Thursday, March 09, 2006

Girlscout Returns

Hello All,

I am back! My girls lost on Monday night, so basketball season is over. I took a few days off to rest and recuperate and now I am ready to get back to the grind.

A HUGE thanks to SRG-Alias for taking such wonderful care of the blog in my absence. She posted some great articles and kept the blog up to date. THANKS!!

Also, a HUGE thanks to all of you! We have done it! We have reached over 20,000 hits here at Let's Talk Alias!! That's amazing! Yesterday the site had 517 hits alone! That is a Let's Talk record!! Again, thanks for all your support and comments. This blog would not have survived without you! Make sure to pass the word about the blog. Once the episodes start again I will have DSL...this means I can blog in real time as I am watching the episode. YAHOO!!

Stay tuned for more articles by SRG and myself and many other guest writers.

Oops, almost forgot... 41 Days until delicious Vaughn is back in action!


srg-alias said...

Welcome back GS! I'm sorry your girls lost, that's a bummer. :( I noticed the 20,000 marker as well, very cool! I was happy to help w/ the blog, it was good timing actually because work has been super boring this week. :) Thanks to everyone for reading my stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry to hear about the loss, but welcome back. SRG-Alias definitely did a fantastic job in keeping the blog up in your absence. Thank you to both of you for making my day at work bearable!

srg-alias said...

aw thanks anon! :)

Tammy said...

Bummer on the loss!

20,000 - wow that's cool! I am a regular visitor - I love to watch the threads on each article even when I don't comment myself! You do a great job of keeping us all thinking. SRG did a great job in your absence as well!


jenn256 said...

yes,sorry to hear about your basketball loss, but we are happy to have you back!

and srg-alias was a great foster blog mom while you were gone! she took very good care of us all in your absence.

srg-alias said...

thanks guys :)