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Derevko Domain by Jenn256

Here is an article written by our new guest writer Jenn256. My comments and added questions are in orange.

The Derevko women have always been women of mystery and intrigue. Between them they have killed hundreds of people, not to mention the thousands killed in Svogda by Elena’s endgame. But what do we really know about them? Here are only some of the things ever divulged about these women, and questions about them which we hope to have answered by the end of May. I broke it down with information on each sister. Following in Girlscout’s footsteps, I have put in my own questions and comments regarding these women.

Jack married Laura Bristow in 1970. How they actually met is never revealed, but we know that Irina must have orchestrated the meet and did everything she could to make Jack fall in love with her. Laura Bristow is actually Irina Derevko, a very well known Russian Intelligence Officer for the KGB. We find out later that the KGB instructed Irina to marry Jack to gain access to his Project Christmas files. Did Irina know that her child with Jack would be The Chosen One?

Jack meets Sloane working for the CIA and they become good friends. In that time Sloane and Irina have an affair, unbeknownst to either of their spouses. Did Irina know Sloane or know of him prior to her introduction to him by Jack? This is about the time Sloane starts his quest for Rambaldi. Did Irina know that by having an affair with Sloane that they would produce The Passenger?

Jack and Irina/Laura were married for five years and had a Sydney in 1974.

After killing Bill Vaughn for possible P5 information in 1979, Irina fakes her death sometime in 1980 or 1981. Before Irina returned to Russia, she and Sloane had another affair, producing Nadia (we think). Upon her return to the mother land Irina was jailed and questioned for months about her allegiance to her country. She gave birth to Nadia who was taken (by the KGB?) when she was one day old.

Irina is on the run for 25 years as one of the CIA’s most wanted for the murder of 12 CIA agents. What exactly was she doing during this time? Was she still on the hunt for Rambaldi or Prophet 5?

The first time viewers see Irina is at the end of the last episode of Season 1 when Irina walks into where Sydney is being held in Taipei. It is at this point that Sydney discovers that Irina, not Alexander Kassinau, is actually “The Man.” When Irina first sees Sydney she says, “I’ve been waiting twenty years for this.” What did she mean by this statement? Did she mean she had waited to see Sydney again or was she referring to something else? After being shot in the shoulder by her mother, and then having Irina point a gun to her head a second time in the warehouse after Irina kills Kassinau, Irina first tells Sydney “Truth Takes Time”. This is a statement we hear repeated by Irina multiple times over the next several seasons. It is also implanted into a pair of Irina’s earrings Sydney has with Morse code. Does this mean that Irina already had a long term plan to help Sydney and Jack? What did she mean by this? Was she referring to Rambaldi or Prophet 5?

At the end of this episode Irina walks into the CIA and gives herself up for the CIA to use her knowledge. Irina spends most of the season in CIA custody, as she helps them bring down SD-6.

After destroying SD-6, Sloane goes on the run, but needs the Rambaldi manuscript. Irina convinces Jack and the CIA to let her go to Sloane with a fake copy of the manuscript, so they could then track him and capture him. She finally convinces Jack to let her make a deal with Sloane for his information on Rambaldi. Jack removes the tracking chip placed in her shoulder on Director Kendalls directives, after she and Jack make love in a hotel. Irina double crosses Jack and the CIA and joins Sloane on his hunt for Rambaldi. Jack finds that she has replaced all of the notes in the Rambaldi manuscript at CIA headquarters with blank papers. Jack has once again been double-crossed by his former wife.

After Jack and Sydney rescue Irina from Elena, they are discussing Nadia. Irina apologizes for her “indiscretion” with Sloane. Jack says that Nadia is exceptional, and Irina says to Jack with a sly smile, “I wonder where she gets that from?” I know we have gone over this before, but what did that mean? Is Nadia Jack’s daughter?

Ylena Derevko

Irina says that Elena was always a very volatile and quick tempered as a child.

There is not really much that we know about this woman. She posed as Sophia Vargas for much of her life, and raised Nadia from a very young baby until she was a teenager. We can assume that she did this with the knowledge that Nadia was “The Passenger” and already had an obsession with Rambaldi. But if this is true, how did she know so early?

Elena was the front man for the Covenant. She used the Covenant to uncover more Rambaldi artifacts.

Sophia comes to the states with the story that she was attacked and does not feel safe staying in Brazil any longer. Nadia invites Elena to come and stay with her and Sydney. While staying with them she gives Nadia a medallion with a microchip inside. Using this Elena is able to be one step ahead of APO in getting her hands on the Rambaldi artifacts. Elena also uses Nadia’s laptop to gain access to one of the DSR storage facilities for more artifacts.

We now know that Irina at some point realized that Elena was in pursuit of Rambaldi and tried to stop her. Elena finds out that Irina is onto her scheme and finds Irina and kidnaps her. Elena then has Irina doubled (Helix Protocol) and frames her for putting a hit out on Sydney. Elena knew once Jack found this out he would kill Irina. When Jack did find out he arranges a meeting with her at which point he shoots her in the head. Elena needed everyone, especially Jack and Sydney, to think Irina was dead so she could continue her work on Rambaldi’s endgame.

Elena had Irina taken to a medical facility where Irina was tortured until she gave Elena the information she needed to assemble the Mueller device (the big red ball).
Once Irina found Elena at the end of Season 4, she helped Sydney destroy the big red ball and shot Elena in the head. One shot to the head, just as Jack did to Irina’s double sent by Elena…..ironic.

Ekatarina Derevko

Known as the “Black Sparrow”, we are first introduced to Katya after Jack enlists Irina’s help to find Sydney lost in North Korea. Jack refers to her as Ekatarina, but her sisters have always called her Katya. At this point Jack is communicating with Irina over the computer, but this is around the time Elena kidnaps Irina. So is Jack actually talking to Irina or Elena? Did Elena send Katya to “help” Jack or was it really Irina?

Katya tells Jack that she joined the SVR to help Irina search for Nadia after she was taken away as a baby. Did they not know that Elena had her?

Katya blackmailed Jack into “killing” Sloane in exchange for her getting Syd and Vaughn out of the Q Kong Province. She tells Jack that she wants Sloane dead for “preventative measures.” She calls Sloane and he immediately recognizes her voice. She tells Sloane to “back off” of Irina or she would have him killed. How did Sloane recognize her voice? What does she mean that she wants him dead for “preventative measures?” What is she preventing? How long had Sloane and Katya been in contact with each other? What did she mean by “backing off of Irina?” What was he doing with Irina and how did Katya know about it?

Katya tells Jack that “One day my sister’s intentions will present themselves to you and I promise you, they will be unmistakable.” What did she mean by this? Was she referring to her work in helping bring down Elena or Prophet 5? We can assume by this statement that Katya had been working with Irina for a long time and had been in contact with her.

We see Katya again in the last episode of season 1 when she shows up at the Covenant dig site. She tried to shoot Sydney in the head but Syd had unloaded the clip from the gun. Why would Katya try to kill Irina’s oldest daughter? Wasn’t she supposed to be helping Irina? What part did she really play in the Covenant? She later says that she knows where Jack can find Elena, so was she working with Elena? Or was she posing as the good sister to Elena to help Irina (before Elena kidnapped her .) Also, why would Katya stab Vaughn to save Lauren?

Most recently we see that Irina is somehow involved in Prophet 5. What could she be doing, and did she have anything to do with that mysterious nursery Jack found? Why would she torture Sydney for information on the Horizon? Jack once stated that with all of the details he discovered when he thought Irina took a hit out in Sydney, that he overlooked the most important fact, that Irina would NEVER do anything to hurt Sydney, no matter what. Was he wrong? Is Irina trying to protect Sydney? How did she know about Vaughn’s investigation into Prophet 5?

So many questions with so few answers. Anyone have any answers or thoughts about these woman?

Thanks Jenn for a wonderful look at the sisters. Now let's blog away!
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amy said...

you guys are too fast for me- i am trying to go back from the first blog and read and comment - i am only half way through december and told myself i wouldn't look at the new posts until i am caught up! but you are going SO fast!!! i can't wait to catch up with you!!!!

Desiree said...

Good article Jenn256. Nicely laid out. I was wondering about something. What is Vaughn doing with all of the info regarding the Mueller device? That is why he asked to be Syd's handler in the first place. Why do you think that it isn't talked about? This is something that makes me think that Vaughn and Irena somehow knew each other long before we knew it. How to prove it...I am still working on it:)

jenn256 said...

Vaughn was trying to uncover his dad's work with P5 before he died, and recognized the name Mueller when Syd came in and talked about it in the first episode. That is the reason he asked to be her handler, to see what other info she had on it. I don't know if we ever find out whether he knew about any connection between Mueller and Rambaldi. He just knew Mueller was connected to P5.

srg-alias said...

SOOOOO many questions with so few answers for sure, that's an understatement! :) Excellent article jenn, good convo topic. The most elusive sister in my opinion is Katya. I have more questions surrounding her loyalties than the other two. Irena is definitely a mysterious woman, but it always seems that whatever she does, it's in the best interests of Syd and usually Jack. Katya's a different main questions deal with her role in the Covenant and why she stabbed Vaughn and nearly shot Syd in the head in s3. When Syd confronted her about that in s4, Katya dismissed it with a roll of her eyes saying she was never REALLY going to shoot her, but she certainly seemed surprised when Syd revealed that she had removed the clip. Granted she could have very well killed Vaughn if she wanted to by stabbing him, but it seemed she just wanted to wound him to save Lauren for some reason. Perhaps she was "faking" loyalty to Elena, but for what reason? She certainly seemed to be on Irena's side in s4 by helping Syd find out she was really alive and hadn't tried to kill her. As far as Elena, it seems pretty obvious that her loyalty is only to herself and her pursuit of Rambaldi, definitely not to her family. I think it's very possible that she submitted Nadia to some kind of Project Christmas proticol while she was raising her in the orphanage. What other purpose would she have in pretending to be the kindly Sophia?

Kiki said...

Oh Jenn, you started a doozy of a post. I can't wait to see what others have to say!

jenn256 said...

I agree srg-alias, Katya is definatley the hardest to figure out of the sisters. Elena didn't care for anyone but herself and Rambaldi. Was Katya only pretending to be involved with the Covenant and Elena to get in on the inside for Irina? Perhaps she hoped Irina was actually alive and wanted to get close to Elena to find out. She has always seemed to have some loyalty to Irina, more than Elena anyway (except for when she slept with Jack) :)

As for GS's questions, I agree, did Irina know she would produce the "Chosen One" and the "passenger"? How long has she known that her daughters were part of Rambaldi's prophecy?

jenn256 said...

I just had a thought. Since we know Elena is involved in the doubling process, could she have doubled Irina years ago to have the double "kill" Bill Vaughn, and not the real irina? I've never been convinced that Irina actually killed him.

Someone remind me, did BV actually bring Nadia to Elena as a baby, or was that part of her set up when she was making Vaughn think his dad was alive? I don't remember the outcome of that part of the storyline. If he did, perhaps Elena had him killed so Irina and Katya would never find out she had Nadia, but posed as Irina??

Anonymous said...

Great article Jenn. I think that Katya and Irina opperate out of the same play book: do what is necessary to protect Sydney and Nadia. Could Katya have alligned herself with Elena because Elena had kidnapped Irina? (That way she could find out where Elena was holding Irina and free her.) Did Katya raise her pistol to Syd's head because she knew that she was being watched and didn't want to blow her cover with Elena? Could stabbing Vaughn have been a test to be certain of her loyalties? Or to win intel?

Remember, she was willing to die form an allergic reaction to choclate just so Syd would meet with her. This meeting set in motion the uncovering of the Sloan-clone and that Jack had not really killed Irina, but rather her helix clone. Katya would be crazy to reveal this info if she were really working for Elena!!
Katya also told Syd when she was recovering from the chocolate episode that she found it funny how Syd only saw the world in "black and white". Did she say this so Syd would realize that she and Irina often had to operate in the "grey" to accomplish good in the end?
I think Irina said that things aren't always as they seem. What do you think?

jenn256 said...

yes I definatley think that Katya aligned herself with Elena and the Covenant to try to find out if her sister was alive and where she was. She must have gotten the intel from somewhere that led Syd to discover the Irina clone, so I would assume that it was perhaps at this time. We never actually find out exactly how long Elena holds Irina hostage, but this situation with Katya trying to "shoot" Syd goes back to the end of S3. However, at the end of S4 when Jack goes to visit Katya in jail she seemed pretty certain that Jack killed Irina, so was that an act? Why wouldn't she just tell Jack what she had learned working with Elena so he could free her sister? These woman pose more questions than answers!!!

Mike1978 said...

Dang Jenn my head is spinning! I swear if they don't wrap up any of this stuff this season....but great post!!

amy said...

when katya first came on the scene and her and jack had the passionate kiss did anyone else go "ew"?? i mean i got over it but my very first reaction was like as if i was syd watching my dad make out with my aunt (ahhh as if i were syd...dream of my life. i actually went online to look at jobs in the cia and i have a magnet that says "future cia operative" with a space for my pic!!! i don't think they would take me after finding my alias-obsessed blog do you??)

anyways great topic to write on - so much mystery wrapped up in these sisters!!

i like how the writers have set up the relationship between jack and irina (who else loved the U2 song walk on as they went on their first "family mission" together???) and they have done a phenomenal job with the tension, love, hate, disgust, love again.....its been great. i want to see irina find out about jack and katya! but i think thats a pretty minor storyline compared to all that they have to wrap up this series!!!

lhaaheim said...

Irina- I just thought of something... not sure if this has been discussed before but it relates to P5 and Irina's endgame. There has always been significance in numbers on Alias, Rambaldi: 47 etc. and know I'm wondering about the Alliance of 12 and the 12 murdered CIA agents who "died" at Irina's hand. Is it just a coincidence that there happen to be 12 people in both of those groups? Now taking it a step further, P5 has been compared to the Alliance of 12 a lot, at least as a similar organization. Furthermore everyone thinks that P5 has been around in some capacity the whole time and that The Alliance, SD6, The Covenant, Syd destroying them could have been part of their endgame. What I'm getting at here is what if the 12 CIA agents were never actually killed. What if their death was actually an extraction by Irina? Not that many people die on Alias for sure, and even when were 100% positive there is still a little doubt because come on it's Alias, anything can happen. So here is my question what if those 12 CIA agents were never killed, what if they are running P5? Vaughn already thought for a while that his father ("killed" by Irina) might be alive; what if he wasn't wrong in his conclusion, could Bill Vaughn be alive??? It's possible that I may be over thinking this but I find the number similarity intriguing. Also another thought, one of the questions Jenn256 brought up was whether or not Irina knew Syd would be the chosen one, at the very least she knew that Syd was part of project Christmas and would be powerful when older if given the chance. Sloane brought her into SD6 and gave her that opportunity to grow on her Project Christmas conditioning. Maybe that was part of Irina/Sloane's plan from the beginning. Everything in Alias is somehow interconnected; it's possible their endgame (or Rambaldi's) has been in motion for a long time. So what do you think: are the 12 CIA agents dead? Are they running P5? At the very least, what about Bill Vaughn? Additionally how did Irina and Sloane orchestrate this whole thing? Was it destiny, part of Rambaldi’s prophecy?