Wednesday, October 19, 2005

T.T.T.T (Things to Think about for Thursday)

Thursday is creeping up on us, and so is another episode of our guilty pleasure. And I say guilty pleasure because I probably spend more time analyzing, researching and writing for this blog than I do taking care of household chores (my laundry room and kitchen are slovenly).

As I re-watched 5.3 “The Shed,” I realized how much the feel of Alias has changed. The pilot and season 1 were geared toward finding the show’s feel, their nitch and I think this season feels similar. With the departure of characters, and the new crew on board, Alias is again, looking for its nitch. How will these new characters develop? How will they relate to the already established APO team? These are good questions, and when we all sit down to watch tomorrow night, let’s keep our eyes peeled for the answers.

Things To Think about for Thursday:

-What are the similarities between Rachel’s merge into APO and Sydney’s merge into double-agenthood back in season 1?
-What, if any, signs did you see in the development of Rachel and Tom’s relationship, either personal or professional?
-Any clues of devious-doing by Dixon, Jack or Sloane?
-How is Sydney taking to the newbies? How are they taking to her, a pregnant super-spy?
-Any clues on the who, what, where of P5?

Also, as I have said before, always be on the look out for references to past episodes or past plotlines (i.e. Rambaldi, SD-6, the Alliance, codenames, and villains, etc.)

I will be posting a brief overview of the episode tomorrow morning, as usual, and I have asked some guest writers to offer a few additions related to the episode. I am looking forward to what the next few episodes will bring. I believe we will be seeing some old familiar faces (Sark is back in episode 8, and it was confirmed today that Vartan has signed a contract and is back at the ABC lot as of yesterday, to film more episodes.)

Thanks to all for checking in and commenting!! Happy viewing!


kjones_05 said...

I did notice something last week and am unsure what the significance is. When Sydney and Tom were interrogating Rachel she said that she was there studying architecture. Then, back at the Shed, Gordon Dean thanked Rachel for suggesting he read "Devil in the White City" a book about Daniel Burnham (famous turn-of-the-century Chicago Architect)and H.H. Holmes, the first American serial killer. Seemed odd that they made a strong reference to this book.
One last thing, the Rambaldi symbol appears in the opening credits with Bathazar Getty's name, not Victor Garber's. Again, not sure what, if anything this signifies.

jenn256 said...

thanks Girlscout for the happy news about MV! Since there should only be a few more weeks left for them to tape before JG's due date, maybe we will see MV sooner than we originally thought. I hope we do not only see him in dream sequences or flashbacks. I will be sure to watch carefully for clues, and in the case of those of us in the path of this approaching hurricane, we will have plenty of time to ponder plots, storylines, etc. I may need to find out from you all what happened if they don't show it due to hurricane coverage :(

srg-alias said...

yeah I noticed the rambaldi symbol by Bathazar's name too, I think it will end up being significant somehow, possibly dealing with the "secret" in Tom's file that made Jack uncomfortable about hiring him.

thanks for the checklist of things to look for girlscout, can't wait! :)

Robetron said...

Rachel made the suggestion to Dean before she knew he was a bad guy. The scene was likely intended to express camaraderie between them. the fact that it involved architecture is probably not incidental. It was her cover, so she has to know something about it. She had studied it and through her interest in architecture, she ran accross the novel. I wouldn't read more than this into it until we see more evidence.