Wednesday, January 04, 2006

SpyDaddy and Broadway Baby: Victor Garber

I heart Victor Garber. Aside from being an ultra CIA super hero on set as Jack Bristow, Victor is close with co-star Jennifer Garner. His friendship earned him not only a front row spot at Jennifer’s top secret nuptials to Ben Affleck, but Victor donned the collar and performed the ceremony! Whether he’s on screen as the clench jawed, authoritative but caring father, or off set as best buddy and paternal figure, he’s one of our faves.

It’s hard to believe that under the rough exterior of Jack Bristow is a man of a marvel on the Broadway stage. A leading player on Broadway for over two decades, Victor Garber has appeared in comedies and musicals in New York to applause and Tony nominations, but his career in TV and films has been limited to mostly supporting parts. Garber's first stage success of note came in his native Canada, where he performed as Jesus in "Godspell" in a 1972 Toronto ensemble that also included Martin Short and Andrea Martin . A year later, Garber reprised the role in the film version of the musical but he soon settled into working on Broadway. After nearly 20 years, he returned to films in character roles like the slick agent taking clients away from Michael J. Fox and Nathan Lane in James Lapine's "Life with Mikey"(1993); Tom Hanks' friend who is rendered emotional by "The Dirty Dozen" in Nora Ephron's "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993) and Goldie Hawn's ex-husband in "The First Wives Club" (1996) . Garber's highest profile turn came as the Titanic's designer Thomas Andrews, who calmly awaits its inevitable sinking, in James Cameron's blockbuster mega-hit "Titanic" (1997).

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jenn256 said...

I have always loved Victor Garber. I think it's a great accomplishment as an actor to be able to do comedy and serious roles, and do both well. I'm not sure if anyone saw him on an epsiode of "Will and Grace", but his dry humor was hysterical.

And I often find that some of Jack's one liners in Alias are very humerous as well(mostly with Marshall it seems). One of the best moments ever was last season when Vaughn and Syd were on assignment and were talking about how they liked it rough, and Syd asks "are we on coms"? Jack says "yes, you're both on coms". Not a funny line in itself, but delivered brilliantly. I love that Victor Garber can play a hardass CIA agent, concerned father, betrayed husband and be statched from it all at the same time! Why he hasn't won an award for this show recently is beyond me!

jenn256 said...

I meant to say detatched- not statched,

Kiki said...

Nicely put Jenn. I concur! I heart Victor and all his roles and yes, Will and Grace was hilarious!

Robetron said...

I saw some of the other on-film shows you list in this article, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember VG in any of it.

For me, the most memorable role, other than Jack Bristow, I have seen him perform was as the up-tight Mayor/ father in The Music Man opposite 'Farris Beuller'. Being very used to the dryness of Jack Bristow, it was hilarious to see him play someone who makes a fool of himself and stumbles over words.

phoenix_shotgun said...

That "Ferris Bueller" you are referring to would be Matthew Broderick and yes, Victor was great in that. I hate seeing him in Legally Blonde because he is such a baddie, but he is great in it and I love that movie.

Kiki said...

I really like Victor Garber, but I LOVE Jack Bristow. Of course it is VG's brillance that makes the character of SpyDaddy so great. The dry delivery, sly humor, and (my favorite) he's a master game theorist. Mmmm... he's so tricky and devious, but has a heart of gold. I love that you never quite know what he's up to. Off-book (or rogue) Jack is my favorite.

uncle111 said...

This afternoon my nephew and his wife, who moved to New York City a few months ago, were stopped on the street while walking and asked by Victor Garber for directions.
They were so stunned they were only able give him the directions.
Right place, right time.