Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finale Update

ABC Media Net has released this news:

"Alias" Two-Hour Series Finale Airs Monday, May 22 starting at 8pm
Yes, Alias will be signing off on a Monday night. So, as understood, all the rest of the episodes will air on Wednesday nights at 8pm.


Angela said...

Arrrrgh! The finale is going up against 24 and my book club! What will I DO?


Mike1978 said...

Great 24 better wrap up by then! I heard a rumor that is when 24 will have it's 2 hour season finale. Damn you ABC! But then they were smart not airing it against the overhyped AI finale. By the way anyone watch 24 lately? Damn they are killing off every main character I swear!!! Has ABC even started any tv promos for Alias? They also pulled Invasion until April 19th and replaced with another crappy crime drama.

Sidewinder said...

Yeah Mike I have and I'm loving every minute of it. 24 ROCKS!! 28 days til Alias!!

Angela said...

Alias and 24 are really the only two TV shows I watch--well, that I make a point to see. Maybe that's why ABC put the Alias finale against 24--competition! Still, I'm going to have to record one and watch the other.



Sidewinder said...

Same here Angela. I have to record the 24 finale and watch Alias's series finale since I'm going to have a party with some of my friends.

Anonymous said...

Again ABC is stupid and I still can't believe they are doing all of this to Alias. I sure hope it's not in competition with 24, if so that is a very dumb move for ABC to make.