Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Final Farewell By Jenn256

Here is a piece written by blogger Jenn256. Thanks Jenn for your contribution!

In" M*A*S*H", the dedicated doctors were flown home after the war ended. "Cheers" showed everyone move on with their respective lives and we saw the light in the bar be turned off and that was the end. "Freinds" showed all of the friends go off into the sunset and leave their keys to the apartment on the counter and walk away. "Sex in the City" showed all of the girls get everything they wanted in life and also walk into the sunset happy.
As we approach the end of our favorite show I have been left wondering, how will it end? Will all of our questions be answered, or will we be left to come up with our own conclusions? Will the writers, in true Alias style, leave us with a cliff hanger to use our imaginations to end it the way we choose? In a recent blog, there were many different thoughts on how the show would end. Will Sydney finally get what she has said she wanted for so many years? Will she leave the CIA with Vaughn and baby Bristow-Vaughn in tow? Knowing that she has been trained and literally brainwashed all of her life for CIA training, can she really escape? Will she ever be safe? What will happen to Jack and Dixon? And Marshall, poor Marshall! How will he react if Syd does leave?

I suppose the answer to all of our questions will depend on if there will be a spin-off (set in present time or a prequal). What do you all think? How would you like to see our favorite show end? What will happen to Syd? Is Vaughn truley alive? What about Kendall's alliegence? Will Sloane turn out to be the ultra-baddie we all think he is, or true to his word finally, that he is just a devoted father looking for answers? Will Jack and Irina take over APO and work together to rid the world of the evil that is endangering their daughter and granddaughter? And where do you think Rachel and Grace fit into the future of APO and Alias?

Jenn asks some great questions here. Many of us have been thrown for a loop over the years, gasping and screaming at the many twists and turns that Alias has thrown our way. How is it possible for us to even anticipate what writers and producers will dish out for the finale? We are just now piecing together the puzzle of SD-6 and P5 and we still don't know enough concrete information to consider this puzzle in anyway solved.

If you are interested in spoiler, which I am, please check out the leaks from the Alias magazine at There are some tidbits there related to Grace and his secret that I found interesting, as related to Sydney and her baby, and Jack. CAUTION- Spoilers see the spoilers, highlight the text below.

It is said in the magazine that Grace's secret will be revealed, that Jack chose him for a specific purpose. Something has happened to Grace in the past that is connected with Sydney's situation and is in someway connected to Vaughn. Follow me...could it be that Grace's ex-wife was a double-agent? That she married him to acquire information from him related to his CIA work? Suppose Jack asked for him because Jack knew Grace would do anything to bring down an organizatation run by a woman (possibly Irina) who once betrayed her husband. Suppose Jack hired Grace because he would be interested in bring down an organization run by a man (possibly Vaughn) who betrayed the one who loved him. We have been yearning to learn more about Grace, and this connection, if true, is one of the best full-circle plotlines I've read thus far related to this season and it's end. What do you think?


Dignan said...

I have a feeling that the final episode is going to to big and not end so perfectly.

Any Six Feet Under watchers out there? Well, that was also a brilliantly written show that had an odd, heartbreaking and true to show form ending (I will spare what it was in case some are still going to watch it).
I think Alias will be the same way. Not the happiest of endings, but an ending that will satisfy its viewers.

Kiki said...

I agree Dignan. We all have an idea of how we want the show to end personally and the writers can't please everyone. Some will be disappointed, some will be thrilled, but I am sure the majority will be satisfied.

jenn256 said...

I agree Dignan. I think the show will leave us with a cliffhanger type ending. I think they will show something unexpected at the end,andwe will be left to drawour own conlusions(ie-Syd says at the end to everyone,"I've made a decision about staying with the CIA or not",and that's it, fade to black!)

birdietwoshoes said...

I like Jenn's idea of Jack and Irina taking over APO together. I, personally, think that however the show ends, Irina has to be part of it. And I don't know if I'd rather have Sloane end up being ultra bad or ultra good. I'm on the fence on that.

Also, question for GS-- Why does the song by Evanescence "My Immortal" always remind me of Jennifer Garner or Sydney? Was it used in an ep of Alias or am I just dreaming?

Kiki said...

Birdie- That song was the theme for Daredevil starring Garner and her hubby BenBen. So, it reminds you of Garner, though it would be a great song for Alias.

RUDY said...

All I know is that I want a Season Four ENDING! That was a heart-stopping moment. But I want an ending that can let us draw conclusions, not one that makes us scream for answers like the car crash. So...I want S4's ending and I don't. Is that even possible?

Robetron said...

If I were writing the ending, it would be traggic and probably altogether different than the fairie-tale ending everyone wants. I have a few ideas, but I am keeping them to myself, in case I end up right about one of them.

Why would I do that? For the same reason I want to thank you for concealing the spoiler. I have discovered that shows and movies are twice as good when you don't know a thing about them. Take the movie "The Island" for example. All I knew about it was that it had some good action in it based on the breif TV trailers. I was bored one night and went to see it at the theater. Absolutely blown away was I. Other people watched it, having been spoiled regarding what was happening, and just thought it was "okay".

Same thing with Alias. Thanks to the ABC board, I knew too much about the first part of this season and it was pretty dry.

(Watch out for the following sentence!) I think, the more I know, the less I want to know too much, for knowing lessens what I think too much.
(That was fun!)

Robetron said...

BTW... what is "Six Feet Under"? I havn't heard a thing about it. Don't spoil it, bt tell me the theme.

Is it about Vampires... like, some bubble headed blond teenager who takes on the underworld? 'Cause that's been done to death (excuse the pun).

Is it about two young heroic boys searching the country for their father and defeating supernatural powers from the ghostly relm? 'Cause that's already being done (and is kind of dumb if anyone asked me).

Common. Dish it out! I'm always on the lookout for good shows that I can watch on DVD.


Dignan said...

Six Feet Under was a show that ended a few months ago after 4 (maybe 5 seasons).
It was on HBO and focused on a family that ran a funeral home--- a dysfunctional family.

In each show someone's death is shown at the begining and the show then goes on from there (the family dealing w/ the departed one's family.

It is GREAT! Get a couple season one eps and see what you think... also it is quite, well...risque at times, but is done with a point.

klopez_usa said...

Robetron, your guesses about 6 Feet Under had me chuckling. Hee, hee.

Anyway, Jenn, thanks for the great thoughts. I honestly don't know what I feel about how Alias will end. I guess I will have to wait and see if I love it or hate it. I would like it to be clever though; you know something that only those of us who know Alias through and through would catch onto or get.

There is one thing that I do hope, is that the writers follow the same suit they are now...making sure they wrap up whatever questions, theories, guesses, innuendos, insinuations, etc about Rambaldi, the Covenant, Prophet 5, Vaughn's death, Dixon, Marshall, Grace, Sloane's allegiance, Irina's Allegiance, etc. that they have developed over the last 5 seasons.

jenn256 said...

GS-I like your theory about Grace in the spoiler section. I had originally thought maybe he had also been put through a Project Christmas type training, and that why Jack was interested in him, but your theory makes more sense. Although what you said about Vaughn made me a bit sad to think of that possibility (good idea,but it would be startling). It's very hard to talk about this without spoiling it for those who didn't read that section!!

Vixen said...

I know there will be at least 2 dozen unanswered questions. There is no way that one epi can fully wrap up this show to my satisfaction. A whole Season couldn't even wrap it up.

RUDY said...

Just a thought to the SPOILER.


What if Grace was the double agent, and he was there to steal secrets from his wife?

Dignan said...

Alright this may be a bit out there... but something to think about.
I rented eps 1-7 from the first season and haven't seen them since they aired.
We are thinking that there will be something major that happens... something from the past and although I think Vaughn will be back I don't think that is it.

What if... I might be stretching here...What if Danny never actually was killed. That he was some sort of agent too. Maybe that is why Vaughn said it wasn't an accident that he was her handler. Maybe those two know eachother. Just a thought.

But what if Danny was alive?
that sure would make those who didn't watch the first season confused! I mean they brought back her professor from season one... so I wouldn't put it past the writers.
any thoughts? or is it a crazy thought?
I am watching ep. 3 now and sure will have more.

--oh and the first symbol of Rambaldi < o > when Sloan first mentioned it and it seemed like syd was reminising and some person had the tatoo on her hand and ripped the necklace off the person she was doing dirty things with. (ep. 3- begining)

Dignan said...

Oh and just imagine seeing Vaughn, Danny and Sark... now that would be a yummy sight :)

Mike1978 said...

Dignan summed it up perfectly. You can't please everyone! Some clues may never be answered (leaving fans thinking there could be the possibility of a made-for-tv movie out or something later on). Personally I love to see Syd end up teaching in the final scene, with Irina and Jack together after faking their deaths to be together again! But that is wishful thinking. Seriously I just hope it's doesn't get sappy and I hope stupid ABC doesn't spoil it with giving stuff away in the promos which they tend to do.