Monday, March 13, 2006

Episode Title Update

Hi All,

It has been posted by Alias-Media that the 15th episode of this season is to be titled "The Coming."

Here is a running list of episode titles:

5.10 "S.O.S."
5.11 "Maternal Instinct"
5.12 "There is only one Sydney Bristow"
5.13 "30 Seconds"
5.14 "I see dead people"
5.15 "The Coming"

We are waiting on 2 more titles, right?


jenn256 said...

Yes I believe we are only waiting on 2 more titles. I'm a little surprised ABC has still not updated the website with the airdate, it still says a date has yet to be determined.

PS- JG will be on The Ellen Degeneres show on Wednesday. I think it is a repeat episode from when she was still pregnant with Baby Violet, but if anyone needs a JG fix they can tune in anyway.

RUDY said...

Two more, unless the last two hours is just one episode (like the series premiere).

* Thanks for the JG news, because I didn't get to watch it the first time around. But it's spring break and I'll be on the love seat to catch the action for sure now.

jenn256 said...

if it's the same one I had seen previously, which I think it is, she is really cute and funny (like always).