Monday, February 13, 2006

Here's To You

Her name is Sydney Bristow and she saves the world. For nearly five years, cult-followers and loyal viewers have tuned in to watch a brave 30-something battle the evil of the world and the evil in her family. From elaborate wigs and costumes, to thick accents and foreign languages, Sydney Bristow has been one of TV’s most popular kick-butt heroines.

Her name is Jennifer Garner and she plays Sydney Bristow. The goofy West Virginian good-girl (and wife of A-Lister, Ben Affleck), was boosted to stardom after JJ Abrams placed her at the helm of the stellar Alias cast. Through interviews and several DVD audio commentaries, audiences have come to love Garner and her love for her character. Aside from rocketing to A-List status herself, going from small roles on Pearl Harbor and Catch Me If You Can, to mega roles in 13 Going on 30 and Catch and Release, Garner is a full-fledged TV action-drama star. Her toned and taut body has placed her on several HOT lists and her laid-back, home-town happy personality has named her as one of Hollywood’s sweethearts. Now, she adds wife and mother to the list, and it seems she couldn’t be happier.

Today, like episode 100 “There’s Only One Sydney Bristow,” Let’s Talk Alias is paying tribute to Jennifer Garner and all the hard work (physical, mental and emotional) that has gone into portraying our beloved Syd.

As we say goodbye to our favorite CIA gal, so does Jennifer Garner. Side by side, Sydney and Jennifer have been through the good, the bad and the overly publicized. From the death of Sydney’s fiancé, to the death of Jennifer’s marriage to Scott Foley, to both Sydney and Jennifer’s relationship with Michael (Vaughn and Vartan), to the impending births of both of their babies, these chicks have stuck with it, to the pleasure of the audience. So, truly, we honor both of these gals for their determination, their hard work and their fortitude, for sticking with it when ratings were low and when big red balls threatened Russian cities. With much love and respect-

Thank You SYD and JEN!!!

What are your favorite Syd moments? What are your favorite Jen roles other than Syd?

PS. has posted an interview with Bradley Cooper discussing his return to Alias. Check it out!!

PSS. Has anyone seen the ads for Scott Foley’s new show on CBS? I believe it is called The Unit, and guess what, Foley plays a secret agent!! Sound familiar? I am not really a fan of Foley, and I think The Unit is kind of a rip-off of Alias, but perhaps we can shy from TEAM GARNER and partake of the show. Perhaps it might semi-fill the void that Alias will leave behind.


jenn256 said...

it does seem remarkable that Sydney and Jenn have gone through similar life stories together. I think one of the things I will miss most about Alias is just not seeing JG every week. It doesn't matter if Syd's kicking butt or not, I love JG and the humor and love she has brought to Sydney. I love seeing Syd's humorous and fun side and you can see that comes from Jenn. Over the years JG has brought out wonderful performances with love and comedy, heartache and pain (physical and emotional.)She has taken us on this wonderful roller coaster ride with her and I for one, am so glad to have my DVD's so I can try to fill the void that will be left after Alias ends. I know that JG will go onto big things, but I will truley miss Sydney Bristow and all that Jennifer Garner has brought to her character.

srg-alias said...

Ah Jen, she's my girl!! She's one of the few Hollywood stars I'd actually like to meet someday. I love seeing the difference between her real bubbly personality and that of Syd, so serious and strong. Just shows what a great actress she is! Alias definitely made me a huge Jen fan, but I also loved her in 13 Going on 30. She's an excellent comedic actress and it was fun to see her that way. I have so many fav Syd moments, but for me I just LOVE it in Phase 1 when she says "What was wrong with the black one?" That line has such a great mixture of comedy and toughness in her delivery, I never get sick of that scene!

Kiki said...

Good scene SRG- I would have to say my fav Syd moment is when she goes to see Jack in prison after her missing 2 years. In those few moments with her dad she has nothing. She's lost Vaughn, she's lost 2 years, she's lost her father. She is alone- and so vulnerable. It's the first time we see Sydney truly at a breaking point. She doesn't know if she can do it. But, like Syd, she pulls through and saves everyone! I love JG in that scene. It's so honest. I also love the scene in this seasons episode, in the "vaughn dream" in micro storage, where she says she just wants people to forget about us, she just wants to run away with Vaughn and the baby. That was so much Jenn as it was Syd. Loved it!

Robetron said...

Beautiful tribute, GS.

I believe it is the insertion of Jen's pleasant girlie-girl personality into Sydney's personality that makes her so lovable. Sure, she is beyond capable and handle any outrageous situation, but it is her tender moments that make her seem real to us.

As far as favorite Syd-scenes, there are just too numerous. It would otfen depend on what season and episode I had most recently watched. Unlike many of those who get "A-list" status, Jen truly deserves to be there; she's earned every bit of it with her performance.

BTW - that new show you referred to, The Unit has one of 24's big stars in it too. He is the now-assasinated President Palmer, and he is a very good actor. Don't anyone discount the show yet, even if it is a 24/ Alias rip-off.

Kiki said...

I know. I say the commercials and it looked good and then I say Scott Foley and I was like, what the HELL!! But, I will keep an open mind.

Robetron said...

P.S. to G.S.

Remember "The Trust," the ultra-covert organization within the government that was interested in Rambaldi and wassecretly working with Arvin Sloane? (from season 3)

I wonder if they are the key to P-5. It may make a good article.

Kiki said...

Yes Robby, I agree. I have often thought there was a connection between the 2. Let me do a little researach. Thanks!

Tammy said...

Great tribute GS! I have to think about my favorite moment... not sure yet what it is! There are numerous ones I'm sure!

One of my favorite things is watching JG in the outtakes on the DVD's. Her goofball self comes through when they goof up. It's fun to see. She and Victor Garber get going and can't stop laughing. It's a fun contrast to their usual very serious interactions!

Interesting note about the new show with Scott Foley. I really love Dennis Haysbert (from 24)... I haven't continued to watch that show... he was assassinated?! But I did enjoy the first year. He is a truly wonderful actor. Might just coerce me to watch the Unit!

AgtBecky13 said...

I have to say that my favourite role for Jen is 13 going on 30. She is very funny and sweet in that movie and it seems this is the real Jennifer Garner. After looking at the bloopers, I noticed that Jenny is always laughing and she is said to be very sweet with the crew on the set of Alias and her movies.

phoenix_shotgun said...

Great tribute, GS! I loved it! As for my favorites: well, like everyone said, there are just so many, but I do enjoy it whenever Sydney smiled, whether she was with Vaughn, Dixon, Nadia, Weiss, whoever, I love seeing her smile. Jennifer has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen (HONEST!) and I love seeing her smile on the show.

As much as I hate this moment, I also love it as well: at the end of "The Two". I think you guys get what I mean. When Sydney is telling Vaughn exactly how she feels. I think that scene truly showed Jen's potential and just how well she can act. Not that I didn't believe it before, but she was just amazing. I hate watching the scene because it's just so sad what happened between her and Vaughn, but I also love watching it and seeing Jen's acting.

13 Going On 30 would have to be my favorite Jennifer Garner movie. I only saw Daredevil because she was in it. Didn't care squat about it and don't really like to watch it now, but with 13, I can watch that movie over and over and not get sick of it. I can just laugh at how cute Jen is and can almost relate because, as Jennifer said in an interview once, we all have a 13 year old inside us and I thought she did such a great job. I did like Elektra, but it was almost too dark for me and I won't watch it as much as 13. Can't wait to see Catch and Release (whenever that is) and I know that Jen is going to be so good in it.

Kinda off topic, but has anyone else noticed that Jen seems to be looking younger? I think her pregnancy and the birth of Violet has given her a "younger-looking glow". She seems really young in the C & R trailer and I think she was pregnant during some of the filming. And I think GS mentioned this too, but when she won the People's Choice, she looked really young in her acceptance speech as well. Just wondering if anyone else noticed.

God bless, ya'll!

Kiki said...

Agent Becky, we haven't seen ya in awhile, nice to have you back!

slingshot said...

"dont touch the furr! ok you can touch it, ONCE..."

I dont want to dive into my fav moments of her because the list will go one forever...and I really dont feel like crying right now.

Sad, that it is coming to an end. I only hope after deciding to take the full-time mom job in real life, that Jen will sometime, sooner than later, come back to big screen.

I hate so much that the show has to end, and we will no longer be blessed with agent bristow and her steamy man vaughn, but in all reality, all things come to an end.

Never in my life though, will I ever forget such lines as:

"what it comes down to is faith"
"we'll find each other, we always find eachother"

too many good scenes and sayings that Im sure will keep alias alive in all of us, even as the show ends.

jenn256 said...

oh wow,I saw the trailer for JG's new movie,"Catch and Release". It looks sooo good, typical funny JG! Here's the site

go to the site and watch the trailer, I think you all will love it also!!!Just wish it came out sooner,2007!

Tammy said...

Jenn256 - thanks for the link to the trailer! I watched and you're right - it does look great! I wish it came out sooner than 2007 though!! Yikes!

jenn256 said...

I know, what are we supposed to do from May 2006 until sometime in 2007? At least we all have our DVD's!!

srg-alias said...

thanks for posting that link jenn, I actually found that trailer yesterday when I was bored at work and meant to post it but forgot! Looks like it should be good. :)

AgtBecky13 said...

Glad to be back Girlscout! I have been lurking but I have been preoccupied lately (being unemployed since September but it looks like this will be over soon), so I have been quiet as a mouse! Plus, no Alias and not many great shows on tv these days. I'm looking foward to the return of Alias and a new show coming in March called Conviction (with an actress I love: Stephanie March from L&O SVU).

Kiki said...

Conviction looks great Becky! I love Stephanie March too! Law and Order, SVU and CI are all great shows. They were we my first addiction before Alias.