance to investigate his wife's murder(er- who maybe in witness protection)?

Is Weiss P5?

Why do they want Syd's baby?

Jack is the man! He knows how to do it and risked everything to find Syd. It would have been cooler, though, if Devlin had been the guy.

Boy, is Syd's Dr. good or bad? If she's good, then so are the people who have Syd.

What were they doing with the baby? Did they put something in it, take something from it? Did Rachel tip them off?

Did they kidnap Syd to save the baby or was that just something they did because it came up while they had Syd?

Irina's killing P5 operative becuase he got identified. She was obviously his superior. So, Sloane told P5 where Irina could find him?

47 Norte. 47 again.

OK. What's Irina doing at Syd's safehouse before Syd even arrives? Ah, she knows Syd didn't give them the correct map info.

Nobody trusts nobody in this business. I'm pretty sure Jack suspects Irina. How long has Irina been with P5? Was she a founding member? Horizon is in a safety deposit box? must be relatively small. Is it something on paper or a device? What does it do or what does it say?

Peyton's there to intercept Horizon and kill Irina, and Syd goes into labor. All right before a commercial. That's good writing.

Oooh. Somebody need to take care of Peyton, slowly. This is a great episode.

Irina is bad, even if she helps Syd from time to time. She has used her from day one and still does to achieve her spy/Rambaldi goals.

oh! Jack knows beter than to leave a downed enemy without checking their pulse. Syd has a baby girl and Irina has Horizon.

We knew Vaughn was alive and that Jack and Syd knew. We were right

Mike1978 said...

Thanks Uncle for that wrap I just read it on the ABC boards too! Damn good episodes - especially the 2nd one I swear this show never ceases to amaze me! And yes I think we all knew Vaughn was alive - but I still didn't think Syd knew. Am I the only one in the dark about that???

Robetron said...

Mike, you obviously missed that unspoken plea from Syd to Jack... and he said he'd "take care of it." Next we see Vaughn being informed of his newborn daughter. Syd obviously knew, as did Jack.