Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Power of Five

JJ loves him some numbers. The number 47 has been haunting our dreams since the pilot and now 5 is taking us on a wild ride of codes and cryogenics. What can we learn about this new group just from the number…?

Aside from representing the 5th season of Alias, the number 5 represents air and fire. After a little research (with assistance from Slingshot), I found that the number 5 also signifies the following:

Knowledge seeker
Knowledge teacher
Periodicity (the reoccurrence of something at regular intervals)

Hmmm. Keep this in mind as we learn more about P5.


jenn256 said...

seems like all of the representation of the number five you listed describe Syd pretty well (especially Traveler), except for Unattached. Syd does get attached to her friends and even her family (much to her own dismay I'm sure), and we know she is attached to her job. Although in the physical sense of the word she is "unattached", since her fiancee's keeping dying on her :( And Periodicity fits since she has such a reoccurence of issues with family and several of the same criminals that keep popping up in her life. Did you realize these descriptions matched Syd's personality so well when you were sending them? I'm sure you did, which was the reason for listing them. Interesting.

Kiki said...

I suppose I was applying them to the show and storyline in general, but they do describe Sydney very well. More on reoccurance later...

Desiree said...

There are now only five of the main characters of Alias left...Jack, Sydney, Marshall, Dixon and Sloane. Am I right???

Kiki said...

Good Desiree, I didn't think about that. Another clue as to this being the last season?

Desiree said...

Season Five....It is possible. Incredibly sad but possible

steph_bristow said...

so did everyone catch that the "biological weapon" was being transported in box 1147!! there's the 47 again. huh, intersting!

Desiree said...

I found another five...the different factions that have been brought out in the storylines...SD-6, CIA, The Alliance, APO, and now The Shed. Just thought I would share.

jenn256 said...

I like your theory on that Desiree, but instead of the CIA, since it seems that no one has ever really worked for the real CIA(even though they thought they had-except Vaughn & Weiss), maybe we should put the Convenant in there.

CoruscaFire said...

Something interesting about what desiree said about the five main characters left - they're also the original 5 from SD-6. It seems to me like Alias is coming full circle, where the former members of SD-6 are now working for the CIA to take down the evil impostor organization