Wednesday, December 14, 2005

T.T.T.W. (Things To Think about on Wednesday)

One episode to last the entire holiday season? Fooey! This is it people, this is it. Tonight is the night! Not only does Vaughn return, but it is the final episode before the winter/maternity hiatus. Below are some rules to help you fully enjoy tonight's episode. Happy Viewing!

Please raise your right hand and repeat after me…
1. I will not get my hopes up, though it is highly possible the writers would like to leave us all in utter duress in order to have us gnawing for more by the time March rolls around.
2. I will not cry; this is the holiday hiatus, not the end of the show. (Well, I suppose we can cry for Vaughn and Sydney, good or bad.)
3. I will pay attention to all things Vaughn, as there may be several clues leading to his full fledged return for the remainder of the season. (There should be several call backs in this episode, keep an eye out.)
4. I will note all call backs and references to old characters (Irina, Will, Francie, etc.), as it is possible these characters may be returning for the final season.
5. I will tape every last minute as to watch it repeatedly over the hiatus. (It will be my only comfort; that and about 4lbs. of chocolate shaped like Santa.)

The hiatus is going to be hard on some. Wednesday and Thursday nights will feel empty and without purpose. Hold strong. Just remember that this hiatus is necessary for the return of butt-kicking Syd and several beloved, long lost characters. The hiatus will rejuvenate the actors, the writers, and the producers. The season will resume with fresh faces, fresh storylines and new and exciting entertainment. Hiatus = Good! Haitus = Kick-butt Syd!

PS. Though I will be posting articles during the hiatus, please visit the ARCHIVES. There are tons of great articles pertaining to old and new episodes that you might have missed!
Remember: The First Annual Let’s Talk Alias Bloggy Appreciation Day is January 2nd. Turn in your pieces for the post contest before that date and you could be a winner! For more information see article “Bloggy Appreciation: Writing with Soul.”


jess517 said...

Oh my goodness...that episode was crazy! I won't say much because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it yet but that was amazing! Such a twist!

Andrew said...

Did anyone know Irina was back, or was the secret kept THAT well?

jess517 said...

I have read a fair amount of stuff on the internet but I didn't hear anything about Irina being back

Anonymous said...

Amazing episode. One of the best Alias has ever done, and that's saying a lot. It was one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen. Period.

Amazing performance by Garner, and Vartan as well with great support from Garber, Rifkin (his loyalty to Nadia will lead to his ultimate demise) and "Ranee" (loved her throwing the knives at the bad guys).

AMAZING reveal of Irina. I was hoping it was gonna be a character from the past, but she was the last person I would have suspected.

Bloody brilliant.

pkrm said...

I KNEW IT! I didn't post it because I thought I was a looney tune, but I KNEW IT WAS HER! hehe! :)

I don't think I have witnessed an episode that incredible...EVER! I'm speechless, shocked, and totally hooked! I almost fell off the couch it was so good!

Finally, those of us who are loyal fans get rewarded with an episode that is so incredible it quite literally blew my mind...:)

Kiki said...

Paul- I love you still. I knew there had to be somebody else out there saying "I knew it" at the reveal. The clues were all there. I just knew that some people were thinking it could be her and not saying it. I thought about posting my theory about it just before the show aired so I would look like a genius if I was right. But the fear of looking any crazier than I already do if I was wrong, kept me from it.

I wonder if it was as much fun for the actors to revisit familiar scenes as it was for us. The whole structure was classic Alias and I LOVED it.

I'm travelling for the next month but am going to try and read the posts on this site when I can. Here's my words of advice while I'm gone: One of the classic elements of filmmaking is the use of light and color. This was evident last night as well with the stylized lighting for the scenes in hypnosis state. If you're watching episodes over the hiatus, think about the colors and lighting used in different scenes. Are some people cast in dark colors or lighting? Also, I'm sure you can recall scenes where there was a red color wash over everything. Those were usually significant. Lighting and color are part of the way the directors and producers can create an emotional impact and influence your opinion about certain people or scenes.

Just a suggestion for another way to look at familiar scenes.
Merry Christmas everyone.