Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bio-Weapon in Disguise by Bristow_24

This article was written by blogger Bristow_24. Thanks!!

As I was re-watching the second season of Alias, I discovered something that I hadn’t noticed before. In “Countdown” (2.20) the NSA uncovers page 94 of the Rambaldi manuscript. On this page Rambaldi refers to a specific date and time, where he prophesies a great apocalyptic event will take place. As Sydney and the CIA rush into Cartegena to obtain the Di Regno heart, the team believes that they may be witnessing – and hopefully preventing – the predicted event. But as the depicted time approaches, nothing happens. Rambaldi was wrong. Or so they thought.

Elsewhere, we witness Sloane in conversation with Conrad - a Rambaldi expert. Conrad gives Sloane a manuscript written by Rambaldi, which he receives at exactly 12:00 am - the time depicted in Rambaldi’s prophecy. When this episode first aired, we didn’t know what was written in the manuscript: all we knew was that it was important, and that a specific event from the past (also foretold by Rambaldi) had triggered whatever it was that had been written on this page.

Two years later, the Covenant began the search for ‘The Passenger’. We first believed this object to be a ‘Plague-like Bio-weapon’ capable of annihilating millions. But upon research, the CIA discovered that The Passenger was not a weapon – but a person. Nadia Santos to be exact. The sister of CIA officer Sydney Bristow.

Furthermore, it was eventually revealed what had been stated in the manuscript – Sloane had a daughter. His daughter was Nadia, The Passenger. Clearly when Rambaldi spoke of past events that had to unfold to bring his prophecy to life, he was referring to Sloane’s affair with Irina. The affair had to happen in order for Nadia – The Passenger – to be born. So why did Rambaldi refer to the discovery of Nadia as an apocalyptic event? Does she have some type of greater purpose in the Rambaldi prophecy? Also, why was she referred to as a Plague-like Bio-weapon? Does Nadia really have the capability to murder millions? What does all this mean?

Alias_24 brings up from very good points that perhaps we might have forgotten about. What are your thoughts on Nadia as she will be related to the series finale? Good? Bad? Who is Nadia Santos?


jess517 said...

I rewatched this episode the other day too and I noticed that no one ever followed up with what may have happened at that time. After everything the CIA has seen about Rambaldi, why would they so quickly assume that suddenly Rambaldi was wrong? Since when has he ever been wrong? If this man from the 15th century can write about scientific discoveries 500 before they became reality, why would they be so quickly fooled into believing that nothing happened that night at midnight. It just seems a little strange to me.

Did we ever learn what the message was that Nadia was writing when she was under the influence of that green Rambaldi fluid? Maybe something in that message, a message that only Nadia could deliever, is a danger to the world. It was said that the message was suppose to be the key to Rambaldi's endgame. Wonder what it is?

amy said...

maybe they were trying to refer to the whole "red ball" endgame from season 4....after all they did refer to that a lot as "the end of the world" etc etc and that whole thing kinda stemmed from the rambaldi/nadia message/finding the sphere of life (which is what the fluid gave her the location of) - i think they were trying to wrap up that storyline that began with sloane in that moment in season 2 with the whole red ball endgame! i think they also were trying to tie up the whole prophecy about syd being the chosen one, and her and nadia "battling" - so they accomplished a lot with the silly red ball floating over the city (:

Dignan said...

For all of you lost/ alias users...

In wondering if there is a connection between the two shows I was watching the episode w/ c. slater which

"With Caplan agreeing to help Sloane in order to save his family, Sloane plans to break into a Zurich bank that holds Caplan's invention, a magnetometer, which can measure magnetic fields and fit the Rambaldi pieces together perfectly."

now remember in Lost when Jack went into the hatch and his key went towards the wall, well what if they are on the island as some sick Rambali experiment?

bristow_24 said...

Thanks for posting this girlscout, and thanks for the feedback fellow bloggers :)

RUDY said...

I have forgotten all of this. I mean I know that all of this happened, but since s4 Nadia's just been this really sweet sister of Syd's. This article definitely puts her back into the alias saga for me.

Mike1978 said...

Jess I almost forgot about that whole green fluid and Nadia writting thing. We all know something about Rambaldi is going to be revealed in the final episodes - something big. And I bet Nadia either wakes up or is killed. By the way off subject, but I just rewatched Season 4 and decided it was not as bad as I thought. Why does everyone seem to hate it???

Kiki said...

Me too! I love season 4 now. I had to watch it a few times, but it grows on you. It's because, one- Syd and Vaughn's relationship takes a back burner. Two- a lot less action that season 2 and 3. Three- there was not a consistant bad guy. Yeah, Sark was there, but not one person you could truly hate all the time, like Lauren or even Sloane- he was up and down.

After I watched it a second time, I would see the differences in the other seasons, but came to appreciate season 4 for it's drama and of course the new APO set!

Robetron said...

The green fluid gave Nadia the location of the "special sphere" that was rumored to house the "essence of Rambaldi." As we see in S4, the sphere was retrieved, turned in to the CIA, and was stolen by by Elena, presumably to employ in the "big red ball" scheme. After that, who knows what happened to all of the artifacts? The storyline was abandoned, rather unsatisfactorily, if anyone asked me.

Regarding the D'regno Heart being inside the box labled "Irena" - the explanation is erronious for someone who knows something about the Greek language. In order to transliterate the Greek word from its Greek form into English letters, it would be "eirene" which comes from the primary verb "eiro" which means "to join." Within the entire declention of the many suffix's that may be attached to the word, I have not found it ever ending with the alpha, which is required for "eirenah" or Irena. There is no explanation of why the box was supposed to house the "essence" of Rambaldi when the "sphere of life" was supposed to be that. But, no worries... Sloane said he put the D'regno Heart in the box (hiding the four keys at the bottom of the ocean in a place no one could find without the wierd kolidascope, which was never completed by Sloane without the third piece).

The D'regno Heart powered the El-De'ray ("The Telling") machine, which led to knowledge of the Passenger, who, when found, led to the sphere of life, "the final piece" - purportedly. Then it drops of the story telling map.

I love Alias, but not so blindly that I cannot criticize when some part of the writing doesn't make sense. I think the Rambaldi story got so convoluted that the writers never had time enough to figure it out. The "Irena" box just could not have been Sloane's clever little hidey-place for the D'regno Heart, but too much of everything depended upon that little detail, so they went with it anyway.

Feel free to rebuke me for being negative.

jenn256 said...

I completely agree Robetron, it was almost like the writers even got confused and couldn't follow their own storyline. I love Alias as much as the next blogger, but things like that kind of annoy me. The writers spend years spinning a web of intrigue with this Rambaldi thing, and then it gets dropped with no real satisfactory explanation. It seemed like they didn't know where else to go with the story and had confused everyone involved so they just sweptit under the rug and hoped we would forget about it.