Thursday, December 08, 2005

Episode 5.08 "Bob"

Two words.

(You have to say it in a very randy British accent though-hence why it's my screen name, because Sark is de-lish.)

My gawd, Alias hasn't been that hot since the "Point guy" scene in which Syd and Vaughn are rolling around on the couch and Evil Francie is listening. Or the changing room scene in which Sark introduces himself to the sultry clad Lauren Reed. HOLY HOTNESS! Did you not love the look on Rachel's face when she realized who Sark was? It was utterly priceless!

I love Sark and Rachel, I really do. Lauren was too serious for Sark, so was Alison. Rachel is girly and fun, and they look great together. I think it would make a great story line, Sark falling for Rachel, Rachel falling for Sark, each on opposite sides of the law. Brilliant. What a struggle, what tension! Think of all the stolen moments that would ensue!

Aside, did it not strike you as a little odd that Rachel Gibson, posing as British engineer Lydia, looked and sounded a lot like the dearly departed Miss Reed? There were some very creep-ish similarities. But, how fabulous was it to see Sark back doing what he does best? His way with the ladies, his flippant remarks ("I like my body and if memory serves me, so do you.") I mean, come on!! His American "accent" was so boyish and innocent. You just hate to love him and love to hate him, no?

Elizabeth who? Who is this former flame of Jack's? An MI-6 agent, married to a French diplomat. Interesting. From her knowledge of Sydney, I am guessing their little soiree took place after Irina faked her death. Their interaction was stiff to me, but then again, they were on a mission to discover a MI-6 double agent looking to buy a micro-pulse bomb. Did anyone get the feeling that little Miss Old Flame was the MI-6 double agent? She seemed very suspicious to me. Hmmm.

Speaking of micro-pulse bombs- CALL BACK! Was this device not similar to the little Rambaldi do-dad that burned those church patrons to a crisp in season 2? And then to have Sark tied to the bomb!! CALL BACK! I seem to remember a certain British baddie and a certain "dead" field agent scrambling to defuse a bomb on a plane. Alas, Rachel saved the day and Sark, the fine British gentleman he is, decided a night with Rachel was worth the double-cross on his business partner, Benjamin Masari. How sweet!

Was it me or did Jennifer Garner look exhausted? Beautiful, but exhausted! Poor thing. Sydney got axed from the tactical mission to save her dad, but she got to try her French out on Elizabeth's husband. I was cracking up! Was that not perfect Sydney?

I did notice that the lines Sydney delivered in the episode were different than the ones shown on the preview. Interesting. Perhaps the preview lines were too goofy and catty and the editors went with something more professional. I also felt like this episode might have been filmed after the Vaughn-return episode that will appear next week. Jennifer looked larger and more swollen in the face last night than she does in the episode for next week. I have heard that shows do film out of order to accommodate schedules and what not. Aside, I can't wait for this kid to be out, as I am sure Sydney is!

They played Sydney as so lonely in this episode. Rachel on mission, Jack on mission and finally Marshall comes in to wait with her. Hurry back Vaughn! Our girl is sad and lonely.

One, Jack said the word "thong." HILARIOUS! Two, um, Jack plays the piano. He PLAYS the piano! That moment was slightly awkward, a bit unlike Jack if you ask me, but it worked. It always escapes me that Jack Bristow used to be a different man before he joined forces with Sloane and SD-6. There was a beautiful, peaceful moment between Sydney and Jack. He sat quiet and alone in his apartment; he listened to his scared, pregnant daughter tell him how much she loves him. Their real family love was a great contrast to Sark and Rachel's more, let's say, physically based affection. And, of course it's always nice to see Jack sweet on anyone, be it a love from the past or his daughter.

Next week on Alias-
Sydney kidnapped by Peyton. Vaughn returns in a dream state. Can't bloody wait! I did notice in the scenes for the next episode that Vaughn says, "They are using me against you." Apparently, Peyton needs some info. from deep in Sydney's psyche, so she puts Sydney under, much like Gordon Dean's little flashback to the 70's. So, if Vaughn really is indeed dead and Peyton is just playing with Sydney's mind, then why would the "dream" Vaughn say something like that to Sydney? Just something to think about.

Final thoughts
I enjoyed Sark's return. I enjoyed Sark. The rest of the episode could have melted away. There was no new information given, and the plot was wrapped up in a sweet little package. My friend called after she watched the episode and felt as if the writers thought we were stupid. I agree to a certain extent. It is important for them to bring back old characters, beloved characters, in order to give us and the show the finale it deserves. But the audience and the show have been at this a long time. We can handle crazy plot twists, we can handle the suspense. DON'T MAKE IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE for us! We love the show for a reason. So, show us what you got damn it!


srg-alias said...

Haha, yeah I have to agree w/ you on your conclusion frustrations GS. I also felt a bit unfulfilled when the final ALIAS hit the screen. I was pleased w/ Sark's return, especially that I think he actually liked Rachel/Lydia, proven by him not even taking APO's money at the end, which is very unSarkish. There was some good humor, especially Rachel's lines before cutting the bomb wire (just for the record, you were the one that wanted to cuddle...hahaha BURN!) I was excited to hear Sark identify his employer over the phone by name, thinking this might be a Prophet 5 clue, but that didn't really turn out to mean much. No cliffhanger ending like we were hoping for, ah well. Interesting that they showed bits of dialogue in the preview for Bob that weren't actually used in the episode, anyone else notice that? Little nitpicky thing, I know. Looking forward to next week naturally, wish it was w/ a little more satisfied feeling from this week, but what can ya do.

Kiki said...

Well, spoiler fix says that Alias will go into hiatus with Sydeny opening a door...whatever that means. So ambiguous. Anyways, I think next week with Vaughn, we will get our cliffhanger ending. Cross your fingers.

srg-alias said...

man I hope so :)

slingshot said...

I know vaughn is going to be on the other side of that door she opens... I am, however, very upset that they will most likely leave us hanging...three whole months...thats rough I don't care who you are...


jenn256 said...

I also agree that the end was a bit anticlimactic. Massari went through all of that trouble to get this big nasty bomb, only to tie Sark up to it and leave???? It left me saying, "huh"?

Sark and Rachel were great. I did notice the similarities in Rachel/Lydia and Lauren. Both blondes with British accents and a bit mysterious. This may sound crazy but I kind of liked them together, nice to see Rachel cut loose and show her personal side, (guess everyone's theory on her lesbianism was wrong.) Was anyone else impressed by her British accent?

Not much of Sloane, was he really supposed to be with Nadia the whole time?

Anyway I was intrigued by next weeks previews. So Peyton kidnapps Syd, but on who's request? AT first I was very excited to see Vaughn in the hospital scene talking to Syd, it looked like he was really alive, but then realized that it must also be in her hypnotic state along with them on the beach in white. He got shot A LOT, but nine months in the hospital would be a little ridiculous. So what I got from the preview is that Peyton kidnaps her and puts her under hypnosis for info, and somehow inject Vaughn thoughts and memories. From his comment it seems like maybe the longer she is under the more info they get. That's why he tells her they are using him to get to her. I think this may be an emotional one. It will be nice to see Vaughn again, even if it is only in a dream.

Kiki said...

I loved Rachel and Sark, LOVED them, more than Sark and Lauren and Sark and Alison. They are perfect. It would be a great little twist if the writers put them together, a great little struggle for Rachel to fall for Sark and he fall for her on opposite sides of the law. Like that movie with J.LO and George Clooney, what was that called again? Out of Sight. Loved that!

jenn256 said...

I just watched the AOL trailer for next week and realized how they are "using" Vaughn. They (Peyton/P5) steal all of Vaughn CIA files from some storage facility that houses files of dead agents. I was wondering why they would want his files when Renee says in the trailer that he never wrote down ANY of the info they gathered regarding P5 anywhere, but then I realized.....of course they do this knowing Syd will come after who ever did this, because she wants the files and anything having to do with Vaughn. They luered her there (Madrid). Renee does not get kidnapped so it must be her who helps save Syd.

srg-alias said...

Jenn, I too was impressed by Rachel's British accent, not overdone, quite convincing. I loved that she was faking the British accent and Sark was faking the American accent, hehe. I think it's possible they could have them fall for each Sark was passing by Rachel after turning down APO's money you can see a small little flicker of a smile on her face as she looks at him. I also agree that the next eppy will prob be very emotional...I'll have the tissues ready. :)

Robetron said...

Maybe I was already too tired (2:00 AM), but my disappointment seems to be much more profound than what I am seeing everywhere else. The writers colaborate on last nights episode:
"Oh, I know! Let's bring back Sark."
"Yeah, and we could get him together Rachel."
"Yes! Let's get started writing out the scenario that brings them together."
"What about the continuing show arc?"
"Ahhh, we have a bunch more episiodes to use on that. We'll throw in a few sentimental scenes and call it a day."
"But what about the guy that was in the box? Its been several episiodes and we haven't even mentioned him again."
"Who cares? They're going to cancel the show at the end of the season anyway. No one is going to pay that close attention to the details. All they want to see is Vartan come back. Getting these two other pretty faces together will hold them over until we do that."
"Well, okay. If you say so. Call Mr. Olen and tell him we're ready for production. It's not like we have to put alot into this one."

Sorry to be negative, but being male, having the ego-maniacal Sark back on the screen just isn't enough for me without a serious plot behind it. This is ALIAS! It's not "30-Something" or the snoozy little CSI shows.
I'm not given to cussing, but I'd like to repeat what GS said... we can handle a little more!

Kiki said...

Bravo Robetron. Thank you! I mean, they threw at us this crazy plot like for 4 years and then they want to back off!? What? We are still untangling Rambaldi and you want to sweep plot lines under the rug? Sark is hot, but not hot enough to render the story arc obsolete!! I remember Bradley Cooper saying in the season finale of season 1, "man this episode is packed with information." What happened to those eppies?? Come on, pack it with a punch!! Let's go people! And if the writers can't handle it, let me and Robetron in the writer's room, we'll end the season with a doozy!

birdietwoshoes said...

Hey guys-- Sara, who sometimes posts on this site, just had her 2nd baby. A boy and I believe his name is Asher. (Hope you don't mind me sharing, Sara :) ) But congrats!

Kiki said...

Oooh, we have our first Blog Baby! Super!! Asher, that is sweet! I love that name. Birdie, if you have Sara's e-mail, I would love to send her a note! Thanks! Congrats Sara!

Robetron said...

Congratulations Sara!

Good luck Asher. Be good. Listen to your Mama, even when you are 16 and know everything already. This is a very challenging world you just entered, but if you stick to the truth, you'll make it.

-Uncle Robetron

uncle111 said...

I have felt somewhat blah about most of this season, except for the first episode and a few isloated moments. I think it is party because the Rambaldi storyline had been so intense and they seem to have backed off of that, with only a little dabbling into Prohet 5. Very slow for most of the Fall.
I still haven't warmed to Rachel and miss Syd's action (but what are you going to do about THAT?!)

I am glad they at least mentioned Prophet 5. And I REALLY like Jack at the piano. It provides a good contrast to the usual Jack in a very believable way- alone (and somewhat lonely, as all loners are), almost in the dark (accentuating his isolarion from others), experienced at this too (and enjoying it).

One thing about the piano scene, though. The only other time we saw Jack's apartment it was very spartan. This time it was filled with things. So much so that the piano was cluttered with stacks of books. Was this his apartment or someone else's?

Kiki said...

I wondered the same thing Uncle111. It didn't seem like jack to have books everywhere and even a piano in the house. I thought perhaps they were Irina's books, the ones he gave her, but I'm not sure.

spyfriend said...

Hi, have to agree with GS - the epi was a little bit of a disappointment. Seeing the previews of next week reminded me of the good old days when you really wondered if Sydney was going to make it to the next commercial and your heart would be pounding in your chest.

As fas as Vaughn is concerned, I received my TV Guide and there is an article on Alias which says they (TV Guide) have read the script for next weeks episode and that it is not a dream sequence and leaves the door open for Sydney and Vaughn to ride off into the sunset together in May. And that Eric has already filmed an episode.

I'm still trying to figure out who is the familiar face behind all this and why they have such an interest in Sydney's baby. I keep going back to Lauren's mother and how she just disappeared. She would definitly want Vaughn dead and she was involved with Sark. For some reason I think it's a women who's involved in this. I know in next weeks episode Renee and Jack find a nursery all set up. Am I way off? Was it ever mentioned what happened to her?

Dignan said...

Just watched the episode tonight and had many of the same thoughts and frustrations.
I thought it hillarious when Syd was practicing her speach on the French Diplomat.

The one thing I want to know is does anyone know the song Jack was playing at the end of the episode? for some reason I have a feeling it has something to say, like what the title is.

Can't wait for next week!

paul said...

OK, this took me a little bit of thought...because the episode was actually really good! And it was for that reason I kept asking myself, "Then why am I so disappointed in this episode?" It was really missing something, and I have figured out what it is!

ALIAS depends on having a continuous story line, and this episode was entirely self contained. The only reference to previous episodes was the fact that Jack was pursuing a Prophet 5 agent in MI6. However, this ENTIRE episode could be left out and we probably wouldn't miss anything in the grand scheme of things. Aren't we a little too far into the season to have to deal with setup material??? I am sure that this episode was designed to reintroduce Sark into the plotline, but for goodness sake, there should have been something else in there too! At least Prophet 5 contacting Sloane or something....

"No ALIAS episode should be an island, entire of itself...every ALIAS episode should be a piece of the continent, a part of the main." OK, enough ripping off quotes!

As another male, I too agree that the mere appearance of Sark is not enough to carry an entire episode. And honestly, even though he might be hot, could any woman really stand that ego??? We all agree the episode could have had more information for us...but let's just focus on the few positive and priceless moments this episode had to offer us.

1) Jack finishing Marshall's sentence with a very uncomfortable, "Thong." has to have been the funniest moment of this entire year for me. I had to rewatch the episode because I missed what happened right after that, I couldn't stop laughing! Jack and Marshall's interaction has given us a plethora of comedic interaction over the years.

2) I enjoyed the fact that Rachel is American faking a British accent (very well by the way) and Sark was British faking an American accent. :)

3) Rachel is sick and tired of being used, and lets Sark know it. After a typical arrogant "Sark comment," Rachel lets him have it right before she successfully cuts the wire. Loved it! Go Rachel! She is gaining confidence and ability every episode. I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks Sark and Rachel are going to get together again...I thought she made her distaste for him thorougly evident?

4) Loved Dixon's Alias for this one. loved the hair...and especially his crack about Sark that got the guards laughing.

5) Jack playing the piano...his near death experience along with an old friend made him realize how much he used to enjoy an old hobby. He wasn't the greatest, there were a lot of mistakes, but not too shabby for decades of neglect!

It doesn't make sense to me that Elizabeth (where was the setup on her by the way?) is involved with Prophet 5, GS. If that were so, SHE would have been the one to meet and acquire the weapon? How could she have done that surveilling the meet? Unless each of the 12 Prophet 5 reps are not singular???

I too wondered why Masari spent all that money and effort to acquire the MPB and then abandoned it? Couldn't he have just shot Sark? But then I thought of something! At the beginning of the episode, when the MPB was being tested, Basarov went back into the traincar and TOOK THE MPB! Remember the Rambaldi neutron bomb from season 2 was not a one-time deal, it was reusable. Perhaps Masari realized that he was being attacked by a tactical unit and that his guards were all being killed or disabled. He couldn't fend them all off, so he ties Sark to the bomb so he can "think about" his betrayal before he dies, and sets it to go off. He conveniently leaves the premises, the MPB fries everyone, and he comes back to pick it up for next time?? This would perhaps explain why he left it? And even if he didn't plan to leave it, he couldn't exactly strap that sucker on his back, could he? He had to get away with his life!

OK, I am writing something as long as GS!!! I'm carried away again! I'll leave it at that. :)

srg-alias said...

Paul - very smart about the MPB being reusable, that didn't even occur to me. You're right that after it fried everyone he could have easily come back to retrieve it. Did it bug anyone else that there was NO MENTION at all about its similarity w/ the Rambaldi weapon from season 2:16 Firebomb? Even Sloane didn't say anything about that, I just found that odd since it basically did the same thing (minus the flames). For a second there I thought they were going to bring up Rambaldi again...alas it didn't happen. Regarding Jack's apartment, nice observation Uncle111 about it being very cluttered, you're right that it was spotless the one other time we saw it. Vaughn even made the comment "not one for clutter is he?". I doubt it was someone else's apartment, but maybe it shows that he's doing his own "off books" research on something? Spyfriend, I also for some reason think it's a woman behind Syd's kidnapping. I wouldn't think that it's Irena since Syd is tortured, she would never do that to her daughter, especially with her being pregnant. Could be Olivia Reed...or if not a woman, how about McKennas Cole? We never found out what happened to him (or how he got out of CIA custody in the first place which nags at me).

Congrats to Sara on the little tyke! :)

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the writers in regard to Rachel's character? She is introduced in the first episode as Marshall's equal (maybe even surpassing him as she broke his encryption). Now fast forward to today, and she's like Sydney and everyone Marshall for help...I've never seen a bomb before...I've never seen a wire before...according to her brains from the first two episodes, she should know as much as Marshall...we need some consistent haracters around here!

srg-alias said...

yeah Rachel's lack of knowledge w/ the bomb surprised me too, but if you remember to the beginning of the episode, she hadn't heard of a MPB before, so she obviously wouldn't know how to disarm one. Plus, as Syd said to Marshal, it's a lot different when you're in the field.

Tammy said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have posted your thoughts and comments about this episode. I was not able to see it, so I've been able to keep up by reading what you all had to say. I am hopeful I can see next week's show!

paul said...

But let's not forget Rachel was a computer genius. Being a hacker is not at all the same as a bomb technician. And although Rachel IS a genius and Marshall admires her work, I don't feel that Rachel was ever intended to be Marshall's 'equal.'

Rachel isn't constantly putting gadgets together...Rachel wouldn't be able to take over op tech if Marshall left. She was seriously impressed, both by his credit card memory stick and his spider camera. We saw here that Rachel had no knowledge whatsoever defusing bombs. Rachel strikes me as being a 'normal' genius, someone who has great skills in 1 area, but is also to relate to people normally.

Marshall, on the other hand, is a true genius, to the point where he struggles socially. He is interested in anything and everything (anyone see that documentary on monkeys?), sings lullabies about the periodic table of elements, maps the CIA network for "kicks," and after SD-6 falls, has the ENTIRE CIA op tech team standing around him like children in front of their grandfather. Of course, those are the reasons we love him!

I don't think it is fair to put Rachel in Marshall's league. Rachel is very intelligent, and found an easier way to hack into the Pentagon (women think differently and come up with different ideas!), but does not have near the range that Marshall does. And yes, she hacked Marshall's encryption, but only because she realized that he had used government encryption and knew where the key was!

Rachel has her own talents and skills she brings to the team, but Marshall still rules the genius category!

AgtBecky13 said...

I would like to see Will come back and Syd set up a blind date with him and Rachel. What do you think?

M said...

I just watched the episode last night.... here's a HUGE thought for those of you who believe Vaughn might still be alive... as Marshall walked into the office to see who called, Sydney *quickly* said "it wasn't them"... so then who was on the other end of the phone... hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

As for the rest of the episode, yes, it wasn't full of as much plot as I would have hoped, but Sark's relationship with Rachel may have a lot to do with how the show finishes up (we never know where these writers will take us!) so maybe it was critical for them to do a "set up" episode... afterall, when was the last time Sark gave a freebie??? I guess only time will tell...

Robetron said...

Just a quick pat on the back for Paul.

Dude, your brief bio on Marshal was very well done. I laughed as much as I agreed.

srg-alias said...

I second that robetron. ;-)

Kiki said...

See people, this is why I heart Paul. He's an Alias genius. So, maybe we can form a writers group, write some episodes and send them in. I think we are wildly smart.

Desiree said...

I am very excited to see Vaughn on the show again even if it is a dream sequence or hallucination or whatever!! I have decided that unless he comes back in real life and him and Syd get married and they all drive away as a family at the end of the season, I am going to be one PO'd chica.

Kiki said...

I agree D! If Syd and Vaughn will not be on the show anymore, than I think a huge finale send off into happiness is in order. The night of the finale will be a blogging day to remember!

phoenix_shotgun said...

sark and rachel were great together. i really enjoyed this episode, even if it didn't have a continuous story line. sark was back and that's all that mattered (well to me anyways). sydney was great doing the french and i laughed so loud! even though this season has been the greatest and it hasn't been the same without vaughn, i have enjoyed and feel like it's getting back to the way it was, with the missions and funny moments. i'm sure it will get even better, especially since it's ending and the producers are promising it will be great. i too read in the TV Guide that vaughn's return isn't a dream sequence, so i am even more excited now about next week's episode and has stated that michael has signed on to film an yet-to-be-determined amount of episodes after he's done filming "rogue", so i'm pretty sure he's alive and well and awaiting the birth of his child.

uncle111 said...

I agree with Paul about no episode being an island. That was a big problem with last episode.

jess517 said...

As much as we don't see a connection with this last episode and the overall plot line, the events of the episode will most likely tie in to the show after the hiatus.

I am curious who it is that kidnaps Syd next week. Anyone have any thoughts on who it might be?

jess517 said...
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paul said...

I am not sure who kidnaps Sydney, so I am not going to venture a guess...

However, in the preview for next week, wasn't that Desantis in the van after Renee shot it up???

srg-alias said...

yup he was Paul, so we're finally getting back to the weirdo in the box. :)

Sarafu said...

Thank You to everyone for your wishes and prayers!!! Asher is doing Super and he cant wait to see his first ALIAS episode tomorrow. It was SO nice to come home and read all the posts from my blogger friends on here!! Thank You SO VERY MUCH!!