Thursday, November 24, 2005

An End in Sight

Happy Thanksgiving All.

My father woke me this morning with the sad news that Alias' mission will be complete this May. Though I am in deep, turkey-eating denial, I can say that I am not surprised. The show offered a world of intrigue and espionage, enough to last us a life time. The actors, writers, producers and crew put in 5 long, hard years of work to deliver a superb piece of television drama. Let us be grateful and thankful for those 5 years.

Though it would seem this site would have no further use, now that the show it is so dutifully dedicated to will no longer be in viewing, I fully intend to finish out the season. With the remaining 12 episodes housing all of Alias' secrets, you can bet this blog, along with the message boards, will be picking, discussing and piecing together the mystery that is Alias.

Thank you to all of you who have been loyal fans of not only the show, but of this blog. Your comments, questions and suggestions have given me great inspiration. I intend to use all I have learned to pursue different endeavors. So, lift your heads, wipe your tears, we'll get through this together! Hang in there and we will finish out the season as it so deserves.


Paul said...

Actually, believe it or not, I am glad that they picked an end date in advance. I can't count how many times I have gotten involved in a show only to have it canceled with the story incomplete!

This way, the series can have a fantastic and satisfying conclusion! It will be wrapped up and will be one of the greatest shows ever! To drag it into further seasons until it just dies would be a poor end to such a great show.

I will miss new episodes of Alias, and will be the end of 5 great years, but I can't think of a better way to go out than the great season this is shaping up to be!!!

uncle111 said...

I posted this in another thread, but let me do it again here. Let's come up with a list of things that need to be addressed/solved/revealed by the show before it concludes.

jenn256 said...

I too am glad that they are chosing in advance to end the show and will end it in true Alias style. I have also watched shows in the past that should have ended sooner, and instead continued with less than stellar storylines. I would rather see it go out in style than wither away with sub-par plots and stories. Thank you Girlscout for taking the positive, adult approach to this topic. I commend you!!

Kiki said...

Thanks Jenn and Uncle has a great idea. Let's get a list going. I will work on that Saturday night, when I get home from a long weekend and post it. I think there are still tons of things to discuss. TONS!! So, no giving up or giving in. Our fav show is still on the air!
PS. Thank you all for being adults here, for discussing the more indepth issues, the plot and characters rather than talking about who got who kicked off the show, and how much Rachel sucks and Jen and Ben are stupid. I think this site is a nod to the work everyone does on the show, not just the stars that make it famous. Alias should be happy to have us as fans.

Adam said...

While this is sad, I have a feeling JJ will do us good. I suppose balancing Lost and Alias (with lower ratings than it deserves =[ ) is too much. Here's to a hell of a last season!

Sarafu said...

I am glad that others are in mourning along with me!

uncle111 said...

I'm trying not to talk about it, but it is pretty rough on me. I've gotten a little wrapped up in trying to figure out the mysteries of the show and it's probably become too much a part of my daily routine for me to be comfortable with the coming change.
It seems that my obcessions tend to have about a 5 year life span. Can't figure out what the deal is with that.

jenn256 said...

GS- should we start our list of things regarding Uncle111's great ideas of unanswered questions, or start another thread? I've got tons!!

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srg-alias said...

Hi all, well some people in my family heard about Alias being cancelled on Thanksgiving and decided to wait to tell me until the day after so they wouldn't "ruin the holiday" for me (they know me so well!) I sure was in a bad mood for a couple hours once they told me though. My first instinct was "what can we do to save it?!?", but the more I thought about it I came to the same conclusions as some of you guys. I'll be happy to see the stories wrapped up and hopefully to get a happy ending of sorts. As always it's nice to see some adult discussion about this on your blog GS, you pay a nice tribute to the show we all know and love and I hope that's what the cast and crew can see. I look forward to continuing our good discussions through the rest of the season, thanks again for your blog. :)

Andrew said...

This blog is awesome. It's cool to see people being mature about it. My parents thought I'd be pretty upset, but I'm very content that we know ahead of time and that they have plans for wrapping up storylines. I used to watch "The Pretender" and there are many aspects of that story that were never finished and just left dangling.

I can't wait to see the ending they have in store for us.

Also, I'm glad I can learn about Fancy Dress.