Monday, February 06, 2006

Secret Storage

Let us refer back to season 3, to the little episode in which Jack, Sloane and Vaughn go rogue to rescue Sydney from NSC custody. Jack takes Vaughn to his little storage facility, where he houses firearms, tactical gear, passports, cash and thousands of other helpful pieces of CIA equipment. Vaughn makes mentioned that “just by letting me see this place means you have more than one.” Jack replies, “you are smarter than you look.”

We have been part of many of Jack’s off-book missions, specifically his missions when he was working for both the CIA and SD-6. To complete many of the missions he is sanctioned on, Jack has had to come up with counter missions, to either protect Sydney or himself. As I rewatched this episode, I couldn’t help but wonder about the missions we know nothing about. Jack’s little storage dunker maybe a clue to his secret undertakings. We know he has been in contact with Irina, Jack is always in contact with Irina. Perhaps we can assume that Jack has been speaking with Irina in regards to her P5 plans. I think we have all decided that Irina is working with P5 out of Sydney’s best interest, to perhaps protect her from whatever Horizon is. Perhaps Irina needed the location of Horizon to destroy it, so that it doesn’t destroy her daughter(s).

Either way, I believe Jack has been up to something since day one, and now I believe his little secrets will be uncovered by the one person he wishes to keep them from- Sydney. As I have said before, Jack sent Sydney straight to visit Renee to find out about Vaughn’s files. He sent her there with a twinge of regret, which leads me to believe that he knew Sydney was going to be kidnapped and that he has been working with Irina. But I do think that Jack is unaware of P5's plan for his grandchild.

What are your thoughts? I know we have discussed this before, but I would like us to look back at past episodes or instances in which Jack seems to be working covertly. Do you believe Jack is working with Irina? What are they working for?


uncle111 said...

Jack has always been the most intriguing character on Alias. We actually know so little about him. He could have his own series with all his secrets. I don't know the answers to the questions in the dock, but would love to look back through the whole series with Jack as the focus. Flying under the radar is part of who he is. He's learned it's value.
I'd also love to know how many of his little storage facilities he has. The safe in the one we did see had MILLIONS in cash. Got to wonder if he could skim that much from the bad guys if he has that much in more such places.
Jack holds the key to a lot of mysteries and if the show was to continue they could pull a lot of plots out of Jacks stash of secrets.

Sidewinder said...

Hey Girlscout great points.
That could make sense that Jack and Irina would be working together since they left off on such a good note last season it would seem that they would want to protect their daughter from whatever evil plans P5 has for Sydney and her baby. Irina is making it look like she's working for P5 but is really trying to bring them down from the inside. Jack helping Sydney get access to that offsite facility in Santa Barbara to obtain a rambaldi document in Almost Thirty Years was another rogue mission.

Robetron said...

I started re-watching S-3 a short time ago, and i have to tell you that the more I think about it, the more suspicious of Jack I become.

In almost every episode, Sydney is operating on fact produced by Jack without a single question as to how he obtained it. I should have written each instance down, because each time was hugely significant in Syd's journey through S-3. I don't know whether Irena was always in contact with him or not , but I can't help thinking he is going to really hurt Syd in the end.


amy said...

i really don't think he will end up hurting syd in the end - i mean he may hurt her because of all the lies and secrets but from episode 1 of season 1 his fiercest loyalty has been to her - countless incidents and episodes where he proves that over and over. she doesn't always understand and it does hurt her at times - but i do not think that they would make a twist that involved jack wanting to hurt least i really hope that they don't. it would really throw off one of the hugest underlying currents that has stuck with the show since day 1. but i agree that he may end up hurting her just not in any way intentionally. i do think that jack and irina are working together - there are many pieces of the puzzle over the past 3 seasons that indicate they definitely have secrets....great article GS

birdietwoshoes said...

Hey guys. I was just looking on IMDB and it says that episode titled "S.O.S." is scheduled to be on March 2nd, just like we thought. IMDB is rarely wrong. And when they know the date, they usually post it. The next one, called "Maternal Instinct" has ????? where the date normally is, so maybe we can say for sure that at least the SOS one will be on March 2nd. And yay, Weiss will be back. So excited!

bristow_24 said...

Alias is NOT returning March 2nd, other things are schedualed for that night, however...
I just got some cool news on the 100th episode; The title... and it ROCKS!!!
Are you ready for this???

"There's Only One Sydney Bristow"
It's written by Drew Goddard

Im so excited :)

srg-alias said...

haha oh that's sweet bristow, damn straight there's only on Sydney Bristow!! :) Why can't they nail down a date dammit??

amy said...

just watched Time Will Tell, Mea Culpa, and Spirit last night from Season 1 - those are AWESOME episodes. i love sloanes reluctance to believe syd as the mole, all the back and forth on whether she is in the clear or not, the scenes with her and jack, her and will, her and vaughn....i love watching jennifer g act in season 1. its cool to see how much she has grown (: i love when vaughn gets syd a present and will is slightly jealous, then will has jenny sleeping over and we can't be sure if syd is slightly jealous or amused - also when vaughn is prepping syd for the F.I.T test he asks her if she is romantically interested in anyone "ask me again" "i don't have to, we have our answer!!!" i love it (: also marshall saying "hear that sound? that is my mind blowing" - the clothes marshall wears in these episodes are hilarious. a lot of action going back and forth between syds life with cia/sd6 and will's investigation into all of it- such awesome television people!!!! i love my season one!!!!

Kiki said...

I have a feeling "There is only one Sydney Bristow" means our girl is back in action baby!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Jack and Irina started working together after Panama, and later on when they thought Sydney was dead.
They both want to protect their daughters from Sloane (to me, Nadia is Jack's, not Sloane), so Jack has to be at APO to keep an eye on Sloane, while Irina infiltrates P5.

The only problem with my theory is Jack's expression when he saw the nursery :if he was working with Irina, he should have known that the Rambaldi freaks would come after the baby.

Since Irina knows that Jack doesn't believe in the Rambaldi stuff, may be she decided to keep that, and other things from him : Jack would not allow his daughter to be tortured like she was in horizon, even if Irina was there to make sure that no harm came to the baby.

jenn256 said...

what could that title mean, only one Sydney Bristow? I don't get where they could be going with that. Are they keeping her on the barge so they can double her and use her for something Rambaldi related? Is that why they would be wanting the baby, so the doubled Syd could offer it up to the crazies?

Anyway I have to agree with Amy, I don't think Jack will hurt Syd. His love for her,while not always expressed openly, has been evident in the long run. He has risked everything for her, and has helped save her life countless times. You can't fake the moment in the quiet moments when they show Jack, and you know he is thinking of her. You can't fake how distraught he was to stand her up for dinner the first night she asked him to dinner (when they played "In the Arms of Angels" adn she met Vaughn at the pier). I love Jack, and I love that they have left us in the dark about him all of these years, it adds so much more to his character.

Kiki said...

I don't think the title has to do with Doubling. I think it has to do with, "this is it, no one can replace her, she is the true, the one, the only, Sydney Bristow." I think it will be the episode when the kick up Syd returns, baby free and ready to fight!

Also, when I talk about Jack "hurting" Sydney, I don't mean physically, I mean mentally, emotionally. He has plenty of times, with his Project Christmas stuff, etc. We have to be prepared that Jack might not be the man that we or Sydney know.

jenn256 said...

GS- I know you were referring to Jack hurting Syd mentally. I would just hate to see her disappointed AGAIN by her father. I hope he doesn't hurt her at all.

Also GS, you mentioned a little while back an idea/thought you had about the ending if the storyline. You mentioned that meybe this will have all been a dream type sequence. We have all put together multiple times the many similarities between Alias and the story Alice in Wonderland. I was reading a condensed version of this story today of my daughters and the end of the story it says, "and Alice wakes up and wonders, was it al a dream?" Could your prediction have been right on? Will the past five/seven years have all been a dream? Or will they leave that up to us to determine? I have always thought that they will not end it with a nice little bow tying up all storylines.