Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Danka, Gracias, Merci

It's time again for another THANK YOU! In recent weeks, as the Alias return nears, I have been blogging with the very core and description of Alias fans; intelligent, curious-minded individuals with a love for Sydney Bristow. Bloggers like all if you keep me going when material is thin and episodes are few and far between. It's nice to bounce ideas off people who know Alias forwards and backwards (like I do). It's nice not to be alone in understanding the complexity and really, the literary pull of quality television. Though some would deem us freaks and fanatics, we are simply intelligent viewers who appreciate good writing, good plot, amazing characters and actors.

Thank you to all who have contributed articles and ideas. Thank you to SRG for being an excellent Blog-sitter and Jenn for always being on the lookout for great article ideas and research. Thanks to Paul, Robetron and Uncle111 for filling us with ideas and theories beyond our wildest imaginations and keeping the blog light-hearted and fun while doing it.

I have had a blast picking apart Alias, viewing it from different angles, exploring characters and tying together ideas and theories that will hopefully answer all of our questions. I hope I have shed light on many of the show's literary secrets (like "The Rule of 3" and "Suspension of Disbelief") and evoked thought and a better understanding. We have created here, a database of intel, a season by season catalog of story lines, villains, music, guest characters, plot, and well, essentially everything Alias. JJ Abrams should be proud to have this following- ABC should be proud to have Alias (though at times that seems doubtful). The actors and crew that have been entertaining us for 5 years should be proud of a job well done. Lucky be the show that will win our hearts after Alias, for they will be blessed with true fans.

I hope to continue writing about Alias long after the show has been laid to rest. I look forward to discussing upcoming episodes with all of you and continuing to provide a "Safehouse for the Alias Intrigued."

Sincerely, Your BlogMaster


srg-alias said...

And a big THANK YOU to our devout blogmaster, Girl Scout! It's been so much fun discussing all the different theories, ideas and memories with our fellow Alias fans, and you've created the perfect spot to do that. I love how respectful and mature all of our bloggies have been which has helped keep this a "safe haven" for good discussions.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet this week, I'm currently home sick (as I was yesterday) getting over a bout w/ strep throat. :-\ Hopefully the antibiotics should kick in soon and I'll prob be back to work and back to blogging tomorrow. :)

Kiki said...

Oh, I hate being sick! You get better SRG, you are going to need a voice once the show starts again... I am so a TV yeller!

srg-alias said...

LOL I know, me too! :)

Robetron said...

GS, speaking of continuing after Alias is gone, have had a chance to get caught up on 24. I know you were considering renovating "Lets Talk..." with it. I figured you'd be a thorough researcher and probably watch the past four seasons to get to understand the theme and characters.

If you are changing your mind, there is always Battlestar Galactica. It's only 2 seasons into it, but I'm telling you, the stories, acting and production is truely Alias-quality. I know you'd like it.

Kiki said...

Robby- I have been re-evaluating my decision to blog about 24 once Alias is over. I am not sure if 24 is mysterious enough for me. What I love about Alias is picking at the puzzle. So, I think Lost is back on the list. I watched last night and loved it. I love JJ and I think I am going to hold strong. So, I am going to go back and watch season 1. My roomie has it.

Mike1978 said...

Girlscout - don't give up on 24 - it has too many exciting moments and shockers, but I understand where you are coming with about blogging - so I lookward to your Lost blog - that show is tied for second fav show w/ 24 (Alias #1 of course). Thanks for all your hardwork!!

srg-alias said...

I'm a big fan of 24 but I also think Lost would probably be a better blog topic because there's so much mystery surrounding the different characters and storylines. Wednesday's episode was great, especially the end, I would love to talk to everyone about their theories!