Saturday, November 12, 2005

Help during the Holiday Hiatus

We are fast approaching the holiday season and the birth of bundle Garner/Affleck. This means Alias will be off the air on maternity hiatus December-March. No tears and no worries, I plan on keeping the blog in full swing, though there will not be new material to deciper, analyze and discuss. The blog is a great place to keep the Alias fire burning during the cold season, so I am soliciting suggestions for blog content. Are there any topics related to Alias, old and new, that you would like to see discussed? Do you have any plegding questions you would like answered about your favorite Alias episodes or characters? SRG and I are up for the research and the writing, so if you have any ideas, please contact me via e-mail Of course, I will be re-watching season 4 and season 5 episodes that I have taped, and posting about any new clues, hints, coincidences I find. I encourage all of you to do the same. Take notes, and let me know if you find anything!

Though Alias will be in hibernation, Let's Talk Alias will be wide awake, doing what it does best...positively posting about the fascinating genius that is Alias!!

Happy Hiatus and Happy Holidays! From your friends at Let's Talk Alias.


queenmab75 said...

I've actually been wondering something since the end of season 4. What EXACTLY was Elena's endgame? To kill everyone? It didn't make sense to me. And I thought the Chosen One kinda sounded evil in Season 1...the whole thing was so WEIRD. Was Rambaldi good or evil? Or was he just a prophet who foresaw these things happening? Some clarification on him, and Elena, would be FANTASTIC! I'd be really interested to hear what you guys think!

uncle111 said...

We don't really know yet about Rambaldi. He's still shrouded in mysteries that are interpreted by different people differently and no one has really brought forth anything comprehensive about him or his work. That's how JJ keeps Rambaldi interesting.
Sloane and Elena had different Rambaldi endgames. Sloane's was to "infect" the world's population with a substance that would make them less violent and more cooperative with each other once exposed to the Mueller device.
Elena, however, was going to piggyback off Sloane's efforts and make most of the world kill each other off. I assume that a chosen few were made immune from the effects and that they would then hsve the world to themselves.
There actually are people who believe the world population needs to be reduced to about 500 million. I guess they are in line with Elena.

queenmab75 said...

Thanks uncle111, that definately helps!

srg-alias said...
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srg-alias said...

good topic queenmab! :)

Adam said...

This is going to sound outrageously hard, but here goes.

I started watching Alias during season 4 and had no idea what was going on. After the season was over, I watched 1, 2, and 3 in 3 weeks (I was hooked after the first, so went out and got the next two =] ).

Let me pause for a second: whoa. Finest TV show I've seen in years.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as I. My point: maybe, you could possibly, if you could fathom, write up a lengthy post on each season and what happened. Not every mission, just key points and how Syd got to where she is today. Especially why she hated Sloane - something I had to figure out after season 4 was over. I tried finding a good season summary online after watching each season but couldn't - so I resorted to the plot summaries on ABC's Alias website (slow and lengthy). Just a suggestion!!!! You (and we) have Dec.-Mar. to do this, so maybe a season per month? An episode every weekday? Could be fun; it would help out the Alias newbies.

Kiki said...

Great idea Adam. I know I will be going back to season 1 during the hiatus, so a breif episode synopsis would would keep everyone's brain on Alias and refresh our memories for when the season returns! Awesome, thanks!